List of 5 Email Extractor Chrome Plugin

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What is an Email Extractor? AtomicEmailLogger

Email Extractor is a type of software or program that finds email addresses and stores them in a list file. Each line contains one e-mail address. The list can contain thousands of addresses and can be copied, modified, searched, or merged into other files.

Need for an Email Extractor –

An Email Extractor can be used to scan files, folders, hard drives, external storage media such as CD-ROM, or the Internet. Personal and business users can employ an e-mail extractor to locate all the e-mail addresses on a computer or local area network ( LAN ) for reference purposes. An e-mail extractor can also be used by a network administrator or employer in an attempt to determine e-mail addresses to which messages have been sent, or from which messages have been received by subscribers or employees.

Email Extractor is commonly used for extracting email addresses from both online and offline sources. It generates a large list of email addresses in a small time frame. A powerful e-mail extractor can find more than 100 e-mail addresses per minute.

Although email extractors can serve useful purposes such as in legitimate email marketing campaigns, they are mainly used to send spam emails.

List of 5 Email Extractor Chrome Plugin –

1. EmailDrop :-download (2)

EmailDrop (visit the link for download) is a perfect email extraction tool. It’s a powerful Chrome Extension which extracts all emails on a webpage and export them to a file in seconds.

EmailDrop identifies the emails in the webpage, scrapes that information, and displays it in a popup (or you can download all the emails at once). It stores all the extracted emails as a TXT file. It also, removes all the emails or data that possess a threat to the system.

Hence, with EmailDrop, there would be no more hassle to copy each email from a webpage and store it individually.

2. Email Extractor :-

EmailExtractor(visit the link for download) finds email addresses in seconds which is a powerful email extraction extension for Chrome. It’s not developed with an intention to spam people with your marketing mails, so use it for your personal stuff only.

Email Extractor has various features like AutoVisit and Autosave.

AutoVisit builds a queue of URL that you can visit automatically.

AutoSave stores(in cloud) all the email IDs found on all the pages you visited.

It automatically fetches valid email IDs from the web page, you can copy paste particular email ids you need or export all of them to a text or CSV file. It also searches all email addresses for a specific domain name.

Hence, It’s a good replacement for various email finder tools too.

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3. Email Address Extractor :-

An Email Address Extractor(visit the link for download) is a Google add-on that shifts through all email messages in your Gmail account, extracts the email addresses and saves them in a Google Spreadsheet in your Google Drive. It works for both Gmail and Google Apps accounts.AeroLeads Email Extractor Software

The Extractor can mine email addresses from a particular Gmail folder (label) or the entire mailbox. You can choose to extract emails of the sender, the recipient(s) and those in the CC list. The add-on can also parse the email‘s subject and message body for email addresses. This is useful for extracting addresses from generic senders, like PayPal emails or contact forms, where the email addresses are contained in the message body.

The add-on runs in your Google Account and does not share or upload your data anywhere. The free edition would process a maximum of 500 email threads from your Gmail mailbox.

4. Email Exporter :-

Email Exporter (visit the link for download) is a simple and easy extractor which extracts all email addresses as well as phone numbers from a webpage. It also, exports the results to a TXT file or copies them to a clipboard.

Simply click the extension icon to automatically extract all email addresses and phone numbers displayed on the current web page. Email Exporter can be configured to look in the html or the text for email addresses and phone numbers. It can also append captured data across web pages and tabs.

Thus, Email Exporter is a powerful email and phone scraper extension.

AeroLeads Chrome Email Extractor

5. Email Auto Extractor :-

As the name suggests, Email Auto Extractor  (visit the link for download) extracts automatically all the emails in a web page

The extension shows you how many email addresses it found, and then you have to click on the logo to copy all the email addresses.

A major advantage of this Email Auto Extractor is that, it works efficiently Offline too.

AeroLeads Email Extractor

Thus, the above mentioned email extractor tools can help businesses to greatly reduce time and effort in the search for contacts and to get in touch with potential customers. It is capable of raising an email marketing campaign to the next possible level.

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