How to Search Someone’s Tweet Using Twitter Advanced Search

Can’t find an epic tweet that you posted years ago?

Are you worried that one of your tweets conveys outdated information?

Looking for an @elonmusk tweet from 2018?

Are you looking for a tweet that someone posted years ago?

You’re at the right place if you’re looking for an answer to all such questions.

There’s no doubt on the fact that Twitter is one of the best social media platforms and is the exact reason why so many professional marketers rely on it. But looking for that one tweet among billions of tweets seems quite tricky.

With 300 million people tweeting every month, one scroll of Twitter can help you achieve immense knowledge about so many things happening around the world.

This blog will help you search for the tweet that you were looking for a long time, so you update all your outdated tweets and find the tweet from years ago using the Twitter advanced search.

What is Twitter Advanced Search?

Twitter’s advanced search feature offers several benefits to all marketers and businesses if you know the right way to use it. Generating potential leads to spying on your competitor’s tweets, there’s so much that it offers.

The advanced search option on Twitter allows you to make your search more specific by offering search option like keywords, dates, name of the Twitter user, and location.

Filtering options help you make your search more effective so you could have the tweet from even years ago within a few clicks.
4-Step Guide to search someone’s tweet using Twitter advanced search

Enter your search in the Search Bar

In twitter’s search bar, enter the name of the Twitter user or the term that you’re looking for in a tweet. Hit enter and you’d be redirected to the result page of your search.

Apply filters to your search

At the top right of your search result page, click on the ‘Advanced search’ or you can even select filters that are under your search result.

These search filters will allow you to make your search more precise and effective by not restricting your search result to your followers or followings.

Advanced Search option

Twitter’s advanced search option is the easiest way to perform your search just by filling in the required fields. In the advanced search, enter the specific keywords that you remember about the tweet or any other relevant details that can help you find the tweet.

Scroll down and you’d see the ‘Accounts’ tab, enter the username of the user’s tweet that you are trying to find out without adding ‘@’ in from these accounts field.

Scroll down again and you’d find a field named ‘Dates.’ Under the date field, select the start and the end date of your search. If you don’t remember the date, make a guess and hit the search button.

Search Result of the Tweets

Once you hit the search tab, Twitter will show you a list of tweets relevant to your search and hopefully, you’d find the one that you were looking for. To make your search better, click on the ‘latest’ tab and Twitter will show you a list of tweets from that period with properly aligned.

The list will most commonly give you the search result with the dates that you inserted, so be very specific while you enter the dates but even after trying too hard to recall the date of the tweet, you couldn’t recall it, try using the ‘words’ feature from the advance search option.

The ‘word’ field would show you the result as:

  • All of these words- This option will only show you results if you enter all the words that were included in the tweet.
  • This exact phrase- This field will only show you the tweet with the results that got the exact same phrase.
  • Any of these words- This field will help you get the tweets that have at least one tweet matching the one word.
  • None of these words- This field will help you exclude the keyword that you don’t wish to see.
  • These hashtags- This option allows you to find tweets if a tweet has a hashtag.

How to Search Tweets from a Precise Account?

If you wish to search for a tweet, say from @elonmusk’s account and you don’t know how to perform the search.

Well, in this case too, Twitter advanced search option helps effectively.

Scroll down in the advanced search option and look for the field named ‘accounts.’ Type the name of the account that you are looking for in the ‘from these accounts’ field.

Another method to perform your search to look for a tweet from a specific account is by using the search bar of your Twitter account. You just need to type- from, followed by the username of the person or account holder.

Example- from:Aeroleads

Click the search tab and you’d see the tweets, mentions, and media from that account. This search is great if you’re looking for an overview of a specific account.

But What if Nothing Works?

If none of these steps happened to work for you, then you can try some other methods to perform your search.

If you’re looking for one of your old tweets then you can ask Twitter for a complete archive of your Twitter account. Go to settings, and proceed with your request by adding the required details in the ‘content’ field.

However, if you’re looking for someone else’s tweet, Twitter advanced search option works well for that if you try applying all the information of the tweet in the respective fields provided by twitter’s advanced search.

If the advanced search option didn’t go well for you, then you can try using the search bar of Twitter.

Type the word ‘from’ followed by the username of the tweet or the date of the tweet. In the case of username, you can type, “from:username” and in case of dates, “since:yyy-mm-dd” and “until:yyy-mm-dd.”

This way you’ll have the tweets from the account of the username and tweets that were posted during that period.

Wrapping Up!

Twitter’s advanced search option is a way to search for a long, lost tweet of someone or even your tweet that you wish to update. Among so many people tweeting every day, it is hard for us to search for that one tweet.

Twitter’s advanced search option allows you to search a tweet without spending too much time browsing that one tweet. To make your search more effective, our 4-step guide will help you get the right tweet within a few clicks.

Hopefully, these steps will get you to the result!

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