Want More Leads? Get a Responsive Website

Time has changed and what previously was done as a door to door process has now been overtaken by digitization. In an era of extensive competition, generating leads for any business no longer remains an easy task for even the most experienced sales reps. Thus, it becomes extremely important for any business to hit the right chords of their potential customers at the very beginning. And the first experience of your company that most people have today is your website.

Want More Leads? Get a Responsive Website

Every day numerous prospects visit various sites and make their purchase decisions not just because of its quality products but mostly because of its attractive, responsive and trustworthy design. Human beings tend to make most of their decisions emotionally so in order to capture their attention and convert them into paying customers you must make sure to cater them with amazing, comfortable and personalized experience through a highly responsive website otherwise you might find them ending up as your competitor’s customer.

What is a Responsive Website?

Today, people don’t just use their desktops but they also have the option of smartphones and tablets. In fact, 65% of all digital time is now represented by mobiles, according to Search Engine Land. This is where the role of a responsive website comes in and with that we mean its responsive web design.

If your site isn’t a responsive one it gets out of shape if viewed on smaller devices and makes it really tough for the users. On the other hand, a responsive site easily adjusts and resizes all its contents to fit the screen on which it is viewed giving the visitor a much better feel. You thus want your website to act as a digital rubber band, so that even if your website gets viewed on a device as small as a smartwatch or as big as a desktop it gives the users the same luxurious experience thereby helping you generate more and more leads. A responsive website is thus

Want More Leads? Get a Responsive Website

  • A site with full flexibility providing the same experience on every device.
  • A responsive website does not only mean its design but also how fast it works and how easily it loads on any device.
  • Photos and contents need to be intelligently arranged in order to deliver the best feel.
  • Proper use of SEO and Adwords to make your website rank higher in search engine results.
  • Integration of your website with major modern age tools like AeroLeads will also help you generate more leads.

Benefits of a Responsive Website in lead generation:

Nowadays it is compulsory for every company to have its website and they also spend much by hiring experts to design the best website for them. Thus, in order to stand out of the crowd and make an impact, you must make a stunningly responsive website which the users will love to use on any device and which is extremely fast so that the customers to face any lag and tend to opt out. Herein we have a few benefits of using a responsive website and how it helps in lead generation

Want More Leads? Get a Responsive Website

  • A responsive site will help you attract more potential leads as people can now view your website on all devices.
  • Also, the chances of converting your visitors into customers increases.
  • Your company’s website will then get ranked higher in related searches.
  • The probability of your company being recommended to other connection of your clients also increases.

How to Build a Perfect Responsive Website for Lead Generation:

Know what you want from your site:

Want More Leads? Get a Responsive Website

Even before you start building your website it is important to set some goals and make a list of what you want from your website and how you want your site to be. In this case, your primary motive is to generate as many leads as possible and for it, you must have a clear idea of what leadership means to you. After this, you must make a plan as to what actions you want your visitors to perform and also how you want to convert them into your leads whether by filling out a form or by letting them download a free e-book. Once you are done with all these, design your website accordingly.

Attractive Design:

It may happen that your products or services are the best among all but until and unless you have an attractive website all those quality products are not going to perform their best. So, in order to generate more prospects and to make them buy your products you need to make your website as attractive as it can get. For this ask your designer to make the perfect use of the white space available and also to keep proper spacing among all your contents, be it photos, videos, information or your Call to Actions. For best results make sure to use contrasting colors.

Want More Leads? Get a Responsive Website

Easy and Flexible User Interface:

This is one of the most important parts of building a responsive website. No matter what, you just don’t want your visitors to get frustrated. People visit your site to gain knowledge about any particular product and also it’s pricing. So, your website must be one that guides them efficiently and helps them find what they are looking for without any hassle. This is only possible if your website has a really easy user interface.

Want More Leads? Get a Responsive Website

Also, you don’t want your website to look unattractive and hard to handle on smaller devices and for this, you need to make the user interface of your site flexible so that it automatically fits the available screen space in the best possible way. This will definitely help you generate much more leads than you can think of and will also help you convert them into long-term customers.

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Intelligently Design your Lead Generation Forms:

Your final aim always has been to generate more leads and to do this you need to make your visitors fill in their contact details in one of your lead generation form. Thus, you must place your forms intelligently so that they are easily accessible and you must also design your forms in the best way possible so that it lures more people without any hesitance. Make sure that you don’t ask for too many personal information, place your forms on every page of your site, post them at places where they are more likely to grab the user’s attention especially along with offers and CTA’s.

Want More Leads? Get a Responsive Website

Integrate your Website with Next Gen Tools:

With new advancements in technology being made every passing day, there are many modern age website analytics tools which can help you in fulfilling your aim of generating more leads. These tools get efficiently integrated with your website’s CRM and even work in collaboration with each other to deliver the best results. Some even make use of Artificial Intelligence as well as of machine learning to generate leads for your start-up or business in a minimum time span. Others use Google Analytics or data mining to do and provide you with contact details of potential leads.

There also are tools which after attaching itself with your website tracks the working and effectiveness of each and every page that your site has thereby delivering you a full analytical report and helping you identify the content that needs to modify. For example, you can use tools like AeroLeads, which is also known as one of the fastest lead generation tool. Some other include HubSpot, Growbots, Leadfeeder etc.  So, remember to integrate these tools with your website and grab the best out of them.

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It has become much more challenging and difficult to generate ample leads for any business. With new users joining the world of internet every day it has become extremely important for any business to get its first impression i.e their websites effective so that they do not lose out on any of their future customers. For this what they need to do is to make a highly responsive website which would be sure to attract the attention of many and also make the company stand out from its customers.

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