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AeroLeads now works with HubSpot ? You can transfer Contacts to HubSpot Now

After MailChimp, now we have integrated AeroLeads with HubSpot, one of the biggest marketing automation software on the web. Now the 13,500 HubSpot users can find prospects with AeroLeads and transfer the contacts into HubSpot CRM with just single Click. How to Use HubSpot with AeroLeads 1. To transfer searched contacts to HubSpot, you just need to Read More →


AeroLeads now works with MailChimp – Transfer all your Emails with 1 Click

For a small 3 people startup, this is a BIG milestone. We have finally started integrating AeroLeads with other 3rd party services so as a user, you can easily transfer data like emails, names etc to other services. We have integrated AeroLeads with MailChimp as the first such service as MailChimp has a huge user Read More →


We have Built Simple Lead Generation ROI Calculator for Marketers

Optify (now shutdown) had built a very nice ROI calculator for inbound leads but since it was in excel file, it was difficult to use it so we use the template and converted the calculator into a web based tool. Using this ROI calculator, you can find how much traffic and leads you need with Read More →


How I used WarriorForum to Validate My Startup Idea

I am working on our lead generation app AeroLeads for last 2 months and finished it last week. Since the product is still in beta, I needed first-hand feedback from potential users. I did post on HackerNews and couple of other sites where startup crowd and early adopters hang out but unfortunately, it didn’t get Read More →


Create Simple Contact Us Widget for your WordPress Blogs with our Plugin

We have launched a simple WordPress plugin called Al-CUD which you can download from WordPress repository here. This simple plugin shows simple contact us widget on your blog (or you can use the shortcode on any blog post or page). With this plugin, you can quickly show your contact us details instead of trying to Read More →


Get Data and Leads from YellowPages with AeroLeads

After spending 1 month building it, we are finally launching AeroLeads today! AeroLeads is world’s most advanced and feature-rich data and lead mining software on the web. Unlike other software which is desktop based and only works on windows, AeroLeads is a web-based product which means you can use it from windows, mac, Linux as Read More →


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