3 Tools Everyone In The List Building Industry Should Be Using

When you start off as a small enterprise, it is extremely important to know where and how you invest in getting your clients. As days progress new software’s are introduced into the market which does not really make it any easier for an entrepreneur to choose the best tool for list building. However, over the recent past, a few tools have established themselves as a tool that should be used in order to build your lead list into a formidable one. The analysis of each of these tools can be seen as follows:

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is a one-stop shop for anything that you need related to mass mailing. As it has been noted that many small businesses start using mail chimp for the sole reason that the email marketing services are free up to a point. It is extremely simple to use and is integrated with software’s that really help your business such as Aeroleads!


Cost- MailChimp has many plans which can be availed of by any business enterprise. It has a Forever Free Plan that can be used allows you to send 12,000 emails to less than 2000 accounts. This makes sense if you have a small list of subscribers and if you send out newsletters less than 6 times a month. The monthly plans, on the other hand, lets you send out as many messages as you want to, but the pricing differs on the number of subscribers you have for your website at any point of time. The lowest subscriber is for $10 when you have up to 500 subscribers, When your subscribers are between 500-1000, your cost is at $15 and for 1000-1500 subscribers, it is at $20. This increases so on and forth and you can calculate how much it would exactly cost you if you used the calculator.


What’s unique about it- MailChimp is an all in one resource for email marketing and they have a clean user interface which makes managing lists, creating campaigns and reviewing email performance very simplistic. MailChimp also has the certain integration that not many list building tools have. For instance, we at Aeroleads have integrated with MailChimp and we are brilliant at generating leads. To get the best of both worlds, check us out at https://aeroleads.com/.

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Competitive Analysis

  • The interface is simple and customizable which makes a lot of people fall in love with its aesthetic and user experience. They also allow you to avail many options to make email campaigns of your own.
  • MailChimp syncs with square space forms which is extremely useful when you’re capturing emails from various sources such as from the registration of your newsletter.
  • For those of you who are new to the industry and have very limited funds, it would be advisable for you to use MailChimp as it is free if you have less than 2000 email subscribers.
  • The analytic of MailChimp is also very detailed for all of the plans irrespective of the price.

mailchimp 2


Verdict- Mailchimp is extremely useful and definitely worth it if you are just starting out but if you are a little more developed or you hope to develop at a faster rate with respect to the number of leads you are generating then take a look at AeroLeads!


In very simple terms Aweber is an autoresponder/email marketer for any business. It develops and runs an opt-in email marketing service that is used by over 120,000 small businesses, bloggers and various entrepreneurs around the globe.

aweber 1

Cost- Aweber is in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to cost. It has a pricing model that is equivalent to MailChimp and would basically differ on the needs and preferences of their clients. It is extremely important to note that the different pricing models are based on the features that you would like to avail of and nothing else. For 1000 subscribers, they would charge you around $29 whereas for 10,000 subscribers it would cost you north of $69.


What is unique about it- Aweber has always had a great support team and has been a constant competitor in the market. In order to stay more competitive, they had launched their campaigns feature and a few others which have made comparatively unique in comparison to their competitors in their pricing range.

aweber 2


Competitive Analysis

  • Templates- Aweber has one of the largest sets of e-newsletter templates as compared to most of their competitors as there are over 700 available while data from MailChimp states that they have around 300 templates.
  • Autoresponders- Aweber has an option wherein a series of follow up emails are triggered by either time or the actions by the user.
  • Ever Responsive- Unlike some of Awebers competitors their templates are ‘responsive’ which basically means that they change their size in order to fit on the screen of their users.
  • Support- Awebers support is absolutely phenomenal wherein they do everything from phone support to email support to live support for the purpose of making your life easy to transact with them.


Verdict- Aweber can certainly be called as one of those many contenders out there who can do extremely well but if you really need to know if Awebers is good for you then it would be best to utilize their one month free.


3. Leadpages

Leadpages serves as a platform which enables the user to create in-opt landing pages and pop-up boxes for the client’s site even if the client does not know how to code. The main purpose of gathering information about a client such as their email address, their contact details, etc. is to convert them into customers or repeat buyers in the future. Leadpages can be used as a medium wherein the platform collects entries for the client without the client knowing how to code. For example, it can collect entries for a contest, register the people attending an event or even sell products.

leadpages 1

Cost- There are three plans that a user can make use of leadpages- standard, pro and advanced. The most basic plan is the standard plan and it starts at $25/month and if you take it for a year at once, the entire cost is discounted by 33%. The advanced plans cost $48/month and the pro plan costs $199/month. In order to choose the plan which is best suited for you, it would be advisable to scrutinize their plans on their website and see what is best suited for your business.


What’s unique about it- It goes without saying that there are companies that would charge you an arm and leg for things that you could do with a little bit of research but this is not the case with landing pages. If you have tried to build lead capture pages, you would know how hard it is. That being said, Leadpages makes your landing page look appealing which is one of the most important aspects of a landing page. In a nutshell, the design has to be on point. Leadpages does that.

leadpages 2

Competitive Analysis

  • Ease of Use- Leadpages is extremely easy to use with most of its templates being a drag n’ drop template. However, there is a little bit of technical skill involved wherein you need some basic knowledge of your website’s backend set up. The templates can be a little buggy as well so that might be a small issue at times.
  • Features- For most small businesses, leadpages will do everything that you need them to do. Basic things such as delivering opt-ins, catch email signups, event registrations, etc are done very well by Leadpages. The issue arises when some features you need are in a plan that will cost you quite a bit more and might even be over your budget. To add to that, some integration is not supported. For example, in order to sync a client’s account with a lead page, Leadpages would not let you avail of the integration without upgrading your pack.
  • Support- Like most websites we have analyzed, Leadpages has a really good support team who get in touch with you in a matter of hours. On the other hand, they also have a live chat page that anyone can make use of.
  • Convenience- Leadpages is worth every penny you spend on it. Instead of sitting and developing and configuring a landing page for hours together, it extremely eases to get a landing page up and running on your site in ten minutes with the use of Leadpages.

leadpages 3


Verdict- Leadpages is worth the money if you are able to integrate your business along with it. However, there are other websites which you may find better for your business. We have covered those websites for the rest of the article.

That’s it for now folks! Stick around for more information on various substantial topics over the next few days! Please leave us a comment if you have anything to say and while you’re at it check us out at https://aeroleads.com/.


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