[Use Case] Find Emails and Phone Numbers of VCs and Investors

Though AeroLeads is used by all kind of businesses to find emails and phone numbers of businesses and decision makers, one of its major use case is it is being used by various startups, fund managers, associates etc to connect to VCs and Investors. In fact few months back when we were looking to raise some funding (we decided to keep bootstrapping due to overhead involved in raising money and we eventually becoming profitable), we used aeroleads to find contact details of lot of Indian and US VCs and Investors.

Here is a quick screenshot of how our account looked –

VC Investors Email Phone Numbers

In this Use Case, let me tell you how you can find prospecting VCs, fund managers and investors

1. You can Use our chrome plugin to add prospects from linkedIn, AngelList or Crunchbase.

To do it, go to the respective website and enter your search terms or company names. Once you see the results or individual profile pages, add them as prospects using AeroLeads widget which gets shown on top right corner. Once you add the prospects, you should be able to find see the data with emails and phone numbers at https://aeroleads.com/prospects

2. If you have your own list with first name, last name and company name you can also just upload it at https://aeroleads.com/prospects/upload. Ideally you want to put 100 or less records at a time to not put too much stress on the software.

3. Once you have the data, you can always export it into csv files, export it into other CRM, Mailing or Marketing software.

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