How to use AeroLeads API

We were asked by many companies to have an API so they can integrate AeroLeads with their software. So today we are finally launching our API. Here is how you can use it. 1. Go to your profile page and note down your API key 2. To make a call to server, use the Read More →

How PeopleHR, a $100k/month Company is Using AeroLeads to Find more Customers [Case Study]

PeopleHR is a major UK based SaaS software company who sells HR software to Small Business, Startups, and Big Fortune 500 companies. To acquire customers, they have the hybrid strategy of Inbound and Outbound marketing processes and are using AeroLeads as part of their sales funnel. How PeopleHR is using AeroLeads PeopleHR has a sales team Read More →

AeroLeads Relaunched With 5 New Features (and 1000+ users)

After launching, in just 5 months, we have touched 1000+ users. Now for SaaS products, registered users is often not the best criteria to measure the growth but still for a small bootstrapped startup, this is a big achievement. The Best part of reaching the milestone is the feedback that we got from the users Read More →

How to Find Prospects and Leads on SlideShare

It is the 21st century and no one wants to waste their time on long meetings, discussing matters that need minutes. That is why PowerPoint presentations are becoming more popular every day and respectively SlideShare is getting the attention of business too. If you are less familiar with this social web platform – it stores Read More →

4 Ways to Find Prospects and Leads for your business from Google+

Many people thought that Google+ hadn’t had too successful start when it was launched back in the summer of 2011. With time though the business recognized the social network, as one with pretty enormous potential. Four years later the results – more than 300 million active users operating through the features of Google+, are saying Read More →

AeroLeads 2.0 Launched (Check out what New features we have added!)

After launching our first version last month, today we are launching the version 2.0 of AeroLeads. We have improved the software by 2X at least with major bug fixes and added features which people had asked us to add. 1. Now you can create lists (tagging), 2. Now you can have have an admin account Read More →

Top 5 Chrome Plugins for Your Sales and Marketing Team

If you are a sales and marketing executive, the chances are chrome is your default browser as it is extremely flexible, can be integrated with other websites easily and the chrome plugins can really extend its features. I have seen businesses built solely on chrome plugins and they are doing really well. Now in chrome store, Read More →

7 Ways to Generate Prospects and Leads from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest B2B network on the Internet which can be a huge source of prospects and leads for any business. There are people and companies doing business worth millions through LinkedIn and unlike facebook and twitter, this often doesn’t get highlighted that much. I have got a lot of users for our B2B Read More →

7 Better Ways to Build a BIG E-mail list

How to build a steady and strong e-mail list? This is a question that many people are looking the answer of. Before we give it to you, we should ask – why to build it? We tend to forget what a strong selling tool e-mails are. Which is a surprise to some as the bigger Read More →

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