Product vs. Marketing Illustration

Illustrations drive the product sales more than the descriptions occasionally. The way a page or product is presented says volumes about the company. In visual elements, little things matter a lot more than one can think. On occasion, photographs are best to describe or showcase a product. This is most frequently the case for companies that are selling a physical product. Products like food or clothing or anything the customer needs to see. We all are very doubtful of buying things online without having to feel the product or see the product in person. Such products can be best described and showcased through an image depiction.Product vs. Marketing Illustration


But this doesn’t mean that a photo shows or encompasses a product completely. Sometimes even photos are misleading or shot in a way to be artistic and may look unrealistic. It is not a step to mislead the viewer or for any malicious intent, but rather an artful impression of the product through the art of photography. Whereas, an illustration leaves a majority of the description of the product to the imagination of the viewer.

Let’s have a look at the viewpoint of product and marketing illustrations as a competition to see what the differences are:

Icons: Interact-able

Icons are basically a symbolic representation of the product or feature or service being offered. Usually designed in multiples of 16 by 16 px, an icon should be something that should be interactive and intuitive. Without having to display the entire product or textual language, an icon represents everything a product is about. Consistency is something that should be present in all icons to show to the viewer that I have been meticulously taken care of and designed and that you know what you’re doing with it.Product vs. Marketing Illustration

  1. In Product:
    Icons are the shortcut to a product description. By not fully giving away the minutes or the larger details of the product, an icon should still tell about the product as a summary. Use and design an icon that is uniform and fuses with the UI theme. Do not design icons that don’t suit the UI well or are too flashy to take the entire motive away.
  2. In Marketing:Even though icons in marketing practice are not too frequent or easy to come by they still are used. Use icons for navigation across your pages, and especially if possible in a complex product. It should still fill the user with the idea of the product as previously described.

Spot Illustrations: Readable

Spot illustrations are text descriptions that are meant to be read. By complimenting an icon’s sense of description, a spot illustration should be short and simple. This is more of a functional element than a graphic element. The most important and key feature of a spot illustration is it should be read easily and not hidden.

Product vs. Marketing Illustration

  1. In marketing:
    In marketing, the idea behind a spot description is basically to describe or further compliment the information visible. You don’t have to create a marketing or advertising campaign here. It just has to describe the product or service a little better. You can create excitement about the product here but try not to overdo it or change it into another marketing or sales pitch.


Scene Illustrations: Interpretable

A scene depiction is something that explains the ideas behind the product or service without having to actually make a video description. A scene illustration is much more powerful than an icon, image or any other depiction. By properly showcasing the idea behind the product in a creative simple way you can speak volumes about the product to the viewer. Depicting an idea through a person or an object or any character that does the job is what a scene illustration is purposeful for.

Product vs. Marketing Illustration

  1. In Product:

    A scene depiction is used a lot in a product or other depictions. From error messages, product descriptions, on-boarding processes, a scene illustration is more and more depictive of the entire story. To explain the metaphorical description in a relatable and digestible way, a scene illustration can do the job really well.

  2. In Marketing:

    In the field of marketing, a scene illustration is primarily used to display the working of a procedure or a product. By using a demonstration of the feeling of the product, a scene illustration can work wonders here.

Editorial Illustrations: Relatable

The name of the tool pretty much gives away everything about this illustration type. The editorial illustration is a separate thing altogether. By just using a set of rules specific to the editorial illustration and keeping the content dynamic an editorial illustration doesn’t have to exactly follow the rest of the theme.

Product vs. Marketing Illustration

  1. In Product:

    Products aren’t something that has an editorial illustration and there aren’t any uses for such a tool in this field.

  2. In Marketing:

    Editorial illustrations definitely work in marketing as an addition to the blogs. Newsletters, email marketing and social media platforms can effectively use the editorial illustrations.

Hero Illustrations: Inspirational

A hero illustration is a large sized –full width, coloured. They pretty much incorporate what the person might want to be full of feeling what the person wants to. By trying to make the viewer a part of something, they carry an inspirational or higher than self, atone for the viewer to see.

Product vs. Marketing Illustration

  1. In Product:

    A hero illustration doesn’t usually have its place in products. Usually used on the welcome screen or the going away screen, a hero illustration has to feel familiar.

  2. In Marketing:

    Hero illustrations are definitely a marketing component. The illustration is supposed to capture the essence of whatever is being shown or displayed or offered. Additionally, you have to make a point through the hero illustration without actually having to make a point through words. Making the user feel that they understand what is being depicted, but at the same time make them feel as if they want more of the story or the depiction.

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