The Best Practices for a Successful B2B Inbound Marketing Campaign

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The goal of all marketers is to attract new prospects. This can be achieved by focusing on inbound marketing. Indeed nowadays, most purchases take place online. In fact, 70% of professional purchasers use their smartphones to search and buy what they want and need. Note that thanks to the internet 40% of search queries are done on mobiles. Why this trend? Well, because surfing on the internet with mobile phones is more accessible and practical than on computers and laptops. Thus, people are more and more connected.

Inbound marketing is the best solution to deal with rapid changes in online marketing and sales. However, you may think that seeing the results take time… What if we told you that there are practices in place to get them quickly and more efficiently than the methods already established? Discover here the best practices for a successful B2B inbound marketing campaign.

Inbound Marketing

As technology evolves quickly, it is necessary for marketers to use a human and helpful approach to do business. Inbound marketing with its online tools allows to do that and more. Among other things, these tools are used to attract customers to your brand or your product. It is done by offering information tailored to your visitors. The purpose is to make them come back to your website until they decide to go into business with your B2B company.

Inbound marketing offers several advantages:

  • long-term-relationships thanks to the continuous delivery of information
  • credibility in the marketplace
  • more potential customers
  • more insight into the ROI of marketing budgets

In order to attract and make people engage with your brand or product, your inbound marketing strategy should focus on your future customers.

Who are your future customers?

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To successfully carry out an inbound marketing strategy, you must be able to define your customers. You must ask yourself who are they? What are they looking for? How do they choose their supplier? These questions are answered by establishing a detailed profile of a sample customer. Customers have each its needs, desires and expectations. So the sample should be based on each customer’s behaviour and objectives.

Based on customer profiles, it is possible to determine what type of questions a type of customer has. Consequently, you can anticipate and answer them and guide them in their buying experience.

Create content based on your customer profiles and the questions of your customers

Before making the final decision to purchase a product or service, prospects need information. So each customer profile needs personalized content. A relevant content on your website that meets their information needs can build trust in your business. This makes even more important the need of developing a content strategy based on the profile at your disposal.

Creating content is not an easy task as it requires continued effort. Plus it has to be an in-depth content in order to have a good SEO ranking. It should be noted that readers find detailed articles more interesting and they also get more shares. As a matter of fact, long articles have more impact than shorter contents. If you create your content with dedication, your B2B company will stand out from others.

It should also be noted that customers often have problems and want to solve them. Most of the time, these problems are the same. By addressing customer problems with detailed content instead of a FAQ page, your website gets more values in their eyes.

Recycle Your Contents and Share Content Created by Others

Some of your contents may be very relevant and limiting them just on one form of media would be a waste. Therefore you should put your contents into various formats. The most powerful multimedia sources are an infographic, slide presentation and video.

Another simple strategy consists of upgrading your content to each blog post. According to a case study shared by Backlinko the process of this strategy can be broken down as follows:

  • Find a high-traffic page on your website
  • Identify a resource that would improve the content
  • Create that resource
  • Add the resource to your website
  • Get more email subscribers

As this strategy requires extra work, many businesses overlook it. But if you want to significantly increase your conversions, it is worth the effort.

Creating content may not be necessary if you know where to find relevant ones. If so, you can just share them. But in order to convert readers add value to the contents. You can give extra information and explain why the content is interesting. This strategy will easily make you stand above other voices in the crowd.

Collaborate with the Experts

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For your B2B company to be successful, your marketing and sales managers have to know a lot about online technology. As it never ceases to evolve, sales and marketing teams will have to work together more closely. To make this work, the online marketing department needs to collect a lot of data. This task is easier than ever thanks to good data organization and technological advances. In addition, companies collect various and large amounts of data about marketing efforts, purchases, customer demography and so on.

It should be noticed that these data are useless without marketing data analysts and content marketers. With their help, your B2B business will be able to establish customer profiles, content strategy, content creation and marketing automation systems.

You can also collaborate with influencers who have already built an audience and hold authority in your business. Get in touch with these industry experts and try to find ways to collaborate with them. If they find that your projects are interesting, they can share your collaborations with their audience and give you more exposure. Authority by association is a great practice to strengthen a company.

Interact With Your Prospect

According to traditional marketing, you need seven interactions with a prospect before introducing a service or product. It is the ‘Rule of Seven’. In order to work, this practice requires marketing automation.

A marketing automation system is a system that collects new data marketing set. With analysis, this data can be used to optimize marketing processes based on marketing ROI. Also, marketing automation enables to monitor and manage an individual prospect during his/her buyer experience. You should know that it is recommended setting up your inbound marketing first in order to better choose the right automation system.

Optimize the Buyer Experience on Your Site

No one likes sites that take too long to load. Google knows that, that is why it factors speed into its rankings. So, improving your page speed and load time is one of the first practices that you can do right away.

You are probably already sending your prospects a thank-you page when they convert. Many businesses overlook this part of their sites and just send a generic message. They miss the opportunity of optimizing these pages by including a showcase of new content or resources. A thank-you page can also be used to ask for a survey contribution or promote additional products. The objective is to keep the customers interested in your company as long as possible and a generic thank-you page cannot do that.

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