How To Win Your Lost Customers Back Using These Simple Tips

Lost Customers

Winning customers in the first place is a tedious task. And when you have to win back your lost customers, it requires even more efforts. And it is worthy to note that where did the lost customers go? 

Here are some things to ponder upon. 

Did they go to one of your competitors? 

Or maybe they did not require your services anymore. 

Whatever the reason, if you transmit your strategy in the right manner, your chances of getting back your lost customers increase multifold. 

But before talking about how to win your lost customers back, let’s understand why it is imperative to win them back. 

So, Why Should You Care About Winning Back Lost Customers? 

No matter which industry you belong to, you have to spend some big bucks to acquire new customers. On the other hand, retaining an existing customer is at least four to ten times cheaper and decidedly less exhausting. 

If your database is filled with customers that used to avail your services but don’t do so anymore, then it is not really a worrying problem. In fact, it can turn out to be a great marketing opportunity for you. Because you not only have a large pool of prospects, but you are also empowered with a significant amount of information about them because you have worked with them in the past. 

And come to think of it, they did purchase from you in the past, then with proper incentives, it will be somewhat easier to retain them again. 

Now that we have established that retaining your old customers is indeed important, let’s discuss some proven ways that will help you in bringing your lost customers back.

1. Do You Even Want Them Back? 

First and foremost, don’t just follow the rat-race of trying to retain all your lost customers. First, see why the customer left you in the first place. What were the reasons for you leaving the customer? And most importantly, was the customer easy to deal with?

Because, if the customer was pretty difficult to deal with, then you are better off. You should rather inject your energy into serving your ideal customers. 

So, sit down with your marketing team. Brainstorm and go through your ideal customer profile, which will exactly let you know whether to retain a particular customer or not.

2. Respond To Their Complaints

Lost Customers Complaints

When customers leave your business for a gamut of factors. But the most prevalent reason for the departure often turns out to be customer support or lack thereof. You might think that you have a stellar customer support. However, some specific instances might turn out to be antithetical. 

For this reason alone, look back upon the instances and see where you went wrong. And once you have found the crux of the matter, try to respond as quickly as possible and listen to your lost customer’s complaint. And after you discern that the concern of the customer is legit then set the task of rectifying your mistake in motion. 

However, there’s a catch – you have to be pretty quick in your response. If you are using this tactic after months, or even weeks of losing your customer then, unfortunately, this is unlikely to work out. Because chances are, by now, your customer has probably already moved to greener pastures. 

There’s another thing that you might have overlooked. Most of the marketers generally focus on the complaint of the customers. But have you ever wondered that there might be some customers who are unhappy with what you are offering but are not actually going out of their way to place a complaint? Thus, take some surveys to discern the discontent of your customers, otherwise, you might and up losing them. 

3. Customise Your Offers And Packages 


In the previous point, we discussed how important surveying is. But when carrying out a survey, don’t neglect your lost customers. 

This will help you with two things: 

  • Will make your previous customers feel that they are still important enough for you to care about their opinions. 
  • And importantly, it makes help you understand the views of your lost customers. And once you know what was lacking in your approach before, you can work in the direction of especially customising the offers and packages according to your lost customers’ needs. 

However, after customising the packages and offers you have to make sure that your efforts are reaching the right ears. 

4. Make Your Customer Feel Important 

Making a lost customer feel important can be a tricky task because it generally indicates that you didn’t make them feel important enough when you had your chance. But, once you leave no stone unturned in making your customers feel like you are showering them with an extra personal attention, chances are they might forget the past and start with you again. 

This can be your go-to technique for winning your customers back, while also wooing your existing customers. Truly, all humans have a desire to feel important and your customers aren’t any different. 

Now, the important question is – what can you do to make your customers feel important?

  • If you are a product based company, you can offer them free shipping
  • You can indulge your previous customers with a store credit or some other free goodies 
  • Offering a one-time discount to your lost customers can also turn out to be a steadfast way of getting them back.

5. Keep On Evaluating 

Evaluate and audit

Marketers constantly test and audit every part of your marketing efforts. But when it comes to reengagement campaigns, marketers seldom show the same fervour. However, what marketers overlook is that rigorous evaluation of what worked and what didn’t work out is the best way to bring back lost customers. 

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Because you can’t fix something without knowing what the problem is. So, keep on evaluating why you are losing customers and what sort of clients are you losing. Consider each test an investment in delivering higher rates of engagement and revenue growth in the future.

So, go out and armed with these points win your lost customers today. Also, don’t forget to analyse what made you win the customer again. This analysis is important because it helps you in winning back more customers in the future. Also, don’t just equate your customers with profits accrued. Instead, focus on delivering and nurturing your customer experience. If you follow this motto, then there will be no way that you lose your customer. 

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