6 Simple and Actionable Sales Prospecting Methods

6 Simple and Actionable Sales Prospecting Methods


Reaching your sales goals become much easier with good lead generation strategy. While some sales professionals use automated lead generation services, many people apply manual lead generation process to keep their funnels full. To get success, you need to apply a solid sales prospecting methods to capture consistent leads while ensuring you spend your time on the value addition activities.

To help you capture new sales leads regularly, here are 6 simple and actionable sales prospecting methods that’ll improve the beginning of your sales funnel.

1. Find Your Target Demographic

When you are looking to prospect for sales one of the most important things to keep in mind is focusing on your demographic. The truth is people have different preferences on anything and everything. If you are able to find out what kind of people enjoy the product or service you are selling or promoting, then you will be in the business of finding some quality prospects. If the people you are trying to sell to are not interested in your niche you could pitch to a million people and not go to make any progress.

For example, for AeroLeads, it is often the CEO/Sales Directors of mid-size businesses who are the purchasing decision makers and for outbound campaigns, we find them through linkedIn, CrunchBase, sales directories etc. I don’t think we hanging out on web marketing forums will work out as the target demographic is totally different.

2. Use Social Media like LinkedIn and Slideshare

Getting involved with social media is a surefire way to prospect for more sales. Social media is huge, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, or what kind of product you are offering. Potential customers flock to things that interest them, and if you do have the social media presence to back up your website or on-site store your sales will suffer considerably. One of the best things you can do is make a page for all of the major social media sites and promote it through your website or email list. This simple form of promotion could get you millions in sales over time.

6 Simple and Actionable Sales Prospecting Methods

Few Social Media websites for prospecting –

1. LinkedIn for B2B – various LinkedIn groups, direct network, people in the same industry
2. SlideShare for B2B – It offers to lead capturing forms which can be used to capture prospects and leads

3. Referral, Webinar, and Seminars

There are many referral networks like referral key, referralcandy etc which you can use to find prospects. LinkedIn itself is a pretty good referral tool.

You can find industry webinars and seminars by searching in Google and local events through meetup and eventful.

4. Explore “Cold Call” Options

Do not limit yourself to one form of “cold calling”. If you are seeking out potential prospects, you need to have a combination in order to get the most sales prospects on your side. You can try snail mail, email, and phone calls. You are going to have a hard time telling what method works best at first, but within a few months to a year, you are going to know exactly how to plan your cold call marketing plan.

5. Know Your Leads

Actively work to keep tabs on all of your leads. If you have not sold to someone, or at least swayed in your direction by your second or third contact attempt it might be time to move on. The more time you spend on leads who simply are not interested in your service or product the more money you could potentially be taking on clients who are interested in what you have to offer.

6. Use Automation, Buy Databases or Prospecting Software

You may consider prospecting automation software too as they help to find emails, phone numbers, and various relevant data. For example, You can build your mailing list with software like aeroleads.com or can make it part of your sales cycle.

Other than sales prospecting and intelligence software, you can buy databases too. You can look at D&B, Hoovers, InfoUSA, Aeroleads etc for databases.

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