Useful Tips for Prospecting Advertising Sales Leads

Who is an advertising sales lead?

Advertising sales leads can be any individual or business house who is interested to promote their products or services through your company and have shared their contact details with you. A good lead management system will give you a huge boost in the number of leads that you generate.

Why do you need prospecting leads at all? 

Leads are the tools through which you increase your client base by either creating a new one or expanding the existing ones. Leads sometimes themselves act as sources of other leads. The more the number of leads you generate the more clients you have and more is the monopoly you enjoy in the market.

Prospecting advertising sales leads

Media owners and their sales teams need to device a well researched and effective plan to direct prospective leads towards them which in turn would help them to achieve their revenue goals.

Here are some tips that would definitely prove useful in generating the much-coveted sales leads for you.

  1. Knowing who your market is

Not everyone presents there would be the one you are looking for, so it is useless to communicate with everyone. Instead of narrowing down your targets through an effective audience survey would be a lot more useful.

 Prospecting advertising sales leads

  1. Effective lead management

Leads must be approached, managed and be followed in order to avoid losing them to your competitors. An effective lead management would see your business have a high lead to client conversion rate. A lead database must be maintained, the database should have information about the status of the leads, whether they have been contacted or not and their contacts.

  1. Regularly contacting your advertisers

In the quest for new leads your existing customers mustn’t be put to neglect and their needs and demands should be taken care of and catered to.

With these practices you should be client ready.

How to source advertising sales leads?

let’s look some tips on how to source advertising sales leads. There are several free and paid options which can be utilized to source or prospect for new business leads.

First, let’s have a look at the free options – These options should be put to use at a very high amount as these demands little or no investments.

  1. Inbound leads

Make your contact details easily accessible on all media platforms. A quick and professional responding system must be in place to reply to queries of prospective leads. Your website visitors must also be your target as most visit your company’s website as the need the services you provide.

Prospecting advertising sales leads

  1. Reviewing your competitive market

Surveying on the businesses that are active on your market and keeping a track of advertisements appearing in your competitive media sets.

  1. Keeping a close eye on business media

Staying updated about latest happenings in companies within your market by reading business and trade media regularly. Staying updated with the latest happenings in the market allows you to make timely approaches.

  1. Frequently communicating with your advertisers

Regular contact must be maintained with your advertisers to know about their business strategies and to know whom they target to reach out to and their competitors.

Prospecting advertising sales leads

  1. Having good conversations

A 10-minute phone call to reply to the query would be seen as a nice gesture towards them, this will surely help in increasing your client base. More then emails and messages telephonic conversations prove to be more effective.

  1. Effective use of social media

Popularizing your services through social media can prove to be useful, thanks to the huge mass of people using them. All social media platforms must be targeted to increase chances of generating quality leads. Introducing yourself through articles that spread knowledge about good advertising techniques. When prospects get to know you through knowledge enriching contents their confidence in your services increases.

LinkedIn especially, can prove to be a good source of quality leads. It is a popular destination for companies looking for services. Moreover, it provides a platform where you get to know popular happenings in the market of your interest.

 Prospecting advertising sales leads - linkedin


  1. Using search engines

Manually searching for companies working in your primary and secondary markets help in building up your client base. Usage of a wide variety of keywords also might lead you to valuable leads.

 Prospecting advertising sales leads

  1. Creating online reviews

A great volume of online reviews act as proof that you are trusted by many and you have a good customer base. It also indicates that you are more of an expert rather than a beginner in your field.


The paid options are as follows-

1. Prospectors

It is a sales prospecting service concentrating on the media and advertising sectors. There are research teams who identify upcoming company activities, thus, allowing to make timely and proper approaches.

2. Standard Media Index

Companies like SMI gather information directly from the booking systems from their media holding partners. Together, the data forms a precise overview of the ad spend across a variety of platforms.

Prospecting advertising sales leads

3. Nielsen Advertising Information Services

It measures print and online advertising. Also aims to provide advertisers with information related to the medium. This is done through which companies are advertising through. The total spend of the campaign, the number of ads and more crucial statistics.

Companies of such kind provide real-time information, so availing their services should be beneficial for media companies.


In addition to the above tips, one of the most important ones is to keep yourself updated with new techniques. That is to keep yourself and your company in the race by improving quality of your services.

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