Here is what is NEW with AeroLeads

AeroLeads version 4.0

As we have mentioned in one of our previous articles, we at AeroLeads are under constant research to provide the best for our users, hence we bring you the new version of our software with more features than before.

We recently came up with a new feature or tool called the Free Email Verification Tool. This furthermore gave way to this new version of AeroLeads.

For further details about the Free Email Verification Tool, please visit this article  or go to the landing page of the Tool directly by clicking here.

AeroLeads new version

What’s NEW with AeroLeads?

So, how different is this version from the previous versions?

Before answering this question let’s see the change over from the previous versions.

AeroLeads Version 1.0

This was our first ever version of our software. A basic version but the first of its kind and much appreciated by the customers as well. Though it had great features, but due to the evolution of technology, it gave way for the newer versions.

For further details, do visit this article to know more about the first version of AeroLeads, by clicking here.

AeroLeads Version 2.0

As mentioned above, the new technology and various feedback gave way for this version of Aeroleads software. We had tweaked the software, removed few unnecessary features and refined as well as improved some features. Few features were Better Prospecting and Sales Intelligence, Zapier Integration, Find Prospects as well as phone numbers from Crunchbase and AngelList, etc. The feature to send emails were also removed in this version.

For further details, do visit this article to know more about the second version of AeroLeads, by clicking here.

AeroLeads Version 3.0

Since LinkedIn was pushing the new layout for its premium business users including sales navigator, recruiter account and premium accounts globally as well as most of the users were seeing the new design of linkedIn; hence, this version came into place.

For further details, do visit this article to know more about the second version of AeroLeads, by clicking here.

AeroLeads Version 4.0

With the growing response towards our software we decided to improve the software some more for the betterment of our customers. Check out the features mentioned below.

Features of the NEW version of AeroLeads

So, what exactly are the additional features of this latest version of AeroLeads?

Here’s your answer –

1. Better & Cleaner Design

From the previous red and white cliche’ background, we came up with a new design for our landing pages.

Change is good, hence we came up with a better and cleaner design. It’s currently blue and white which gives an appealing bright shade that would draw more customers. Also, this new design helps the users with the ease in using our software.

2. Loads much faster now

With the increasing traffic, we had few problems in loading the page faster for our customers.

But now, with this new feature, the customers will be able to visit the pages faster as the latest design with it’s advanced codes and technology tricks, loads them much better and faster.

3. New Menu

With better and cleaner design, comes a new Menu as well.

The menu contains information which any average user is made to understand with great ease. The new tools are mentioned with clarity and the pages are linked to new tabs with great ease as well.

4. Send emails

According to second version, we had removed this feature but now we have relaunched this feature again.

Now with statistics like email open rate etc. it is simpler, easier and convenient for the users. For further details, visit this article

5. Free email verification feature

One of our previous articles clearly mentioned the new addition of a feature or tool known as the Free Email Verification Tool.

Basically, keep your search secure with our Email Verification or Email Checker Tool which is absolutely Free!
As mentioned above, do visit this  article for further details about this feature by clicking here,


For new feature request, you can drop us an email to “hello @”. You can also signup at AeroLeads if you haven’t used it.

The basic plan starts from $49/month for one user. It comes with 10 free credits which allows you to test and explore the software.

Click here to check out the pricing and plans.

So, we hope that the users are thrilled about our new version with various features and give us their precious feedback by commenting below. 🙂

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