Now Transfer your Prospects to Zoho CRM with 1 Click

We have upgraded our Zoho support and integration and now are listed on Zoho app store too. With this, now you can transfer your emails, phone numbers and other b2b data to Zoho CRM with 1 click.

To transfer prospects to Zoho CRM from AeroLeads

Note – You can now start directly from step 3.

1. Go to your Zoho CRM and generate your API Auth token. To generate it, Click on the Settings icon) > Setup > Extensions & APIs > APIs > CRM API. Then click the Settings icon and click the Authentication Token Generation link.

Zoho Aeroleads API auth token generation

2. Now enter your Application Name “AeroLeads” and it will generate the API key.

You can check this howto article too to see how to generate auth token in zoho crm.

3. Once you get the token, enter this on your AeroLeads Integration page

4. Now your AeroLeads account is connected with Zoho CRM. Select the prospects that you want to transfer and then click on Zoho from the transfer drop down.

AeroLeads Integration with Zoho

5. It will show a pop up with options like “Contacts” and “Leads”. Select the option to which you want to transfer the prospect. It will take 2-3 seconds for the data to get transferred and then you should be able to see the prospects data in your Zoho account.

Other than direct one click zoho transfer, you also use zapier too.

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