15 Recruiting Email Templates to Find the Right Candidate

What is a Recruiting Email?

What is a Recruiting Email?

A recruiting email is a method of communication used to send one or more job seekers your open position. It can be as simple as a direct link shared by email or as complex as embedding video and interactive content. The tone of the message should vary according to the recipient type and level, but it should always convey your company’s culture and values, including why they will love to work for you.

Recruiting emails are a valuable resource that can lead to effective hiring through this personalized approach. A recruiting email is a method of communication used to send one or more job seekers your open position. It can be as simple as a direct link shared by email or as complex as embedding video and interactive content.

What are Some Examples of Recruiting Emails?

A very basic recruiting email is only text with a link to your open position, while others include embedded video or interactive games that allow candidates to have fun while they learn about the job. The most common recruiting emails are basic text with a link that candidates can text their information to.

How do Recruiting Emails Differ from Other Forms of Communication?

A recruiting email is not the same as a cold call, promotional advertisement, or job posting. It should speak directly to the recipient and not waste his or her time with vague information or flattery. It should also not be a lengthy document that requires recipients to dig for pertinent information.

Recipients should be able to quickly scan the email and see what it is about and if they want more information, they will click on a link that will lead them to your open position.

Benefits of Writing Recruiting Mail

Benefits of Writing Recruiting Mail

There are many advantages to using recruit through email. If you know the right words to use in your subject line, then your email will not go into someone’s spam folder. When you find an applicant with the skills and qualifications for a job opening, follow up with them by sending out an email; this is where companies make their first impression on an applicant.

Plus, it’s important to note that recruit through email is less expensive than other methods like print advertisements or hiring agencies.

When you are in the process of finding the right candidate for a company, it’s important to know how to communicate with them. There is no point in putting an advertisement out there for jobs if no one reads it; however, there are methods that you can use to get your advertisement out there.

One of these methods is creating an email that will be sent out to job seekers who may be interested in the open position(s) within your company.

The most important thing about creating an email is creating an eye-catching subject line. This is where you make your first impression on the applicant. A good subject line will hold the applicant’s attention and keep him or her from throwing your email in the trash.

A great subject line for an email would be, “Open position with our company” or something similar to that. You want to make sure you get your message across to the applicant and let them know what position is open and why they may be interested in applying.

After establishing a good subject line, it is important to present yourself and your company in a professional manner. When you send out an email, you want to include your name and contact information so that if someone is interested in working with your company they have the resources at their fingertips.

Tips on Writing Recruiting emails

As a recruiter, you’re constantly sending emails and trying to be engaging. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with fresh ideas and you might find yourself repeating the same tips and ideas over and over. That’s why we’ve updated our list of tips for writing recruiting emails with some new guidelines for staying on top of your game.

1. Make it Personal

Every time you send an email, try to be using the person’s name as much as possible. Use it in the greeting, use it to segue from one topic to another…basically use it as much as possible. If you’re not sure how to pronounce it, do a quick Google search and find someone else who asks how to pronounce their name and listen to them say it.

2. Try a little Humor

You don’t have to make every email a joke, but if an opportunity presents itself, definitely consider making a joke. Use humor in moderation, though. If you’re trying to sell your candidate on your company, don’t tell them about the time you used the vending machine for something other than purchasing a snack or drink.

3. Use Numbers

Use Numbers

You want to make sure that your emails are kept short and sweet, but still manage to get your point across. Use numbers whenever possible because they can really help out with making your point without adding too much extra information.

4. Keep it Simple

Your email shouldn’t be more than 3 or 4 paragraphs. Recruiters can be long winded and end up rambling, but this is where you need to stop yourself and cut out what is unnecessary for this email. Keep a template – Keeping a template can be a great way to ensure that your emails are always consistent, but don’t use it as a crutch. Adding something personal and unique will make this go from good to great.

Top 15 Recruiting Email Templates to Find the Potential Candidate

The hiring process is a daunting and often lengthy task. But finding the perfect candidate for your company could be as simple as firing off a single email. It’s just that easy to find the non-responsive candidate that you’ve been searching for all along with these fifteen recruiting email templates.

These templates were created by hiring managers and recruiters who have implemented email marketing techniques into their recruiting processes. I’m not the only one who has used these templates successfully in my own company, so you should know that what works for me might work for you too!

The “EASY” Way To Find Your Ideal Candidate


Hi there!

Hey I just took a look at your resume and it is quite impressive, I must say. I would like to say that the qualities you pack are good enough for the role we are looking for. Wish to know more about you. What about this Monday in our office- (ADDRESS). Would like to know more about the roles you are skilled in. I look forward to speaking with you!


Your Name


Hi _________, _____________ here with Creative Agency X, where we are looking to bring on a social media marketing intern for the Summer. Unfortunately, our last intern left unexpectedly in April without finishing his or her internship. We very much need the assistance of an intern to help us with our social media efforts.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about social media and who is extremely well versed in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

We also wanted to see if you would be interested in interviewing for this position?

The internship will go from June 1st until August 31st. You would be responsible for creating engaging content. There are plenty of resources online that show you how to use Facebook’s EdgeRank tools to increase your page’s likes, shares and interaction within a short period of time. What are your thoughts on the social media landscape?

Do you have experience using social media to promote business? If so, where do you feel your strengths lie in the social sphere? We have not talked to anybody yet, so if you would like to meet up with me for coffee I would greatly appreciate it. I can be reached at (x) (y) (z) or via email at _____________@xmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Your Name



Hi there. We are from ________ and looking out for a candidate who wishes to grow with our company and put in better efforts. In here, we are a team of experts willing to expand the process and go through various domains.

If you are interested in this position, please let us know. I am completely free for the coming few days right now.



[The ‘Nice to meet you’ email] [Ed: What makes this email so awesome is that it’s professional while showing that your company values his time. You’ll notice that the subject line is very similar to this message. This will help the recruiter know what position you are applying for.]

Hey, Would like to say that your profile looks quite interesting. Would you like to say more about the skills you pack? What about coming into our office and check out for the position we have left here.

Thank you.

Contact: CONTACT NUMBER ADDRESS: ________________________



I’m interested in learning more about the Marketing position you applied for at ABC Company. I want to tell you that I have attached the roles and responsibilities you might have. I have attached my contact details for you to contact us and hope to speak with you soon!


Your Name


Hey there,

Looking forward to read more about your profile. Would you be interested in our role? Contact: CONTACT NUMBER ADDRESS: ________________________

“Hiring the best talent is the only way to ensure business success. HR plays an important role in making sure that happens.” Henry Ceo Guest Author on Forbes Magazine, March 13, 2013. http://www.forbes.



Just came across your profile and am impressed with your skills. Just saw your profile and noticed it is quite interesting. Would you like to know more about your resume? This is a new product we launched and we are looking for an assistant who will help us improve our marketing and sales process and also help us run our day to day activities.

Are interested in knowing more about the roles we have here? Please feel free to contact back at [NUMBER] or [EMAIL].

Appreciating your time.

Thank you.

Contact: CONTACT NUMBER AND ADDRESS: _________________________


[Ed: What makes this email job-specific is that it’s from a recruiting agency/company.] I’m a recruiting specialist at a firm called ABC Recruiting Agency. We specialize in placing web developers and programmers into top IT companies. Your job application for a Ruby on Rails developer caught my eye and I wanted to find out more about your resume and skills.




Hey there!

I wish to know that you applied for the vacant position with our company but did not hear from you back upon asking for your resume. Let us know if you are still interested in this position or not so that we can move on with the other candidate.


Your Name


[The “Congratulations on the new job” email] [Ed: What makes this email so awesome, besides being incredibly well written, is that it doesn’t sound like a generic one from a friend or family member.]

Congrats on your new position! I just wanted to take a minute to congratulate you and tell you about an opportunity that we have at ABC Recruiting Agency that would be a great fit for you. You can find out more about this here: http://www.abcrecruitingagency.com

We specialize in placing web developers and programmers into top IT companies, and I’m sure you do too. We’d like to meet with you to talk about the opportunity, but I thought maybe you might like to hear about it first. I will really enjoy working with you on this job posting and hope we can continue working together in the future.

If there is anything I can do to make sure you get the email when it comes time for your next round of interviews, please let me know!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Your Name


Hi there!

I’ve created a LinkedIn profile specifically for recruiting and I wanted to tell you about it. My name is ___________ and I’m a Recruiter with ABC Recruiting Agency. We specialize in placing web developers/programmers into top IT companies. You can see that we recently posted your job on our company page. If you would like help marketing your position please visit my website at http://www.abcrecruitingagency.com and let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

I look forward to hearing from you soon, __________


[Ed: What makes this email so awesome? You ask about their recent work experience and give them the opportunity to share their experiences with you. This is a great way to jumpstart a job-related conversation.]

Your résumé was impressive, but there were a few positions listed on it that I wasn’t sure exactly what you did in those jobs. _________, _________, _________ (Sorry if I’m missing anything). I’d like to know the details on those jobs so I can make sure you are qualified for this job at ABC Company. Please email me back with the roles and responsibilities you had for each of those jobs.

Thank you!

Your Name


Hey there!

I have attached the company details with the job roles and responsibilities. We wish to tell you that it is important for us to share the details as soon as possible with you so that you can get the position you are applying for. Let us know if you are interested in this role or not and we shall hear from you soon.

Here is my contact number: _______

Company address:_________


Your Name


Hi there!

Hey, we are speaking from ABC Company. We saw your profile and may want to learn more about you. Could we grab a minute of your time to ask you a few questions? OR, Hi, I’m John from ABC Company and I wanted to introduce myself as well as discuss this position as it has now opened up.

Here is the link for the job description: http://www.abccompany.com/jobs/12345/12345-job-description.

Typically, we would look for someone who is highly energetic and proactive at sales and customer service positions, so would you be interested in an interview?

Your Name


Hey there!

I am talking from ABC Company. 

Here I am going to talk about the role which has just opened up. Now I am saying that the role is fit for the skills you have. Here, we are going to talk about the various opportunities that might open up to you. Please let us know when you are interested in the position. 

Please send us your resume too. 

Thank you

Your Name


Email templates are not so hard to write. And you can use them and modify them and reuse them for any job — anywhere — that you want. Writing one is a prospective task for everyone. Remember that the templates don’t work alone.

They need to be customized for each job posting and for each company. Take their name out of the email, don’t use all the words, make sure you are talking about them not you, etc. You want to make sure this is your personal brand voice and not the voice of any other company you might be applying for.



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