Social Selling with LinkedIn – The Complete Guide

The Whole Idea of Social selling on LinkedIn

With amazing 500 million users from more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is a significant stage for joining professionally, earning a job and publicly display your content.

  • Almost 74% of the Business to Business buyers often explore online ahead of making purchases from the seller.
  • According to a LinkedIn research, 78% of the sellers, sell more in comparison than the other sellers who do not use social networking.

Unlike various other marketing strategies, LinkedIn is remarkably simple to include social selling as it is free and anyone can set up an account. Here is the step by step guide to kick-start your social selling on LinkedIn-

Step #1- Create your ace brand

Have a top-notch LinkedIn profile picture. There are more than thousands of buyers browsing your LinkedIn profile. And analysts say that it almost takes one-tenth of a second for a person to bring out opinions regarding you based on your photo. Showcase your expertise and your company to use it as a powerful marketing tool. Make sure you have professional images and company logos.

social selling with LinkedIn

You need to craft a powerful LinkedIn headline as it generates the first opinion about you. And the keywords you select for it are the words that help buyers discover you.

You can also include client testimonials or a thank you message. Consider placing any rich multimedia that shows the benefits of performing with your firm, adding videos or case studies. Also, you can link Slideshare to your account. It works as a powerful and attractive method to publicize your thought leadership and capture traffic to your profile.

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Step #2- Find your Qualified Buyers

Social Selling with LinkedIn - The Complete Guide

You can aim for your target buyers by using the Advanced People Search tool. To obtain them, click on the “Advanced” text link following the search field when you proceed to LinkedIn. Then you will be taken to a screen which helps you search for people through job title, industry, company, etc. Apply Boolean qualifiers (AND, OR, NOT) to obtain additional clear outcomes.

Social Selling with LinkedIn - The Complete Guide

You can message or view the profile of a member of the same group as another LinkedIn user without being a first-degree connection. Therefore get lively in LinkedIn groups by lending a hand to your target market. Carefully observe every group’s discussion questions and posts and answer with helpful comments and vision. Also, watch for buyers exhibiting a want for your services.

Position your sales motivation, idea, priorities, and commitment to how you make use of LinkedIn. Be aware of the keywords, pictures, and messaging to verify you have a customer dominant LinkedIn profile. Discover your target accounts and multiple key decision makers that suit your buyer images inside your target market.

Step #3-Engage your Buyers

You have to capture in a manner that aids customer leads the purchasing process and reach the ultimate choice available for them and your company. Start posting at least one post per weekday. This boosts engagement and fosters conventionality. The ultimate moment to post your updates is in the morning, as it generally gets the top engagement. This might not apply to all the firms, therefore analyze to see what performs ideal for you.

No matter when you share your content always accentuate your key takeaway. You can make your content handout engaging by adding your outlook and offer it as a frame of reference to the members of your group.

Social Selling with LinkedIn - The Complete Guide

Be influential in the news feed. You can add an image or kind of elegant media all the times to make your feed look more attractive. Images mainly score in a 98% higher comment rate. Also link your YouTube videos, as LinkedIn feed instantly plays them and generally rank in a 75% top share rate.

Step #4-Move your Online Conversations to Offline Business Relationships

Owning a massive number of connections on LinkedIn, but none of them turning into offline business is a huge loss for your firm. And it barely figures up as a profit-making marketing strategy. You can boost your business by bringing the digital connection and the human connection in collaboration. Initiating the occasion for face-to-face relations is important to a business relationship and LinkedIn is the best manner, to begin with.

Add your office phone, email address, or mobile phone number in your profile so that buyers can connect with you immediately without having to explore online. Notice who’s viewed your profile every day. It’s the ultimate chance to reach out to them and associate.

Step #5-Measure your success rate

You should consistently look for means to estimate your growth and positive results. LinkedIn lets you check out this success using Social Selling Index (SSI) and at no cost.

Social Selling with LinkedIn - The Complete Guide

Source- LinkedIn

Regardless of the size of your company, it’s crucial to estimate the progress and standards of your network. The number of followers and connections is used as a metric to measure growth, and engagement to measure quality. To track down how well you’re appealing to the people in your network, you need to count your number of views, likes, comments, and shares.

It’s important to know how often you are investing your time in social selling, to get an image of ROI. Sales leaders should always pay close attention to these metrics, share positive outcomes, and regularly share their social selling progress to motivate their team and devote to the process.

You can turn your LinkedIn into a powerful social selling tool with a lot of discipline and imagination. You can create your own success story by effectively using LinkedIn to build your profile and do business. But
this will take time to happen and creativity to individuate yourself from the rest of your competitors. But it is feasible.

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