Top 11 B2B Demand Generation Practices

Why demand generation?

 In order to sell effectively and have a good market reach quality leads are a must. A good lead base helps in revenue generation and it acts as an excellent tool to spread the word about your company.

B2B Demand Generation Practices

An efficient demand generation practice, in addition to generating quality leads, also helps in making your presence felt.

Below are some effective lead generation practices that would surely be of help.

What is B2B demand generation?

B2B is referred to as the situation where one business organization takes part in any kind of commercial transaction with some other business organization.

Some typical examples of B2B demand generation are as follows:

  • A business house depending on another for its raw materials for production.
  • One depending on another for services such as website and application development.
  • A house selling the produce of another. For example, a retailer selling the produce of a food factory to consumers.

11 effective demand generation practices:

  1. Having a good conversation


    A good talk allows you to gain the much-required trust of the lead. More than messages and emails, telephonic conversations or video calls are much more effective in serving your purpose. Prefer to an email when you are replying to a query or a 10-minute phone call.  It will be helpful as it will make the lead feel that he/she is important to you.

  B2B Demand Generation Practices

  1. Using social media effectively


    Advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora can prove to be quite useful in increasing your demand, thanks to the large mass of people using it.

B2B Demand Generation Practices

LinkedIn can be the greatest source of leads as it is the destination of companies and individuals searching for professional services they need. It also provides a plethora of professional individuals to reach out to.

Paid advertisements in websites do play an important role in directing traffic to your website.

  1. Knowing and targeting your website visitors

    The thing that interests most of the companies visiting your website is to avail the services that your company provides. Instead of keeping a track and contacting the visitors would be an effective solution.

 B2B Demand Generation Practices

Using software such as Leedfeeder, helps in getting to know your website visitors.

Keeping your search results laser focused. Keep in mind that the less time a visitor has to search for his needs the more is your chances of having him as your customer.


  1. Keeping your SEO in good shape

An effective SEO management would surely be of help as the higher you are ranked in search results the more are the chances of getting more visitors

B2B Demand Generation Practices

  1. Using lead databases

Maintaining a well-managed lead database helps in a more organized method to reach out to prospective leads. If it is a good database, update it from time to time. Make contact details of companies on the list and bring up have a column to display whether the lead has been contacted or not and it’s status.

B2B Demand Generation Practices

  1. Use marketing automation

    Marketing automation could be viewed as a part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Using software that performs repetitive tasks play an effective role in time management.

B2B Demand Generation Practices

It is a good idea to make an analysis of the behavior of prospective leads in social media platforms. Keeping a track of the links people visit, search keywords, and knowing the latest trend in demands would surely play a pivotal role in narrowing down your targets.

  1. Using someone else’s audience

    This trick involves reaching out to popular journalists or bloggers that provide you with quality content. These contents must carry the worth of getting featured on their blogs. This method is an effective instrument inventing your ideas to a mass of people, which in turn would let people know you and your company.

B2B Demand Generation Practices

  1. Maintaining regular contact:

Regular emails, social media posts, calling etc help you to stay on the radar of prospective leads. Keeping in mind the phrase “Old is gold”. Don’t deal your previous customers with neglect as they themselves can turn up to be your much-coveted lead providers. This can happen only once you satisfy them with your quality. Take a good care of your previous customers. Connect them periodically if they need any kind of help.It is needful to pay proper attention to the practices as you cannot afford to lose existing customers in the quest for new ones.

 B2B Demand Generation Practices

  1. Creating online reviews

The more the number of online reviews, the more the customers feel secure about your legitimacy. Online reviews that praise your services act as a source of confidence for your prospective customers. A huge trust comes from within and so does a feeling when a large volume of reviews come up. Also that you have a good customer base. This, in turn, indicates that you are more of an expert rather than a beginner in your job.


B2B Demand Generation Practices

BELCHATOW, POLAND – AUGUST 31, 2014: Popular social media website logos printed on paper and hanging on strings.

  1. Using your existing employees

Your employees can share your ideas through their social media accounts. This can be done in order to spread the word about the services you provide or your ideas. If not all, your message will be circulated by some social media friends of your employees. This will help you come into the eyes of companies or individuals and make them your prospective leads.

 B2B Demand Generation Practices

  1. Developing your services, updating resources, training your employees

Last but not the least the most basic thing that your prospects search for you in quality. Look for developing your services so as to make them worthy enough to suffice current demands. Well, taking it up lightly is definitely not a good idea.


One should always mold themselves in such a way that they become a good fit in the demand generation market.

An efficient lead generation strategy is an asset for the company. Keep one thing in mind.  Over-optimize you demand generation strategy as that will help in not missing out for your consumers. That is how you can easily keep everyone in the zone happy and nurture the demand practices with all your efforts.

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