Who the Heck is My Ideal Customer?

For small businesses, it is exciting to get someone on the phone. Traffic from any channel means that SOMEONE is paying attention to your product. The probability of making a sale is now greater than 0. But is that really the case? If you’re trying to sell solar panels to someone renting an apartment, that probability Read More →


10 Best Practices To Follow On A Sales Call [Infographic]

Infographic- Sales call

Sales Call Best Practices In today’s competitive world thousands of brands are trying to create a niche space for themselves in prospects mind. Best practices are often accepted by an individual through extensive research or the group of experts who have proven it effective by following it over years. SAAS businesses are no new to best practices Read More →


6 Places to Submit your Product Startup

There are plenty of startup directories on the web like crunchbase, betalist, angel.co etc and most of the startups are listed on them but most often these directories are not used by end users to discover startup products. If you have a web product and you are looking for product discovery by end user, you Read More →


AeroLeads now offering Lead Generation Services

Right now Tim Cook is giving his talk on #AppleEvent as well as Inbound15 is going on in Boston, so we decided to join the party and make our own announcement today. AeroLeads is currently having 1500+ B2B users and the good number of paying customers. We are working hard to make it a great Read More →


How to Get First 20 Paying Customers for your SaaS Product Startup

  AeroLeads is my 2nd Product startup (first one was InBoundio) and from my experience of 2 SaaS product startups, I can safely say – It is not easy to get your first 20 paying customers. Most of the first time founders assume if you have built the product, you have done the difficult part Read More →


ONE huge mistake we made while sending emails to our users

Today we sent over 500+ emails to all our AeroLeads users (I send mails in batch of 500 to make sure they get deliver and not end up in spam folder) and made a huge mistake while sending them. I forgot to take care into account that many of them had earlier selected not to Read More →


Ultimate Guide to PPC Advertising for Startups

PPC advertising guide for startups

Almost every startup considers PPC Advertising as an option to drive more traffic, users and sales. Now PPC Advertising can be a great option to test the business and get quick users and some sales but it is not a cheap option and most of the startups often get the unit economics wrong. For example, if you Read More →


A Beginners Guide to Lead Magnet

How would you make your prospects partial to you? Consider every option. Yes, you got it right. It’s by including a lead magnet. Lead magnet, unlike the complicated name basically is a “sanctioned pay off” you offer to potential buyers in return for their information. Goodness well! that sounded simple! maybe, the truth is going Read More →


How to use AeroLeads API

We were asked by many companies to have an API so they can integrate AeroLeads with their software. So today we are finally launching our API. Here is how you can use it. 1. Go to your profile page https://aeroleads.com/settings and note down your API key 2. To make a call to server, use the Read More →


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