What Does the Future of Content Marketing Look Like?

Marketing and online presence of a site is incomplete without the content to support and validate the services and descriptions. Content marketing is used to attract visitors to the site, provide information about products or/and services and most importantly to get more and more people to check out the features. There is an overload of information in today’s age. Yes, there is information about everything we need to access daily, but there’s a lot of information. Now it is not important to have all of the information seeded into our brains or even incomplete or improper information.

Future of Content Marketing


Buzzsumo carried out an analytical survey in 2015 of around a million posts from sites across the world. The insights revealed:

  • At least half of the posts received 8 shares or lesser.
  • Three-quarters of the posts received less than 39 shares.

This is not even the worst part. The issue with the majority of the content is it’s underperforming and increasingly harder for people who actually give out good content to get the deserved attention and recognition. Engagement rates also were noted to be steady.Future of Content Marketing

It isn’t the fault of content provision services or authors or the companies. What has happened is content marketing has reached a certain level of saturation.

Antidote: Content Marketing Power Law

Content marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing today. But because of the saturation of content marketing, it is insanely difficult to get noticed unless you’re some big brand running a huge social media campaign. An analysis on the site RJMetrics content revealed this information:

Future of Content MarketingFuture of Content MarketingFuture of Content Marketing

As visible only the top 10% of the posts are responsible for 90% of the content marketing results.

It is easy to get page view data from Google Analytics to see the analysis of what the performance of the content is like. A couple of reasons why this may be happening are:

  • We’re getting more and more dependent on search engines and other algorithms to bring good content to the forefront. Even though this is necessary to keep the better-displayed information upfront, but it leads to neglecting of other content that even maybe better than the information in the front.
  • Search engines like Google, Bing are getting more and more development in bringing out relevant content.
  • Being the age of info overload, it is difficult to automatically bring the best content to the front.

How content marketing is evolving:

1. Content marketers acting more like product managers:

  • Content marketers are becoming more and more strategic about the kind of content they create.
  • Becoming much more complex, advanced and organized in how and what we measure, content marketers are advancing themselves into a new level of marketing.
  • If some content marketing is dependent on high volume, it will have an artificial intelligence support instead of human.

2. Content marketers are becoming farmers:

To bring their work to the front, content marketers will be spending more and more time optimizing and strategizing content instead of creating new content. Google is to be blamed for this shift in constantly changing algorithms. Earlier, using nice and long keywords, one could amass a nice following which isn’t the case now. Now the algorithms favor “top clusters” only.Future of Content Marketing

3. Content delivery is playing a better role than the content quality:

Because of information saturation, good content is often buried beneath constantly updated new content even if the previous content isn’t utilized to its full potential. The factors which make content valuable today are:

  • Immediacy: People want more and faster delivery of new content
  • Personalization: Specifically tailored content
  • Interpretation: Assisting with support, other help and proper comprehension of the given area
  • Authenticity: Proper advice from real people
  • Accessibility: Having access to content whenever and wherever
  • Embodiment: Content delivery in the format and form required
  • Findability: Removing and filtering out irrelevant information

Future of Content Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is helping a lot in such areas and finally bringing out the content people actually desire to the front.

4. A composition of content marketing is also changing:

Having experts instead of fresher run the content marketing and bring their talents to the table, content marketing is taking a good turn for the people wanting specific information. The right information from the experts is something that isn’t easily available but companies have started using this strategy. Having skilled people from various fields provide what they can to the various areas of content marketing, it is becoming a lot more diverse and better in quality. Such experts get projects that are ambitious and let them explore their creative side. By giving it to different kinds of experts, one can see how a particular person from a certain field would bring to their table with the creativity that they have.

  • RJMetrics has hired a data scientist to help them with benchmarking reports and other ways a data scientist can add value to the content. Data scientists can become domain experts quickly and a cam is all-rounders and definitely bring invaluable insights to the table.
  • Unbounce has been trying to roll out on-demand video content. Because textual content often gets buried, video or media content marketing is also a great way to go to the next level of content marketing innovatively.
  • Zendesk is also building a powerful editorial collaboration with Relate.
  • Hubspot, on the other hand, is rolling out content in various ways and video guides as well as a podcast.

In the end, having a content marketer step up his game to compete with the latest ongoing changes is all one can expect. Like every other field, one has to stay up to date with all the changes going and adapt accordingly. This is truly the future of content marketing where professionals are trying their best to beat the competition and find new and innovative ways to outperform and excel in this field.

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