Top 10 Pipedrive Integration Tools to Increase Productivity

Pipedrive integration tools

When it comes to business sales, the majority of success depends on how you organize and track your sales leads.

Good lead management improves your ability to achieve all your revenue targets via the sales pipeline. 

To make this happen, every B2B business should install a proper customer relationship management (CRM) tool with an inbuilt sales pipeline methodology that ensures scheduling, completing, and tracking all their sales leads.

Wondering which is the best sales management CRM in the market?

‘Pipedrive’, is the answer.

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is one of the popular and highly rated sales CRM that helps businesses manage lengthy sales processesIt’s used by 90,000 companies from around 170 countries. Pipedrive comes with a visual sales pipeline where you can view your deals at various sales stages, prioritize them, and analyze your team’s progress. 

You can integrate Pipedrive with several third-party apps and boost your lead generation efforts. 

The following section explains the top 10 Pipedrive integration tools that supercharge your sales process. The integration process requires no coding experience which means your sales, marketing, and other non-technical teams can easily use Pipedrive. 

Which are the Top 10 Pipedrive Integration Tools?



 AeroLeads automates the process of email searching and boosts your lead generation efforts by creating a list of unique emails in less time. 

AeroLeads software helps you to find business emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn and Xing in a single click. 

You will receive all the required information starting from name, profession, email address, company, and up to 15 data points. 

Their pricing starts from $49 per month. 


With Zapier’s integration with Pipedrive, you can connect Pipedrive to 400 business applications and create a successful sales workflow with unlimited steps. 

Zapier moves info between your website apps automatically thereby allowing you to focus on your crucial tasks. 

Zapier offers a free trial with 100 tasks per month where anyone can automate their work. The pricing plan starts from $19.99 per month with 750 tasks/mo. 


LeadBoxer is one of the highly-rated Pipedrive integration tools in the online marketing sector. 

This sales tool works quickly enough to grab the necessary information of customers when they commence their buyer’s journey. 

The collected information includes the company’s name, their browsing time, and activities on your website. LeadBoxer easily integrates with Pipedrive and sends all the collected valuable details to the Pipedrive database. 

Their pricing starts at €195 per month.


MailChimp is one of the powerful Pipedrive integration tools in 2020 used by top sales professionals. Since emailing is an important aspect of any marketing process, 

With MailChimp’s integration with Pipedrive, you can easily export Pipedrive contacts and segments. You can now send your targeted emails to these contacts in a few clicks. 

Their pricing starts from $299 per month. 


Yesware is a sales productivity platform and one of the recommended Pipedrive integration tools in 2020. Yesware provides you everything you require to prospect, schedule, and follow-ups. 

With Yesware’s integration with Pipedrive, you can easily track messages and conversations you have with leads and customers. Besides, you can analyze their behavior and enhance your communication accordingly. 

If you are using Gmail to send emails, the Pipedrive’s Dropbox feature syncs details across Yesware and Pipedrive thereby connecting your emails with Pipedrive contacts. 

The Yesware integration helps to conduct an efficient and accurate customer engagement process. Their pricing starts from $12 per month. 


CloudTalk is the most reviewed and #1 rated phone integration for Pipedrive. They offer 2-way synchronization of your CRM data with their system as well as 1 click calling. That means that all phone numbers associated with your contacts will be transformed into a clickable format and can be called with a simple click. Also, CloudTalk offers local phone numbers, dialers, Interactive Voice Response, desktop & mobile apps, and much more.


Talkdesk is a cloud-based contact center and one of the efficient Pipedrive integration tools in the sales sector. Talkdesk’s integration with Pipedrive accelerates your customer service business continuity. 

When your sales team calls any customer via Pipedrive, Talkdesk immediately displays the customer’s details and contact history thereby allowing your sales team to personalize calls. 

Talkdesk integration automatically syncs contacts, actions, and information thereby providing the updated details of customers to the sales team. 

Get in touch with their support team for pricing details.


Salespanel is a Pipedrive lead scoring and web tracking software. Salespanel has real-time two-way data sync with Pipedrive that creates a data bridge between sales and marketing. Prominent Salespanel features are lead tracking, data enrichment, lead qualification, lead segmentation, and email tracking.

Salespanel plans start at 49$/month.


snapADDY is a sales support software to find B2B leads and one of the popular Pipedrive integration tools in 2020. After finding B2B leads it directly transfers them to your CRM. 

snapADDY’s integration with Pipedrive automatically maps addresses, contacts, and other details by highlighting them in a single click and export that information to Pipedrive. 

snapADDY’s integration also allows you to transfer clients’ details from LinkedIn to establish a personalized touch while communicating with them. 

Their pricing starts from €99 per month. 


Front simplifies your communication process and is one of the best Pipedrive integration tools in the marketing sector. Since the communication is collected in a collaborative inbox, everyone can view it thereby eliminating the chances of duplicate replies and unnoticed messages. 

Front’s integration with Pipedrive displays conversations as activities in the CRM thus updating the sales processes. The integration also enables the synchronization of contact details from Pipedrive to Front thereby establishing easy communication. 

You’re also able to automate actions within Front that work with Pipedrive data


Ecquire is a sales productivity tool that automatically updates your CRM. It’s one of the best Pipedrive integration tools used by more than 4000 marketing professionals. 

With Ecquire, you can access your web services from anywhere. 

When integrated with Pipedrive, you save a lot of time and effort when prospecting, tracking contacts, and list-building. Ecquire is known for advanced API with high-level data accuracy. 


Niftyquoter is online proposal software that helps you create and manage professional proposals. Niftyquoter is one of the efficient Pipedrive integration tools in 2020 and its implementation helps you save nearly 50% of your time. 

By integrating Niftyquoter with Pipedrive, you’re able to export new proposals and sync their status and comments. Besides, you can also export or import contacts, access all types of graphs, templates, and analytics. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you have now understood what is Pipedrive and various Pipedrive integration tools. 

Choose any of these integrations based on the needs of your sales team and business goals. 

Research each integration carefully before selecting the final one. You can add or remove them based on their usefulness or outdated. 

Which Pipedrive integrations are you using currently? Share your experience with us via comments now. 

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