Top 10 Travel Industry Tips for Maximum Leads and Financial Gain

Travel marketers often end up quitting their lead generation efforts and even the job sometimes because they can’t generate enough leads. But is lead generation in the travel industry really that difficult? NO. Lead generation in today’s age and technology is easy enough and even has been automated. Marketers in any domain can now leave the lead generation entirely to their tools in some scenarios and focus on other issues. With the right tools and information, lead generation shouldn’t take up too much of your time. Put in the right efforts in the right places and it’ll be a breeze. Here are 10 tips for lead generation in the lead industry:

Using travel packages as a form of unique travel products :

1. Using Travel Packages as unique Products

Using a well designed and thought-through travel package can help in boosting sales manifold. This is because people often turn to different sites for different travel needs. But, if you are able to combine travel, accommodation, local activities all in one place, more people are likely to go for it. Rather than coming up with their own itinerary, sometimes coming across a packaged deal covering it all can peak interest. Using automation tools in the travel industry can help in designing and coming up with various such options.

Travel Industry Tips for Maximum Leads and Financial Gain


2. Using a well-designed Website

As a travel agent the best thing you can do to your company website is keep it updated with latest content. Additionally, content has an important purpose but so does the website design. People should be yearning for more of your travel packages and information rather than bounce from the site. This happens in case of a complex and too crammed up design. Your website acts as your online shop and it should be more pleasing and attractive to look at instead of strictly professional and strict design. People visiting travel websites are not looking for business, but better deals, information about places and so on.Travel Industry Tips for Maximum Leads and Financial Gain


3. Keyword Optimization

Use SEO and keyword optimization to bring your website to the top of the searches. As more people are bound to search for places and packages on search engines, it would be good to showcase your website on the top in such searches. Google can help you in this and the answer to it is keyword optimization. If you do this part right, you might not even need the other steps for lead generation. Consult an SEO expert or put your digital marketing to work on this.Travel Industry Tips for Maximum Leads and Financial Gain

4. Email Marketing

Use CTAs and lead generation forms on your website to build your leads list. Having a list of quality leads for your email marketing campaigns can also deliver impressive results. You can easily get affordable database of the travel industry. It will save your time and helps you target the right companies to boost your sales through email campaigns. Use CTAs, contact information directly in the emails itself also. This way people can find their way to your website or directly to the sales page. This way your visitors and customers alike can convert and bring in more leads easily as well.Travel Industry Tips for Maximum Leads and Financial Gain

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media has more travel pages and business presence coming up every day than we realize with all of the potential hidden in social media to guide people to your landing page, why not use it? You can keep your follower base engaged with community activities as well as bring in more people. People are really interested in travel activities and with a little effort in social media marketing you can drive huge lead numbers. Use social media to build your brand image and that is enough for your followers to start converting. Join travel marketing groups and find people who are genuinely interested.Travel Industry Tips for Maximum Leads and Financial Gain

6. Blogging

Since the advent of social media, travel blogging has also become an active part of every social media circle. Maintain your own travel blog to keep your followers updated with the right information about different locations, activities and so on. People love reading travel blogs and you can use this to build your own blogging space around the topic. This will bring in quality leads as genuinely interested people do read travel blogs and can even sign up for your services from your blogging section.

Travel Industry Tips for Maximum Leads and Financial Gain

7. Referrals

Use an awarding referral programs to gain more and more leads. Not only does this guarantee quality leads but quantity as well. Make sure you step up your strategy game in this to beat the competition. A lot of travel industry giants have successfully implemented unique and successful referral programs on their mobile applications and site. This brings in a lot of people who book vacations and other packages regularly once they can trust the company.

Travel Industry Tips for Maximum Leads and Financial Gain

8. Using Customer Incentives

Much like the referral program, try to develop a loyalty program to keep your customers around longer. This not only guarantees loyal customers, but more and more people willing to sign up. It necessarily doesn’t have to be a discount, you can give complimentary night stays, airport transfers, meals and so on. The options are endless and it is upto you to find the best attraction points.

Travel Industry Tips for Maximum Leads and Financial Gain

9. YouTube Video Marketing

Use short and sweet videos to attract potential leads to your company page through YouTube videos. Embed YouTube videos on your page in relevant content to showcase people what they can expect from your company and the location specifically. People are more driven to the idea of what they can do on vacation rather than just a plain description of the location.

Travel Industry Tips for Maximum Leads and Financial Gain

10. Networking Events

Use networking events to develop connections in the travel industry and partnerships with other companies. This brings out your name in the travel industry on top as well as you can reap the benefits of collaboration with other businesses. This activity is a win-win situation for all the business included and is a healthy way to drive more leads to your company page.

Travel Industry Tips for Maximum Leads and Financial Gain

Travel industry lead generation can be a bit of a challenge but that challenge lies in the competition. There are a lot of travel companies coming up constantly and it can lead to rough competition in this sector. Attracting leads to your website will require some effort but if you follow the mentioned strategies properly, it can bring your name to the top as well as get more leads.

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