Top Salesforce Integration Tools to Boost Your Business Sales

Salesforce Integration Tools

When it comes to improving business relationships and productivity, the importance of Customer relationship management (CRM) system remains undisputed.

CRM apps can help boost sales productivity by 34% while 47% of polled CRM users stated that their CRM system has created a positive impact on customer retention

Sounds great, isn’t it?

So which are the great CRM systems out there in the online market?

There are many. But nothing can beat Salesforce.

Yes. Salesforce is ruling the worldwide CRM market with a market share of 19% and is increasing globally. Salesforce has helped nearly 1,50,000 B2B businesses globally attract more buyers via personalized marketing. 

Aren’t you aware of Salesforce yet?

No problem. In this article, you will get to know everything about Salesforce and Salesforce integration tools and how it helps to boost your sales productivity. 

Let’s get started.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an American cloud-based customer relationship management software that allows B2B businesses to implement cloud technology to better connect with prospects, customers, and partners. 

The biggest benefit of Salesforce CRM is it provides a single, shared view of every customer to all your departments, i.e. sales, marketing, e-commerce, and customer support. 

It’s termed as Salesforce Customer 360 as many Salesforce Integration tools can connect with Salesforce and perform sales process easily. With Salesforce CRM, you can achieve a speedy path from Idea to App which is not possible in traditional CRM solutions. Salesforce tools help you to focus on building your app instead of building the entire infrastructure and tools yourself. 

How to Integrate Tools with Salesforce?

Salesforce can be operated even better by integrating it with third-party apps or those apps you already use. You can connect Salesforce with your lead prospecting tools and efficiently run your B2B business using the Salesforce integration solution.

A Salesforce integration solution is the software responsible for establishing and maintaining communication between Salesforce and other third-party apps. The software uses APIs to translate messages between the systems. 

The Salesforce integration levels are classified into 4 types:

Data Integration

In data integration, the information exchange between the systems occurs on-demand and quickly. It ensures the consistency in the application data and helps the systems to be in sync. This improves team efficiency. For data integration, there should be proper data information management expertise, such as data flow design and master data management. 

To effectively deliver information from one system to another and regularly update Salesforce objects, maintain passwords, perform searches, the data integration system implements APIs such as SOAP (Simple Objects Access Protocol) and REST (Representational State Transfer). 

Process Integration

This integration ensures a seamless connection between apps and systems at the workflow level. 

Security Integration

Security integration works towards achieving a better user experience by merging authentication mechanisms. It also tries to reduce administration. 

User Interface Integration

UI integration is one of the best ways to connect several apps inside Salesforce CRM. It connects the UIs of two or more systems. It provides a single point of entry into multiple apps thereby improving the user experience. 

We have seen how Salesforce integrates with other apps, let’s now see top 10 best Salesforce integration tools in 2020 that improve team collaboration, sales productivity, customer retention, etc. along with saving a significant amount of your business time via automation. 

Top 10 Salesforce Integration Tools in 2020


AeroLeads is one of the best Salesforce integration tools recommended in 2020. By integrating AeroLeads with Salesforce, you can find business emails and phone numbers from professional platforms like LinkedIn and Xing. 

By simply uploading the name or company of your prospects, you will receive as many as 15 data points, including full name, job title, location, personal or business emails, business contact numbers, etc. 

AeroLeads software comes with a free Chrome plugin. Their free plan offers 20 credits and the paid plans start from $49 per month with 1000 Credits to $499 per month with 15,000 Credits.


Quip is a real-time collaborative productivity software with documents, spreadsheets, and chat embedded inside the Salesforce. It’s one of the powerful Salesforce integration tools used by top marketing professionals. 

With Quip, you can perform account planning, mutual close plans, and case swarms seamlessly. Their documents keep your team’s work and communication in sync. 

Quip also offers advanced security features known as Quip shield that enhances trust, transparency, compliance, and governance for companies concerned with their information security. Quip’s pricing plan starts from $10 per month. 


Panoply is one of the highest-reviewed Salesforce integration tools in the online market and is ranked #1 in customer reviews. 

With panoply, you can sync and store data from over 80 sources. Besides, you can also explore your data with SQL or visualize it with your favorite analytics tools. 

Data transfer is faster and more dynamic. After Panoply’s connection with Salesforce, it consistently uploads, simplifies, sorts, and manages your updated Salesforce information. 

Its UI is user-friendly enough for non-programmers and beginners to navigate and understand it easily. The pricing starts from $200 per month with a 14-day free trial. 


RapidiOnline is a cloud data integration solution and is one of the best Salesforce integration tools in 2020. 

With RapidiOnline integration with Salesforce, you can synchronize data and automate cross-system processes for storing important information in the Salesforce system. 

Rapidionline helps you to see all your required customer details in one place that includes order history, business changes, and relationship development. In other words, it’s a data replication solution that completely replaces manual double-entry by syncing across databases. Their pricing starts from $150 per month.


MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform (owned by Salesforce) is a high-end API integration platform that connects SaaS and Enterprise applications. It’s one of the powerful Salesforce integration tools used by top marketing professionals. Partnering with a Mulesoft integration services provider can further streamline these connections, enhancing the scalability and efficiency of enterprise applications through robust API management and integration capabilities.

MuleSoft comes with a flexible integration designed to connect Salesforce with other apps. It’s best for large scale businesses and enterprises who have advanced internal technical resources and expertise to use the tool. 


Fivetran is one of the recommended Salesforce integration tools. With Fivetran, you can easily replicate your business data into the cloud warehouse of your choice. 

It offers standardized schemas with no coding or maintenance. The data pipeline of Fivetran connects the extracted Salesforce data to the cloud and on-premises applications such as Amazon Redshift, MailChimp, Panoply, etc. 

It has connectors to Salesforce and 5 Salesforce products, viz. Pardot, IQ, Desk, Commerce Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. It comes with user-friendly UI and both developers and non-programmers can set up its pipeline in minimum clicks. You need to contact their customer support for pricing details. 


Skyvia is an all-in-one cloud data platform that offers data integration, Cloud backup, and connectivity. It’s one of the powerful Salesforce integration tools in the marketing world. 

Skyvia is easy to use and has no coding requirements thus becoming a user-friendly platform for both IT professionals and non-technical business users. 

It’s a complete cloud-based platform that provides contemporary cloud agility and scalability and removes the need for deployment or manual grades. Overall it’s a one data platform with multiple solutions. Sign-up to learn about their pricing.


MailChimp is one of the popular Salesforce integration tools used by millions of sales and marketing professionals. It easily integrates with Salesforce and is a free email marketing tool for bloggers and small-sized businesses. 

They are one of the leading email marketing service providers. More than 1 billion emails are being sent using MailChimp. They are constantly updated with new email features. 

Their templates are smart and customized. MailChimp comes with advanced marketing features like service and app integrations, A/B testing, Contact segmenting, Autoresponders, and time-zone based email sending. Besides, they also provide a lot of educational resources on their website. Their pricing starts from $299 per month. 


Jitterbit is one of the best open-source Salesforce integration tools fully integrated on the Harmony Cloud. Its graphical user interface is user-friendly that eliminates coding requirement for loading data into Salesforce from other on-premises tools database systems (MySQL, Oracle, etc.), and FTPs. With Jitterbit, you can easily connect SaaS, cloud, and instantly infuse intelligence into any business process. 

Jitterbit also helps you to rapidly create new APIs from any existing data or apps. Contact their customer support for pricing details. 

 Dell Bhoomi

Dell Bhoomi is one of the best ETL Salesforce integration tools that enable Salesforce integration with several other systems. Dell Bhoomi offers all the advantages of cloud technology and supports complex systems. With Dell Bhoomi, you can build integrations anytime, anywhere without any coding. 

Dell Bhoomi enables the automation of manual data management tasks and ensures accurate data delivery. Besides, it also accelerates your business workflows along with providing larger operational visibility to the company. 

They have more than 10,000 satisfied customers. The combined power of the cloud with Bhoomi’s pervasive intelligence liberates the businesses from the complexities of legacy technology with the motivation to lead the future. Contact their customer support to understand their pricing details.

Final Thoughts

You have now studied about Salesforce and various Salesforce integration tools that establish and manage effective communication between Salesforce CRM and other on-premise systems. The integration tools explained above are used by thousands of marketing professionals because of their capabilities to manage customer data, nurture leads, and offer accurate results without any complexities. Choose the right integration tools based on your business requirements such as the number of systems and integration level type. 

Which Salesforce integration tools are you using currently? Share your valuable experience with us via comments now.

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