How I used WarriorForum to Validate My Startup Idea

I am working on our lead generation app AeroLeads for last 2 months and finished it last week. Since the product is still in beta, I needed first-hand feedback from potential users. I did post on HackerNews and couple of other sites where startup crowd and early adopters hang out but unfortunately, it didn’t get any feedback and the threads just died.

Since one of the target markets for the product is webmasters and small business owners and I knew WarriorForum has plenty, I thought let’s make a thread there too. WF has a Hire Member section where you can post a thread (it costs $5) and members will give their feedback.

I made this thread 3 days back and the results were amazing. I have in total got 40+ responses from people who wanted a review and see the app and till now around 10 members have replied to me including few emails with feedback, reviews, bugs, and suggestions.

This is Response I got in first 24 hours (and many more in next 2 days)

WF Reviews AeroLeads


I am still refining AeroLeads and the above feedback has helped me a lot in giving the product a direction as well as to see the bugs too.

I am amazed by the quality of feedback and strongly feels that more and more startups should look at other sources of feedback for validating their ideas and products rather than simply asking at hacker news and similar startup oriented sites. Feedback sites where a lot of tech users hang out are often biased and if that is not your target market, it can often give lead you in the wrong direction.

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