ONE huge mistake we made while sending emails to our users

Today we sent over 500+ emails to all our AeroLeads users (I send mails in batch of 500 to make sure they get deliver and not end up in spam folder) and made a huge mistake while sending them.

I forgot to take care into account that many of them had earlier selected not to send them emails and to make it worst, we totally forgot to put “unsubscribe link” at the bottom of the email too. We have a table in database “Subscribe” with boolean variable, people who unsubscribe gets set at 0 and never get emails.

The confusion and mistake happened because we thought, as this is a casual text email which we are only going to send once as it was about launch of new version of AeroLeads and if we put web link in a text email, it will anyway trigger spam filters so we can skip the unsubscribe link feature.

But we were wrong, users do care about unsubscribe link and specially when they have unsubscribed earlier. I have replied to all the emails which showed displeasure and have apologised to them and have promised them that this will never happen.

We have learnt our lesson and if you are a startup using drip marketing or even sending one off product update emails, make sure you only send to those who are subscribed and with unsubscribe link.

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