Top 5 Chrome Plugins for Your Sales and Marketing Team

If you are a sales and marketing executive, the chances are chrome is your default browser as it is extremely flexible, can be integrated with other websites easily and the chrome plugins can really extend its features. I have seen businesses built solely on chrome plugins and they are doing really well.

Now in chrome store, there are hundreds of plugins which are used by web marketers and businesses to scrape content, to find emails in content, bulk email extraction, data transfer, social media management etc.

1. AeroLeads Prospect Finder 

Our plugin for Chrome allows you to transfer prospects to with 1 click. It is perfect for making up your list of clients on AeroLeads and organizing the data you need. Including names, contact details, social media accounts and practically everything useful for a sales rep and their team.


2. YesWare

It is definitely one of the highest-rated e-mail tracking plugins out there, on the top with Sidekick HubSpot. Follow your clients’ e-mail activity that is related to you and get live updates wheter things are moving forward. Such a control over yourcorrespondencey would give you swiftness and lead you to more successfully finished deals and projects.

3. Sidekick by HubSpot

Sidekick is a treasure for working with e-mails, which is a must for every successful business. With the plugin you take full control over your correspondence You can schedule when to send your e-mails in the future and have knowledge on who is opening them and when. Monitor and analyze everything and therefore – walk on the right side of the road.


4. Boomerang

Now, this is for the people on the top of the organizing-savvy chain. Boomerang lets you push your e-mails forward in time to the moment you actually need them. You will never have to leave an important e-mail in the depths of your inbox. A big client sends you e-mail for a meeting in 11 days? With a click, you push this mail for the period and receive the important information just in time.

5. Mozbar

Mozbar is the definite tool that would help you understand and control the SEO metrics, taking the best of your online presence. It also lets you examine the performance on such social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.



Honorable mentions – Of course it is impossible to include even a tiny part of every plugin that is worthy of your time. However, here we recommend you two more really viral ones, that deserve attention:


In its core Buffer is a scheduling plugin for your most important accounts as a sales and marketing guru – be it Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook – doesn’t matter. Get the updates you want others to see (and by others we mean specific groups of people) at the specific time with a few simple clicks. Make the most of the analyzes and fine-tune your work to reach your goals.


This one is relatively new but very promising to every sales rep or business person, who want to take their productivity to a higher level. From e-mail and presentation activity tracking to gathering different analyzes for

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