11 Top Chat Software for Sales Funnel

As time has passed, the importance of using sales chat software to generate more leads has increased tremendously. We at AeroLeads have noticed that the use of such software’s influence the conversion rates in manner that was initially unforeseen. With the betterment in the technology being used by us nowadays, chat software’s have been made easier to use. Most businesses nowadays have started offering training for their chat representatives to be intuitive and responsive. We have seen that customers demand even faster responses and mobile-friendly options. On the other hand, website owners look for greater customization and innovative features that make multitasking much more straightforward. What we have for you today is a list of Sales Chat Software’s that can be used by you to make interacting with customers easier. The list is as follows-

1. LivePerson

liveperson -Chat Software for Sales Funnel

LivePerson “transforms customer care from voice calls to mobile messaging” and claim to be the only company in the world to do at such a large scale. They have a cloud based platform known as ‘LiveEngage’. Through this platform the facilitate brands with millions of customers to deliver data across their platform at such a scale.

LivePerson gives you all the details that you need before you rush into a conversation with a client. The provide vital customer information such as name, account details, website actions before initializing the live chat, cart value, error messages and much more. They have an analytical advantage when it comes to the utilization of their software. Their software allows you to see the duration of the calls, the customer satisfaction rating and many more added features. Another additional advantage of using this software is that it can be integrated with various CRM software’s such as Salesforce, SugarCRM and Zendesk.

As a sales chat software that is established in the market, we expected to find some uniformity in their pricing strategy. Don’t get us wrong, it is uniform but it’s uniform in a disorienting manner. For a free account, you can have as many chats as you would like to have but the catch is that you can have only one agent. The small business plans starts at $18/month which allows you to have 12 chats but unlimited agents. We find this quite strange. Pricing thereon follows an upward gradient which doesn’t make things any simpler for those on a tight budget.

2. Acquire.io

Image result for acquire.io logoAcquire.io is a complete “customer care” platform equipped with the latest customer support tools. The platform mainly focuses on onboarding, sales, and support. Their features include live chat software, chatbots, Cobrowsing, customer profile management, text chat with screen sharing, and video and voice call functionality.

Acquires’ live chat software helps you to answer customers’ queries/concerns in real-time, the way they want to communicate.  With access to bots, canned responses, you’ll be able to answer more questions, quickly. It streamlines business operations and customer conversations which lead to more productivity and as a result, this will increase customer satisfaction, boost sales and ROI.

Moreover, you can customize CSS to change the chatbox appearance as per your business needs and the best part is it is optimized for mobile(Android & IOS).

Integration facilities of Google Analytics, Square space, WordPress, Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Shopify, Zendesk, Facebook and others are also available. Sign up today for 14-days free trial.

3. Helpcrunch


HelpCrunch is an omnichannel customer communication tool with live chat, knowledgebase, and email automation functionality. The tool should cover all your sales, marketing, and support tasks in one unified dashboard while being quite affordable and SMB-oriented. The pricing for live chat software from HelpCrunch is based on the number of agent seats and starts at $15/mo per team member.

The installation takes a few copy-and-paste clicks. Or else, use the HelpCrunch SDKs to integrate the chat widget with your mobile apps. Once installed, the live chat widget is easily customized with settings like colours, wallpapers, button styles, and custom CSS. It’s also possible to enable pre-chat and offline forms in order to collect leads’ contact info and pre-qualify them before the conversation.

To encourage website visitors to chat with your team, HelpCrunch offers proactive chat messages. They are triggered automatically based on people’s behaviour – current page, time spent on the page, previous interactions, etc.

Once a chat or an email lands into the HelpCrunch dashboard, support agents can assign it to themselves or other departments, assign different statuses and tags, use saved responses and knowledgebase articles, send conversation transcripts via email, etc. They can also add private notes that will only be visible to them. The sidebar will contain customer data like email address, user path, device information. In addition to this standard info, you can pass your custom data (e.g. types of transcriptions, account balance, usage of specific features). The knowledge base and email features are integrated into the conversation window. For instance, you can switch between chats and emails to send quick follow-ups in a preferred channel.

On the downside, HelpCrunch lacks some integrations. But all in all, it might be a great fit for a small business that wants to provide live chat/email support and build a knowledge base of their own.

A Little More on SnapEngage!

Snap-engage is not the cheapest software to use with the most basic plan starting at around 60 dollars per month. The next plan in the hierarchy of the pricing model is for 140 dollars a month. We suggest you see which plan would suit your enterprise the most, if any. Before we move on to the next software, there is one feature we found particularly annoying about the software. The feature is that you can only collect data on visitors once they’ve submitted a chat request, whereas many of the other solutions reviewed here will proactively collect that information for you where possible. What’s worse is that you cannot initiate a live chat box manually. That being said you need to see if the pros outweigh the cons for your business undertaking and take a decision for yourself.


4. Pure Chat

pure chat Chat Software for Sales Funnel

PureChat is a Sales Chat Software that is easy to use for the operator as well as the customer. The chat software is unobtrusive and can be customized with its own color scheme and its agent’s photo. PureChat is compatible with iOS, Android and Kindle devices which give you accessibility on most devices in the market.

Chat transcripts of live conversations are made available to the business enterprise to see how their customers are being treated. By doing so, the software users can see how to improve their approach. The software also offers a tool wherein a customer can fill in a questionnaire formatted by the operator. By doing so the operator would know what queries the customer is likely to have before getting in touch. As the software mainly focuses only on Live Chat, it is easily integrated into other mediums. Some of those mediums are WordPress, Shopify, Etsy and Facebook. That’s not all, there are many more. From a developer’s point of view, the software has enormous flexibility which in turn is a huge advantage. PureChat also works with Zapier, which gives you potentially hundreds of possible uses, extensions and triggers to make the system work for you, rather than just with you.

However, if you don’t know how to code, you are going to need a developer to make all your customization. Pricing starts at $0 (yes, free) for up to 15 chats per month. For the integration feature (Google Analytics, Zapier, Infusionsoft), the price is just $15/month. ‘PureChat may be too simple for your needs, but if you just want a free live Sales Chat Software with third party integrations and mobile functionality, this is it.’


5. ZendDesk Chat

zendesk chat Chat Software for Sales Funnel

We would suggest Zendesk Chat to be used by small business and alike as the pricing range is not that high. However, there are a few constraints while using the software which we assume small business can overcome. Zendesk Chat has been existent in the market and it is not a new player. It has a product of Zendesk but has failed to monopolize the market in any manner whatsoever.

Zendesk Chat is versatile and customization as per your requirements. The flexibility gives you the option to fine tune everything to your liking which is quite attractive. We don’t really need to say this but Zendesk Chat has been beautiful integrated into Zendesk. Along with Zendesk, Zendesk Chat can also work alongside Salesforce, Magento, WordPress and a handful of other web-based services. So if you are using any of these platforms and you need a live chat option, Zendesk Chat is the software to use.

A free version of Zendesk Chat is available, however it can be very restrictive in terms of what you can and cannot do. The basic plan is around 15 dollars a month wherein the next best plan comes up to around 40 dollars a month. Zendesk Chat does perform admirably where analytic are concerned. You can easily see how your agents are performing, what pages visitors are on before they reach out to you, and track chat logs and data over time. From an operator’s point of view, this is extremely helpful.

6. Bold Chat

bold chat Chat Software for Sales Funnel

Bold Chat is owned by LogMeln and it works in sync with amazing ease with LogMeIn’s own “sale rescue” technology, known as Active Assist. The software comes in three versions which also differ in price. They are- pro, premium and enterprise. Unlike many of its competitors Bold Chat uses a skimming pricing strategy wherein they charge a lot for the services they provide. By doing so, they acquire clients who have the potential to grow with them. This is what they claim whereas no proof of success has been noted off late. They state that more choices are not necessarily better and hence they restrict their horizon.

The cost of the most basic plan amounts to around $600 for an agent per year. The Pro and Premier version have the similar types of features being offered. These features include desktop and mobile-based chat options, chat screen and button customization, proactive manual and automatic chat initiation. The only major differences between these two versions is the ability to set your own custom canned messages, integration with Salesforce and chat load distribution between agents.

Through the use of Active Assist and Bold Chat, making sales becomes a whole lot easier. Active Assist allows for screen sharing or remote use of the client’s computer and co-browsing functionality. This makes it ideal for businesses where more hands-on support is needed to complete the sale.

The worst part about the app is that most of the features are available mainly in Enterprise plan. The cost of such a plan depends on the features you are using. What one would have to do is to ask for a quote. Bold Chat will then give you a quote depending on the features that you have asked for.

7. Click Desk

click desk Chat Software for Sales Funnel

Unlike the other live chat solutions we have spoken about, Click Desk is not like them. Click Desk on the other hands functions rather differently. It is an ‘all-rounder’ product which allows you to videoconference or conduct live chat calls via Skype or Google Talk. At the same time, it can take you or your client to various other social media pages. They have a buttons on the page which allows visitors to check those pages out while in conversation.

Click Desk has its hands full with integration as well. They help you integrate content management platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr and Magento. Along with integrating various content management platforms, they also integrate popular marketing services. A few to name would be MailChimp and Unbounce.  The design customization on Click Desk is not the greatest though. When compared to the rest of the chat providers in the list, Click Desk will not stand out. As for the analytical aspects, Click Desk has next to nothing on that front. Another bummer is that visitor details are only provided when a chat is initiated.

The pricing seems to be comparatively reasonable. The cost for using Click Desk is at $16.99 per months. Features like Video Chat, surveys and reports/history are available at the second tiered plan at $21.99/month. The second level plan also gives you access to third party integrations and the developer API.

8. Velaro

velaro Chat Software for Sales Funnel

Velaro is a sales chat software that integrates many essential features with the software to provide a wonderful experience. The best way to describe what Velaro would do is by starting off by stating the prices. After doing so, we will tell you what they offer for those prices. Velaro provides a four tier pricing platform or basic users, professional business and an enterprise grade solution.

Velaro’s cheapest package is extremely competitive for what it provides. It has all your common features like the before chat and your after chat surveys that help you analyze details. Departmental routing, customization and detailed reporting of all data through Google Analytics take place as well. Another additional bonus is that includes an easy-to-follow wizard to get your live chat service set up right away. This is known as the Starter plan and it costs $19.95/user.

Their next plan is called the Small Business Plan. This plan has everything in the starter plan and dwells into amazing tools. They have stuff like Unlimited Visitors + Geo targeting, Sales Conversion Tracking, Customer Satisfaction Tracking, Premium Integration and so much more. This plan is priced at $64.95/user per month and although it might seem pricey, it really isn’t if utilized properly.

The Professional Plan costs $149.95/user and includes everything in the Small Business Plan and more. They have many more inclusions such as A/B testing pre-chat surveys, Enterprise Security, A/B canned message testing and a quite a bit more. The most complex of the plans would be the Enterprise plan which is much more complex than any of these. This plan requires you to ask for a quotation.

9. Comm100

com100 Chat Software for Sales Funnel

Unlike Velaro, this sales chat software is for all businesses and not just a particular type. The software offers all the features you’d expect from a higher priced plan but without the added price tag. Comm100 has built in features like unlimited chats, automatic greetings, real-time visitor monitoring and extensive customization. This is inclusive even in its lowest priced plan which says a lot about its affordability. Due to the fact that it’s a hosted solution, everything can be changed to suit your brand and color scheme.

When it comes to integration, Comm100 is really up to expectations. They have integration with third party tools like Salesforce, Zendesk and Google Analytics require an upgraded plan to use. There is only part that might cause you to frown upon this sales chat software. You might need to upgrade your package if you feel the need for tighter integration.

Comm100 is extremely affordable as compared to its competitors. The most basic plan also known as the ‘Team Plan’ costs USD 29 /agent/month. The ‘Business Plan’ would cost you around USD 49 /agent/month. The enterprise plan would require you to obtain a quote from the sales chat software. This is because the software tries to cater to your needs.

10. Website Alive

welbiste alive Chat Software for Sales Funnel

Before we start describing the software, here’s a disclaimer. Website Alive provides a lot of features wherein the sales chat software is just a part of it. Out of all its features, there was one of them that stood out the most. It has the ability to hire live chat agents who will engage prospects for you on a pay-for-performance scale. However, there are complications that can arise in this sense.

Website Alive is easy to customize and use. The sales chat software has a simple user interface that allows you to enjoy what you’re doing. eal-time metrics and live visitor monitoring shows you who’s interacting with your site and present you with opportunities to proactively initiate chats if needed. Other features like routing, queuing, surveys and the ability to email transcripts.

The lowest priced package is around $50 per month (for 2 licenses) and an additional $20 per month per license. Screen sharing, which is standard on many plans, costs extra with WebsiteAlive. We think that Website Alive is one of those software’s that are really good but have over priced themselves a bit. However, there are people who swear by the usefulness of the software and claim that it’s worth the price. We will leave that for you to decide in terms of your business.

11. Kayako Engage

Kayako Engage is known worldwide for its help desk software. It is being used by thousands of companies across the globe. The software makes you connect to its existing help desk which facilitates a more proactive measure when catering to your clients. Chats can be organized and routed to those people who actually deal with those clients. If you are a fan of an instant messaging app, there’s a chance it might work with Kayako Engage. This can be seen as an additional bonus of sorts.

It uses its own reporting language which makes it harder for you to customize things as you please. Tasks that are actually quite simple with other software’s are unusually hard with this one. The only reason we would suggest this software is if you are using Kayako through one of their other products. If you are familiar with their system and how they work, then you should integrate the sales chat software.

It costs $24 per agent per month and is billed annually, $29 per agent per month when billed monthly. It’s not overly expensive but it’s not something that we would suggest unless you are already using their software.

kayako-Chat Software for Sales Funnel

 Final Words:

We hope this article has provided as many insights as we hoped for it to provide. Among all of them, they all offer a type of free trial or a demo of the product they have. If you like what you have read about one, then I suggest you give it a try. If you like more than one, then give both a try. That’s the best thing you could do about this dilemma. To find the best sales chat software, you would have to know what you want. Once you know what you want, it makes things a whole lot easier.

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