15 Inbound and Outbound Ways to Build Your B2B Leads

If you are selling a b2b product or services, your sales process will start from top of the funnel activities like  prospecting and building leads list. Now there can be hundreds of ways to do prospecting based on your industry and target customers but here is a list of 15 inbound and outbound ways to build Read More →


AeroLeads v3 – Working with New LinkedIn Layout + Upload Existing Data

As LinkedIn is pushing new layout for its premium business users including sales navigator, recruiter account and premium accounts globally and most of the users are now seeing the new design of linkedIn. Though the older LinkedIn layout still works (unless you exclusively chose the new one), we decided to push the newer version of Read More →


SalesLoft Alternative – AeroLeads


SalesLoft, one of the leaders of prospect generation software are shutting down their prospector tool to focus on their emailing tool Cadence. SalesLoft was the pioneer for online lead generation and has paved the way for various other prospect & lead generation tools and services. Since it has been discontinued, AeroLeads helps you fill that Read More →


10 Best Sales Podcasts Every Salesperson Must Listen To


Sales is all about putting your 200% week in, week out. It is often that a salesperson lacks the interest and zeal to work with a grueling routine. Salespeople seek to a variety of things for inspiration and to stay motivated. Most of the times, the best motivation to one salesperson is another.  This is Read More →


10 Best Lead Generation Blogs – Lead Generation Tips And Techniques


Lead generation and marketing evolve constantly with the rapid changes in technology. Digitalization has given rise to new techniques and strategies to generate sales leads. The constant developments in sales and marketing have made B2B lead generation campaigns become more effective. With the rise of advanced lead generation tools and targeted lead generation services, you Read More →


6 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Your Business


The wonders of social media marketing! One of the best outbound marketing methods in today’s modern world. Most businesses that are looking to expand outwards, reach more people and make more profits should be looking to invest some time and resources into social media. Statistics in 2016 shows there are 7.3 billion people in the Read More →


How To Increase Your Social Media Presence? – 5 Actionable Strategies


Social media is now the hotspot for businesses and brands. Every social media channel is making their app or site business-friendly. Businesses are leveraging their social media following to improve sales.  There is no other better time than now to venture into social media marketing to boost social media presence of business and also sales. Read More →


15 Best Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Needs To Follow


Marketing blogs provide you with insights and tips that will help you make your marketing efforts more efficient. These marketing blogs also build an active community around them who range from experts to learners. This audience often engages in deep conversations over various topics related to marketing that can benefit you in more than one Read More →


10 Best Sales Management Tools – Find The Best Sales Tool For You

top sales tool | best sales management tool

Sales management is an important discipline required in business as it will have a direct impact on your sales. Managing the entire cycle of sales and ensuring coordination between all the processes in the sales funnel will produce better results and will help in boosting sales. Such an important responsibility is handed over to a Read More →


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