10 Incredible New Year Resolutions of Business Owners in 2022

Many people make New Year resolutions for the New Year 2022. But are they really important for business?

Yes! It’s not just about the importance of people making their resolution and thinking on their own, but also about the importance of people following through with their promises. The article will give some advice on how to get started with a determination in this new year as well as how important it is to stick to your resolution.

Right Resolution for your Business is the Roadway to Success


Right Resolution for your Business is the Roadway to Success

There is no perfect way to start off a new year. It all starts with that initial new year resolution you make at the beginning of the new year. But what makes it even better is that stay on your path and actually follow through on those resolutions. Whether it’s losing weight, quitting your job, or volunteering, understanding why these items are important and making resolutions for the long-term will help you stay committed to them throughout the year.

The first step to making a resolution is actually planning and thinking about what you want for the future. Each individual has their own reasons behind their resolution and different ways it makes them feel, but any way to make it more personal is great.

Having an idea of how your goal will help you in the long run, whether it’s physical or emotional wellbeing, will help you in the process. This can lead to more profound and personal responses to your resolutions that are sure to help you stay committed all year long.

Staying focused on a goal and remaining dedicated allows us to remain disciplined throughout the year. The key is staying in tune with what motivates us and staying on track throughout the process. The best way to do this is by being honest with yourself, staying focused, and surrounding yourself with good people that will support you in whatever goal you have.

Best New Year Resolutions of Business Owners in 2022

The new year is always a time to reflect on the year that has just passed and set realistic goals for the next one. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t continue setting resolutions long after New Year! Here are 10 of the most promising business owners in 2022 who are making the change they want to see in the world.

1. Ashley from Ashley Stylist Studios

Ashley Wright founder, and CEO of Ashley Stylist Studios, a hair salon franchise in Los Angeles, found some success early on by investing heavily into advertising campaigns, but soon realized she could do better for her company and her clients by taking budget into her own hands. She became an expert in her field by staying on top of the latest hair trends and following fashion trends in beauty.

To make improvements for herself, she started to do research on what was being done in Europe. She found that European hairstylists were charging as much as $1000 per head for a handful of hairs to be cut out at one time.

Using her knowledge, she researched how to create a new salon method so that she could provide better service. She came up with a method that consisted of layering individual strands of hair so she could work on one specific strand at a time. This new method allowed her to give her clients the look they wanted and save them money.

2. Helen from HelenLawrenceLaw.com

Helen Lawrence, co-founder, and CEO of HelenLawrenceLaw.com, a legal and social media agency, quickly noticed that the number of women in the workplace was dwindling at an alarming rate. She wanted to help her clients have more confidence when it came to using social media, but she couldn’t do it alone. The two founders decided to hire outside professionals to help with their business ventures.

During the year, they came together and hired a group of professionals who were experts on social media to continue their services because they believe it is important to allow your company to grow while also keeping you educated on which direction your business should go in.

3. Varun from MamaEarth


Varun Alagh from MamaEarth

Image Source

Varun Alagh from MamaEarth is a global entrepreneur who quickly noticed that the number of women in the workplace was dwindling at an alarming rate. It is a venture and shopping line for women that focuses on bright colors and bold prints, has always been an independent risk-taker when it comes to his business ventures. It was his idea to hire designers abroad who were already successful in the garment industry because they can design products faster while following the rules and regulations of their country of origin.

He also hired young talent to be part of the team because they are easily influenced by new trends in fashion. While saying this, MamaEarth has grossed to a million value in the coming years since its launch.

4. Lindsey from Lindsey M.Van

Lindsey M. Van, founder, and CEO of Wapoo Media & Design, a digital marketing agency, has grown her company by concentrating on her mission statement instead of the financial side of things. She is aware that clients are going to take advantage of them if they allow it to happen and have had to turn down clients who don’t have the same mission as her.

Despite being one of the most successful women in business since 2010, she still finds time in her schedule to do volunteer work in schools with children who need help with writing and other literacy issues.

5. Anjali Sud from Vimeo

Anjali Sud, founder and CEO of Vimeo, a software company devoted to making easy-to-use apps for people who spend too much time with their phones, wanted to create a smart app to help her sister organize her life. She was always wanting her sister to organize her files on the computer or using the inbuilt apps that came with it, but it took too much time.

She created a system that would allow personal schedules to be developed for each family member. This would allow them to see what everyone else is up to so they can plan accordingly.

6. Karyna Bajaj from KA Hospitality

Karyna Bajaj, founder, and CEO of Ka Hospitality a food biz has been inspired by the food that she ate in her youth, decided to take a risk and start her own business when she realized how much she was spending on fast food every day.

She took that money and invested it into her business so that she could create a more nutritious, healthy option for people who enjoy the taste of sandwiches but don’t want to spend too much time choosing what they’re going to eat.

She found that instead of trying to get a job where she didn’t want to be, she should make her own business instead. This way she could create her own schedule and set her own salary if she wanted in order to make sense of things. She decided to come up with a program that would help children who are dealing with mental health issues so they could focus on work instead of the problems they were having.

7. Leena Nair from Chanel

Leena Nair, CEO of Chanel, an online clothing store, wanted to start her business when she realized she was spending too much money on clothing that wasn’t even her size. As much as she loved fashion, she knew there had to be a better way to save money and not have to pay the high price tags of clothing brands.

She created her brand image on the clothing company so that people could take advantage of deals that were only available at the store. She began with five items in mind and never looked back after completing the project.

8. Sonia Syngal from GAP Inc

Sonia Syngal from GAP Inc

                      Image Source

Sonia Syngal, founder, and CEO of Gap Inc, a luxury lifestyle company that sells party shopping bags, believes the key to success is about making the customer feel special when they visit her store. She finds that children and teens often feel awkward in stores and are not excited to shop. And decided to create a way for children and teenagers to feel comfortable while shopping without leaving their homes so they can take advantage of other sales that may be happening at the time.

She found that it was important to come up with unique items as soon as possible. This is because if people were looking online for the same items, they would be left out of those sales opportunities.

9. Tammy from TammyTG

Tammy T.Green, founder and CEO of TAMMYTG, a personal training company that specializes in working with children who are obese or have metabolic health problems, has always loved challenging herself to be the best parent she can be.

She understands that parents can’t be there all the time to supervise their children, but they can make sure they are eating healthily and have an active lifestyle. She decided to create a program that would allow parents and their children to exercise together instead of taking them apart and not understanding what is going on at the time.

10. Falguni Nayar from Nykaa

Falguni Nayar from Nykaa

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Falguni Nayar, founder and CEO of Nykaa, a makeup company that specializes in creating looks for women who want to appear as if they are famous, wanted to create her own line of makeup so she could make herself feel more confident while having fun at the same time.

She picked colors that would allow women to feel beautiful without looking dark or unrecognizable. She believes that people should be able to express themselves freely without fear of judgment from family members or friends.

The process was a lot slower and when she decided to start her own business, she decided to create a product that people could buy and use at home. This would give her the opportunity to learn from her customers how they could make their items last longer by using the machine instead of having them dry cleaned.

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