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If we count on the scale of one to ten, the difficulties in sales might fall somewhere around 6 to 7. However, marketing pharmaceuticals rate way higher than this. 

Primarily, there are generally three things that hinder Pharmaceuticals marketing the most: 

  • Strict vigilance & heavy restrictions 
  • A whole lot of data 
  • A small but an aware and intelligent target audience 

So, first and foremost your main focus needs to be on your target audience. But the problem is that many industries in the pharmaceutical sector use the same traditional method for targeting. 

However, one must take a fresh look at an age-old process and take advantage of the proliferation of data available on markets, prescriptions, and patients, then building a flexible process that allows for this data to continue informing the sales targeting plan, enables the sales force to create value more quickly.

Below are three core targeting concepts that companies leading the commercial process have embraced.

1. Know your targets & then segment by commonalities

It is actually two points in one. First, you have to know who your target audience and then you have to separate them into different categories based on some common preferences or characteristics. 

Being in a pharmaceutical business, how would you know your target audience? 

First of all, please note that we don’t mean that you have to just know your sales targets. No, we actually mean that you have to know your target audience a bit more personally. 

Narrow down the markets that can rely on your expertise or the audience you can offer guidance to. Because, more often than not, people working in this industry are too sceptical to advise a new product. 

So rather than chasing the entire pharmaceutical industry as a whole, you would fare well if you focus on someone who might not say no to something new. 

Now that you know your audience, you must work on segmenting them. 

You would be surprised to discern that even after targeting your niche audience, you will still see certain disparities. Thus, the best way to move further is by creating further sub-sets or segments based on the commonalities. 

Segments are based on the following traits: 

  • Demographic traits – age, gender, professional speciality (surgeon, gynaecologist), or disease/problem.
  • Psychographic traits – what influences the prescribers the most? Journals, online portals and more?
  • Consider payer circumstances – the impact of national vs. regional plans, local key employers, state and managed Medicaid etc.
  • Apply concepts of customer valuation (indexing, profitability, accessible volume, etc.) after localizing your targets.

2. Assign a motive to each of the segment

We just discussed how one should segment their audience to get to target them easily. Now that you have segmented your audience based on the commonalities, you need to assign a motive to each segment. 

To break it down in simple terms – define the purpose of the segments or the action you want each segment to take. 

Moreover, once the audience takes the desired targeted action, you can move them around in different segments. 

Say, for example, some of your targeted audience exited the website halfway between the registration process. Now your objective is to motivate them to complete the registration. Plus, as soon as you meet the goal, you can even add that prospect to a new segment. 

3. Create customized healthcare online portals to reach the target audience 

If you can’t identify your target customers, then the best way to do is to make them come to you. You can do so by creating online healthcare portals that cater to healthcare consumers and providers. 

These online healthcare portals can become a mediator for pharmaceutical brands to engage with their target audience without any hindrance. Plus, if you know that someone is visiting your portal and staying on it for a considerable amount without bouncing back immediately, then you know that they are definitely among your target audience. 

Furthermore, healthcare providers can use such mediums to deliver information to their target audience. For example, they can deliver tailored information like data about heart diseases and their cures, if you are targeting patients with cardiac problems. 

Novartis’ social network is a classic example of how you can target pharmaceutical audience via an online portal. 

In fact, the brand is doing wonderfully well on social media channels as well owing to their online portal. 

The graphs below provide a breakdown of Novartis social mentions for each dimension, media type, country and language as well as an overall look at public sentiment.


If the stats are anything to go by, it is safe to say that this online portal strategy worked well for Novartis. So create a customized online healthcare portal to target your niche pharmaceutical audience. 

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Summing it all up

As the pace of change accelerates many organizations are finding it increasingly challenging to find authentic databases to drive sales performance effectively through in-house people, processes, or technology.

We discussed not only the tips but a small guide on targeting pharmaceutical audience. The best way to go about it is by going through all these three tips in a consecutive manner like one-by-one steps.

If you are struggling to keep up with changes and are unable to find qualified databases, you can turn to AeroLeads Database. It has catered to multiple professionals and executives from various industries in the past and continues to do so.

Which tip did you find the most useful? What strategies or roadmap do you use to target your pharmaceutical based audience? 

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