10 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic Through LinkedIn


While marketers generally flock to social media platforms like LinkedIn when it comes to promoting something or looking for hire someone. But LinkedIn is more than just a networking platform. And you will be surprised by the traffic you get from LinkedIn on your website, with high chances of converting this traffic into leads and eventually sales. 

Ironically, LinkedIn is one of the most overlooked social networking platforms when it comes to deriving traction on your business website. But don’t you think that a website that is flooded with over 500 million professionals has humongous potential? Once you establish yourself in your niche or your industry domain, you can tap into unbridled traffic that LinkedIn has to offer. 

You may wonder, how is LinkedIn any different from Twitter and Facebook?

Social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook are used for a different audience altogether. And the differences cannot be any more glaring. While platforms like Twitter and Facebook are more relevant to pop culture and lifestyle article, LinkedIn is a platform that welcomes articles related to sales and marketing. 

Moreover, Twitter and Facebook are good for entertainment purposes, LinkedIn, on the other hand, is all business where people make professional connections, engage with professionals and more.  No wonder LinkedIn accounts for one of the most extensive referral traffic to corporate websites from social media. 

1. Share As Much Content As You Can 

Have you set up your LinkedIn profile? Gathered connections in your niche? Now, without waiting anymore, start sharing content with your connections. And the best part about sharing content on LinkedIn is that the competition is a lot lesser because people tend to share only relevant content on LinkedIn. As a result, the competition is a bit on the lesser side. On the other hand, other social networking sites are filled with content and most of which is irrelevant. Which results in difficulty to stand out and get noticed. 

What can you share on LinkedIn to redirect the traffic back to your website? 

Relevant Blog Post – I am sure your website has a blog (If not, then forget about traffic from LinkedIn or anywhere for that matter, go work on starting a blog first). Start sharing your recent posts on LinkedIn regularly to build a loyal horde of visitors or viewers. This is one of the easiest ways to redirect traffic to your website.

Write Blog Posts On LinkedIn itself – Contribute to your LinkedIn blog to increase your thought leadership and authority in your niche. This solves one purpose. Now to solve another purpose of driving traffic to your website, you can add links in your post that redirects them to your website. Mind you, the links and the content should be relevant and helpful to the audience.

Share Industry News to get noticed amidst your connection and LinkedIn groups and reflect your expertise in your domain. 

By sharing the aforementioned content you will become a perfect go-to person when your connections – or someone they know – might need help in your industry. And whenever such a need arises, yours will be the first website where they will seek answers. 

2. Join Relevant Niche-Groups On LinkedIn 

Sharing content is one way to go about driving traffic through LinkedIn. But it won’t bear desirable fruits until your content reaches your target audience. Because say, for example, your brand is focused on middle age people, working in or owning a marketing firm, but your content is read by job-seeking millennial, then all your efforts are going down the drain. 

How can you rectify this anomaly? 

In order to reach your target audience, join high-quality groups that are relevant to your industry. This is the best way to zero in on your desired audience so as to drive relevant and productive traffic to your website. You will find like-minded people in these groups who are interested in the services you offer. All you have to is to select the “groups” filter in the search bar at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. 

For example, I want to be accepted in some top marketing groups. I will type in “marketing” in the search bar and click on the “Groups” filter.

Marketing Groups LinkedIn


Then, a number of popular marketing-related groups will appear on my screen.

LinkedIn Marketing


Once you are accepted into these groups you can start sharing your content with a vast audience in your niche. 

However, DO NOT become a spammer. You don’t want to be someone who just posts links to their website. Because these groups are to discuss helpful things with the similar audience. If you become an active member who consistently shares and comments on relevant things, then people will start looking forward to your content. Only after you’ve engaged, built trust, and built relationships should you link to your own content. Don’t worry, your patience will eventually pay off as LinkedIn groups will not only drive traffic but generate qualified leads as well.

3. Create Your Own LinkedIn Group 

Now that you have established yourself as a thought leader by posting and sharing relevant content on various LinkedIn Groups, it is the time to move a step ahead. Take the reign in your hands and create your own LinkedIn Group. Once you become the admin of a group, you can start accepting requests of your target audience who wants to join the group. 

You were already sharing your articles, posts and links on other groups. So, what is so special about creating your group? Actually, there’s nothing special really except for the fact that it helps you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. 

But creating your own group has its own responsibilities. You have to engage your members regularly with a strict schedule. Ask questions, comment on the posts and articles by other people, like their posts and so on. This will compel your group members to do the same, resulting in more connections. And all the connection building will eventually lead to increased website viewers. However, don’t forget to steer clear of sales content and give your website links wherever they are relevant. 

4. Answer Questions On LinkedIn 

Just like LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn answers can be a great source of productive traffic on your website. And it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is to browse through the questions that you have considerable knowledge in. Or the questions which are linked to the services that your enterprise offers. Try to answer such questions on a regular basis to establish yourself as someone to look up to. 

For example, say you are a sales representative. If you constantly provide helpful answers to sales related questions then you stand a chance of coming across as a sales leader, which might result in people viewing your website to avail your services. To leverage the potential of LinkedIn answers to its fullest, try to include a link to a post that you have written that might give a better insight into the subject. Again, don’t add links just for the sake of adding them. The links that you are adding should add some value to the audience. 

5. Recommend People On LinkedIn 

LinkedIn has a wonderful feature that allows you to recommend people who are good at their job or something that they do. It’s like you are saying that you vouch for that person’s credibility in the field that you are giving a recommendation for. 

LinkedIn Recommendations

The pros of giving recommendations are many. First being, you can build stellar connections that way. And most importantly, if you recommend someone then it’s highly likely that the person will recommend you in return to return the favour. 

It can be a great endorsement for your brand and the services that you offer. It works exactly like reviews and testimonials on your website. The more recommendations you have, more people will trust you enough to reach you through your website to look at the services you offer. And eventually, they will be inclined to avail your services as well.

6. Add Work Samples To Your LinkedIn Profile 

People hardly believe word of mouth anymore. And your profile is not nearly enough to provoke your connections into visiting your website. Empower your profile with dependable and credible proofs like work samples. You can even show case-studies which can disseminate how your enterprise made so and so achievements. 

Remember, the better your profile is, the better chances you will have to get more clicks and views, which will eventually result in more traffic for your website. 

7. Update Your Status On A Regular Basis 

It is extremely important to keep updating your profile and your status regularly. If your last update is from a month ago, then your regular viewers are gonna lose interest and leave you really soon. If you want to get more and more traffic, without losing the previous one, you have to make a strict schedule for your updates. This way your loyal viewers can keep track of your updates.

However, make your schedule keeping the work hours of your target audience in mind. Moreover, it is recommended to send out at least one status update a day and that you always promote your latest blog post in order to increase traffic.

8. LinkedIn Plugins

LinkedIn has a few plugins that can increase your traffic and connections by a heavy margin. They are a quick way to drop LinkedIn functionality into your website.

Here are some common LinkedIn plugins to drive traffic to your website:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is a handy tool for Gmail users who browse in Firefox or Chrome. After downloading, run it to get a list of any LinkedIn profile. Then, simply use this plugin to grow your network by sending LinkedIn invites directly from your inbox.

Headlinr Although this is a paid plugin for the Google Chrome browser, it is well worth every single penny. It will automatically generate hundreds of popular headline combinations that contain keywords you specify. It is worthy to note that without a great headline, no one is willing to read your post, ads etc. And if your content is not getting clicked on LinkedIn then there’s no way to generate traffic to your website.

LinMailPro This Chrome Extension lets you find and invite anyone who has viewed your profile. This allows you to turn your profile viewers into your website viewers and eventually a lead.

9. Sponsor Your Valuable Content

It is good that you are sharing your posts on LinkedIn but it doesn’t offer a guarantee that your content is reaching the target audience or not. Therefore, to make sure you interact with the maximum audience with your content, you should sponsor your most valuable posts or content on LinkedIn.

Sponsored Content

Follow these tips while sponsoring your content on LinkedIn:

Add a relevant and visually enthralling thumbnail.

It has been already mentioned above, however, it warrants repetition – always focus on creating a compelling headline that pulls in the audience.

Interact with your connections and try to persuade them into sharing your content. Suppose you are connected with the CEO of a company and he/she shares your content. Then think of the value it will add to your content.

10. Publish Posts With LinkedIn Pulse

There is a simple formula – the more authority you show, the more sought after you will be by your prospective leads. And the more prospects you get, the more traffic you can generate for your website. Therefore, you can use LinkedIn Pulse which allows you to publish your content with a simple interface.

You can add links to your website, your blog posts along with adding images, videos, infographics and more. And if you don’t want to go through the hassle of generating new content daily, then you can try to repurpose some parts of your blog posts and publish with LinkedIn Pulse. And then you can add the link directing to your post to impart complete knowledge about the subject.

Which Tactic Will You Employ To Drive Website Traffic From LinkedIn?

There you have it! Ten wonderful not to say simple strategies that can help you drive more traffic to your website. That too, completely free of cost.

Have you ever thought of using LinkedIn to drive traffic to your website? What other platforms are you leveraging to drive traffic to your website?

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