3 Things Professionals Can Learn From Apple’s Sales Pitch

Apple is like a freaking cult! No one can deny this. And just try denying this – you will be facing the flak from legions of Apple fanboys and fangirls.

Apart from wonderful products, what else led to this sort of customer loyalty because I am yet to come across another brand that enjoys this unique type of customer loyalty?

After all, when was the last time you witnessed this type of craze among people for a new product launch? 

And this is actually a norm. Apple stores all over the world have been enjoying this spectacular queue of fans after every major product launch for over decades now.


This type of legacy cannot be built solely on the credibility of the products. 

Then people think of the Steve Jobs factor. But beyond all this veneer, the most important thing that led to this unprecedented legacy of Apple is the way they pitch their products in the market. 

Today we will discuss the things that every marketing and sales professional can learn from Apple’s Sales Pitch. 

1. At Apple, They Don’t Sell – They Narrate A Story 

Just have a look at this keynote by Apple and you will yourself see what I mean by “narrative”. 

You don’t even have to watch the complete video of over an hour to discern that Apple doesn’t simply talk about their product specifications. 

Apple executives take you through a three-step narrative that makes you believe that makes you feel overwhelmed in the most positive way. Furthermore, at the end of each keynote, you come out so enthralled that you end up convinced that you actually NEED the product. 

Let’s see how Apple does that.

Step 1: They Start With The History Of Their Brand 

First and foremost, Apple reminds the audience of their vast, unbeatable experience and legacy that spans several decades. 

This acts as a proof of their prominence and credibility. Now everyone knows that something that has been serving the tech industry for decades has to be worth buying. 

This high decibel talk about the history of great products touches the nerve of the people and pulls at their heartstrings. 

Step 2: The technical aspect of the product 

Now, this is something that happens in every product sales pitch – they all talk about the technicalities of the product. 

But here also, Apple does it very differently than the others. And this is the point where B2B sales and marketing professionals can take special note. 

Apple doesn’t merely talk about the “specifications” in common sense. 

For example, with every other product, they simply talk about screen resolution, the density, and so forth. But what about the novice audience that doesn’t know what these terms are and how are they useful? 

But when it comes to Apple – they know exactly how to pique their audience’s interest. They use the right language that can be easily understood by every single person in the audience.

This video talks perfectly about how Apple talks about its products’ specifications. 

To give you an idea, have a look at how Apple explained the specifications of their new iPhones: 

  • Improved true tone flash 
  • 12 MP wide-angle camera

Even a person who has no idea about smartphones can relate to this type of language. 

Improved true tone flash? Great, the product seems great!

And that’s exactly how it goes – not many people care about the technical part. They see a good product, they purchase it. Period.

Step 3: Step into the future with Apple 

Okay, so Apple has told you about their history and product. Now, at last, they want to convince you why you need this product. 

This is where this last step of the narrative comes into play. 

They will start with phrases like “a new era of photography” and the audience will be sit up and listen attentively and of course, will be immediately convinced that this is the product that they need. 

Everyone wants to be a part of the future with Apple products…everyone wants to have access to the next big things – and this is what Apple promises to deliver.

2. Apple is way above petty rivalry 

In September after the big Apple launch, many competitors tried to shake up the whole Apple keynote by mocking it one way or the other. 

Have a look at how one of its rival smartphone company is throwing some serious shade at their products. 

And it keeps happening time and again. Almost every rival has probably taken a dig at Apple’s products and high prices by now. 

But do you know how Apple responds? 

Surprisingly, no counter attack comes from Apple’s side. Nothing! Zilch! Nada! 

It is a part of Apple’s sales strategy – just to ignore petty rivalry. 

Apple has always been elusive and way above these things, a bit superior when it comes to these things if one can say that. 

And why would they? 

For one, they are getting free publicity. And secondly, if they try to stoop to this same level, they might end giving the validation to such shades and mockery. 

So Apple comes out unscathed because they are simply above such petty tactics. 

Neither do they get involved in price wars. Many brands, especially when a special occasion is around the corner may slash their prices, but not Apple. 

Because they believe that premium quality products come with a price and justifies this with their products. 

Similarly, even B2B companies don’t have to slash their prices according to their rival. Just like Apple what they need to do is to is to make their customer base believe that they are getting something worthwhile out of their spendings. 

3. Sophistication trumps everything 

So how many times have you noticed that brands go out of their ways to market their product. 

They try just about everything and still can’t appeal to their audience. 

The reason might be that too much in your face type of sales pitch can also work out negatively. 

How can one forget Apple’s one of the very first and iconic “Mac vs. PC” ad campaign? 

It was nothing if not simple and classy. 

Just like Apple’s keynote sales pitch, this ad campaign explains everything in a simple, relatable language. 

Neither do they use flashy things to arouse their audience’s interest. 

Look at another ad commercial by Apple for its HomePod

I love the fact that it is so simple, artistic and soothing to the eyes. In the midst of all this, Apple doesn’t forget to convey one thing – Apple product can change the way you do things. 

And this sleek simple sophistication resonates with their products and website as well. 


Their colour schemes are beautiful and have rich colours without being tacky. 

So the best thing to do is to keep things minimal and yet interesting. 

From your sales pitch to your ad campaign and from your blog page and your website make sure that you keep the things scannable and tidy. 

For example, look at this homepage: 


It is not cluttered and is not inundated with unnecessary text. A lot of whitespace makes things more and more appealing to the eyes. 

Why did I point this out? 

Because people think that to emulate a giant Apple you need to shell out millions of banks. However, that is not the case – you can go by this sophistication strategy in just about everything – from your sales pitch to your blog. 

Summing it all up 

So these were the three key points that I picked out from Apple’s sales pitch. 

  • Their tendency to narrate a story 
  • Stay away from price wars and rivalry 
  • Sophistication is an integral part of their sales pitch and just about everything else 

So hopefully now you know what you can do to steer your product or brand in the way Apple did and continues doing. 

The key is to speak the language that the audience speaks and offer the services and product that don’t make them question or prices – no matter how high they are. 

Would you emulate these strategies? How do you offer a winning sales pitch? 

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