Top 5 Lead Sources Your Company Needs to Know.

How lead sources can help to grow your business?

Lead generation is the process of procuring contact information of customers interested in your business for further engagement. In this technologically advanced era, lead generation processes are carried out online. This can be done by various methods. There are some of the best lead generation tools available that help you simplify and catalyze your lead generation process. you can also optimize your website into a lead capturing hub there are a lot of lead generation sources that may help you to grow.

Top 5 Lead Sources

1. LinkedIn – Lead source

LinkedIn wins the race of producing leads among all the Social media websites. It is a professional social networking platform. Rather than a common hangout and chatting platform, LinkedIn creates a professional environment to make contacts and pitch your idea/products/services.

LinkedIn can be viewed as Job search platform, Professional Marketing platform or Client hunting site. It all depends on your requirement. This platform also provides an opportune for its users to engage with professional networks, share intel and find new business opportunities.

LinkedIn ads serve as the best strategy to produce leads. This in-house advertising platform helps you create your ads. Just specify your target audience and then LinkedIn will automatically show your ads on popular pages. While creating such ads, you need to specify your location, LinkedIn group, industry, job title, company name, job function, company size etc. once this is all set, attach a piece of content with a strong CTA that will attract people. This makes sure that your content is shown to a larger audience that in turn helps you reach out to a wider section of leads.

If you’re in B2B sales, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is the best lead sources. LinkedIn not only gives you lead recommendations and inform about who peeped into your profile, the Sales Navigator has a wonderful option to save leads into your CRM directly from LinkedIn.

Brand value increases exponentially using LinkedIn. Since nothing comes free and that too the premium services, it is advisable to subscribe to the LinkedIn Premium.

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2. Lead Generation Tools – Lead source

lead generation sources

Marketing automation is the best way to generate leads! Around 37% of the B2B marketers use this strategy as observed by Capterra. It has become a whole new trend. Though there are numerous ways to create leads in the market but digital tools give you an edge. These tools will scan the whole internet and bring all the leads at your doorstep. Out of all these leads, which is one is useful still remains a big question? You might end up paying for those leads which will surely not convert into your customers.

“Time is Money” and lead sources help save you save both by generating relevant leads. You might be lucky enough if you get a lead generation service along with a software. One must use these tools to get the best results. It helps you scale up quicker. One can easily focus on working with leads rather than being tensed about searching for leads.

We at AeroLeads provide you with our leading Lead Generation Software and also Lead Generation Service. We provide you with our lead generation software, Chrome Plugin and even prospect finding service. All you need to do is to furnish your requirements such as industry type, job title, location etc and we will do the work for you. We utilize our software to provide you with this service. You are also provided with a sample of the prospect that you may require and also have the option of a free trial. This way, you can be sure that you get only relevant prospects.


3. Quora- Lead source

lead generation sourcesAsk a question and get it answered by people all across the world! It’s more of getting suggestions from people, what they feel about a particular subject/topic. You can request the answers from the field experts. You can follow the most popular writers and message them too!

Questions are asked, edited and answered by the larger user community. The growing popularity of this site can’t be ignored. This makes this site all the more important as it provides you with a larger exposure.

In order to advertise your product, create a profile on Quora and mention your website’s link in the bio. Start answering the queries of people related to your business niche on Quora and convince people to buy/use your product/services.

This way you can reach out to a larger audience and also build brand value. When you answer questions, provide detailed answers. This way you can also position yourself on Quora as a thought leader. This helps in easy branding and customers can easily contact you and clear their doubts.

Answers need to be written eloquently to attract customers. Don’t forget to backlink your website or page. Use Quora as a lead source for generating leads. Backlinks on Quora do not help your SEO as it is a no-follow site. But this does not mean that you shouldn’t. this does help in more people visiting your website thereby increases website traffic. It does indirectly help SEO. Thus, from a business point of view, Quora is an amazing website to make contacts and get public opinion.

Lead Generation (Inbound) through Quora from Gunjan Kalita

4. Website- Lead source

finding leads

Website is the best way to generate leads rather than using other platforms. Only those interested in your product/services will visit your site.

So why not use this to your advantage by drawing them into your sales funnel as this can become the most useful lead generation source.

There are various to make your website your ultimate lead generation source.

Attractive blogs, offering referrals, providing free PDFs, detailed information, software and other deliverables are the best options to attract your customers to use your website.

Create lust in customers so that they can’t resist using your website. Offer more than your competitors. It is a mere exchange. Once you have something of value, your website visitors will be willing to share with you, their contact information. Providing something useful and valuable goes a long way. It also helps in building your brand. Such a provision would be shared across the internet and thereby results in greater exposure.

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5. SlideShare- Lead source

lead generation from slideshare

SlideShare, in collaboration with LinkedIn, has become one of the most effective lead sources. It boasts over 60million monthly users.

SlideShare is a hosting service that enables you to shares presentations in the form of slides to a large audience. You can also use such presentations and slides in your content and blog posts by embedding them. An important tip and the key to excelling in SlideShare is to make sure that the slides of your presentation are well designed and are easy to understand without any further explanation. This increases the opportunity of having your presentation featured on the SlideShare homepage. This also enables you to appear higher on the searches made on that particular topic on SlideShare.

You can use SlideShare to repurpose case studies or white papers or post your original content in the form of slides. SlideShare enables you to embed a lead generation form at the end of every presentation. This form can be filled by other users before they download your presentation etc. It also provides triggered alerts. such alerts are based on keywords which indicate that a particular user is interested in. Your lead generation efforts with SlideShare will be further amplified if your presentation contains images at the top of each slide and SEO-rich script.

These are the easiest lead sources that you can tap into for lead generation. Consider this as a guide for easy and quick lead generation tips. Do share your go-to lead sources and the lead generation strategies that worked out the best for you.
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