Sales Vs. Branding

The difference between trying to establish a brand and the sales is a huge step to understanding how either of the two could impact the other. Getting sales on your product or service is not a lasting achievement. Sure, you made a profit on your business, and surely there is company progress. But, stop for a moment and think of what the companies who established themselves as brands might have done differently. The difference between sales and branding status is not much but customer trust and the strategy being used to reach a certain professional level.Sales Vs. Branding

The divide between the concepts

Another major wall of difference between the two concepts is- if you’re trying to only get conversions or are you trying to create an experience. The experience will always win. How you feel about a particular product says volumes about the company. If you’re using a brand there’s a particular satisfaction you get. On the other hand, going for products that haven’t established as renowned brands is somewhat of a step forth and back decision. Take the case of using or recalling the names of brands like “Pepsi”, “Coco-Cola”, and “Nescafe”. There is definitely a level of trust that there exists for these companies whether your experience with a particular product has been positive or negative. One really wouldn’t prefer other companies if a brand is in competition even if the brand is giving away the costlier product. It is the impact and legacy of such companies that make all the difference in the world.Sales Vs. Branding

Focus on brand building instead of short-term profits

These companies are the greats who don’t just limit their thought or strategy to selling but creating an experience. I bet you have not seen an advertisement that feels like a sales pitch or someone trying to sell you their product for so and so the amount of money. There is a certain level of authenticity they have and are aware of. The only thing they need to do is create a nice user experience.

One can get the same product from competitors also and sometimes at a cheaper price. But why go for a brand name? It is not luxury to go for a brand, sometimes it feels like the better choice or path to take just because of the reliability or other attributes they could be having. For example, Apple never tells anyone to specifically purchase their product. Yes, that is indirectly and obviously applied because of the advertisement. But why use the advertisement platform to double stress the point that they need to sell? Why not use it creatively to show the user the experience they would be getting or the ways in which they can be different and reliable.  By focusing on the simplicity and the general user experience, companies like Apple create their own brand. They show you how the product will impact your lifestyle and your choices, your time! Instead of giving a number for which to buy the product with and a marketing campaign.Sales Vs. Branding

If people trying to establish or run successful businesses choose the same thing- the user experience over the immediate profits, they are bound to develop a brand image. Making the right choice regarding this is never too late. A small business can choose this ideology from the beginning or even a large business can start doing and adopting such a process later on.

Leave a legacy:

To build a brand, you need to have the patience and willpower and the belief along with efforts to know that you’re doing the right thing in the long run. Instead of immediate pleasures- conversions, focus on what would make people come again and again and without a marketing strategy every time. Having your own success story and the works means you have successfully built a brand. Not every business can achieve this level of professional growth.

Having the same or an increasing number of sales every year doesn’t exactly mean that there is a brand legacy. It might in some cases that overdue and have the customer experience in mind. But to truly establish that level of brand, one needs to have a clear vision of what is required by the customers, what their expectations are and what the best interests would be in the company and customer’s opinion.

Sales Vs. Branding

If you’re building a business it shouldn’t be just for you. Yes, that is the first and foremost thing, but what about your customers after you? What about the business in which countless people have invested their lives and time? It can’t just topple over after a specific period of time. There has to be a solid foundation and there has to be something to carry forward the business name and brand legacy. This is analogical to an empire or a kingdom but possibly short scale unless you really are a business mogul in the making.

Sales Vs. Branding

To stay relative and important and have people remember you after lifespan is what a business should strive for. There should be a brand image and a legacy to carry forward. The best thing about a business branding would be there would be no competition from new and upcoming salespeople or companies looking for revenues and sales only. Having your own market for the product or service is no small achievement and it definitely might not be easy.

Play the larger game

If you had a chance, as a marketing professional, would your choice be to have your 15 minutes in the sunshine and fame or a great many years and a ginormous following? Having people to back your brand up is the best kind of marketing strategy one can have Instead of having to repeat the process of marketing and spreading the network again and again, why not just work smart and do it all for once and reap the benefits later? There is moral to take away from the competition between the concepts of sales and branding. Relying on immediate pleasures never pays in money and security as much as having a solid plan to back up all of your hard work in the area of a brand image. Play a smart game as this drives your business forward.


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