Haru Haru

haru haru's email is contact@haruharu.fr and haru haru's phone number is +33 05 33 57 62 34 .

Haru Haru is a Korean Restaurant that provides healthy and tasty Korean cuisine for everyone every day. They also offer Rice garnished with octopus marinated in ginger, vegetables worked separately from egg yolk, and served with a bibimbap (soy or spicy) sauce which is a healthy and varied Korean classic.
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img Website haruharu.fr
img Industry Restaurants
Founded 2016
HQ 93 Cours Gambetta
Phone +33 05 33 57 62 34
Email contact@haruharu.fr
img Website
img Industry Restaurants
img Employees 3
img Founded 2016
img LinkedIn
img HQ 93 Cours Gambetta
img Phone +33 05 33 57 62 34
img Email contact@haruharu.fr

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