Folio Photonics, Inc

folio photonics, inc's email is and folio photonics, inc's phone number is 440) 420-4500 .

Folio Photonics is developing an optical data storage disc with two Terabyte capacity manufactured using a highly scalable, low-cost method. It also redefines archival data storage with its modern optical solution. Their patented solution, the data film disc is disruptive in cost, capacity, and archival lifetime. The company also develops optical data storage discs and systems. Folio Photonics was founded in 2012 and is based in Solon, Ohio, USA.
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img Industry Computer Hardware
HQ 6864 Cochran Road
Phone 440) 420-4500
img Funding 12,606,996 USD
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img Industry Computer Hardware
img Employees 13
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img HQ 6864 Cochran Road
img Phone 440) 420-4500
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img Funding 12606996

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