List of 1000 VC Firms in USA

List of 1000 VC Firms in the USA

Company NameCompany UrlLocationPhoneCompany Email 1
11.2 Capital112capital.comGreater New York City Area
137 Ventures137ventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area415-513-5222
1843 Capital1843capital.comGreater New York City Area
1955 Capital1955.capitalSan Francisco Bay
1984 Ventures1984.vcSan Francisco Bay Area[]
2M Companies LLC2m.comGreater New York City Area
301 Ventures301inc.comGreater New York City Area
39 North Capital LLC39northcapital.comGreater New York City Area[]
3Rodeo3rodeo.comGreater Los Angeles Area
500 Startups500.coSan Francisco Bay Area[+1 818-579-5486]
645 Ventures645ventures.comGreater New York City Area[]
7 Gate Ventures7gate.vcSan Francisco Bay Area[+1 604-564-2161]
8VC8vc.comGreater New York City Area["(415) 366-8422"]
Acalyx Advisorsacalyx.comGreater New York City Area212 235 0870
Acceleprise San Franciscoacceleprise.vcGreater New York City Area
Accord Group Holdings LLCaccord-group.netSan Francisco Bay Area
ACE Venture Capitalacevc.coolGreater Los Angeles Area
Acero Capitalacerovc.comSan Francisco Bay Area650.233.7100
Act One Ventures LPactoneventures.comGreater Los Angeles
Activate Venture Partnersactivatevp.comGreater New York City Area(212) 223-7400
Ad Valorumadvalorum.coGreater Los Angeles
Adhan Partners 247 0557
Advance Vixeid Partnersavpgrowth.comGreater New York City Area
Advancit Capitaladvancitcapital.comGreater New York City Area
Aeon Partners LLCaeon.fundGreater New York City Area(877)
Agency2elve (A12)Agency2elve (A12)Greater Los Angeles Area
Agile VCagileventurecapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area
AGrow Venturesagrowventures.comGreater Los Angeles Area
AI Capitalaicapitaladvisors.comGreater New York City Area["(212) 829-9200"]
Airfoil Capitaljarvisairfoil.comGreater Los Angeles Area860-342-5000
AJJAXX LLCajaxpartners.comGreater New York City Area
Akamai Advisors LLCstocknewstimes.comGreater New York City Area
Akkadian Venturesakkadianventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area(415) 683-0427//
Alchemistalchemistbeer.comGreater New York City Area802.882.8165
Alerion Partnersalerionpartners.comGreater New York City Area["(203) 202-9900" "(203) 202-9900"]
Alero Advisorscreadvisorsllc.comGreater New York City Area321-280-4585
Aligned Partnersalignedvc.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Alliance Consumer Growth LLCacginvestors.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Alliance Time and Ashford.commonroecap.comGreater Los Angeles Area["312.258.8300"]
Alliance Venturesallianceventure.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+47 4150 8782]
Alothon Group LLCalothon.comGreater New York City Area
Alpha Edisonalpha-edison.comGreater Los Angeles Area
AlphaBlock Investmentsalphablock.comSan Francisco Bay Area
AlphaPrime Venturesalphaprime.comGreater New York City Area
Alrai Capitalalraicap.comGreater New York City
Alsop Louie Partnersalsop-louie.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Altered Ventures LLCaltered.vcSan Francisco Bay
Altpoint Ventures / Altpoint Capital Partnersaltpointcapital.comGreater New York City Area+1 212 497 1100
Altus Capital Partnersaltuscapitalpartners.comGreater New York City Area
Amala Partners LLPcore-cap.comGreater New York City
Amasiaamasia.vcSan Francisco Bay Area+1 415 723
Ambershore Groupambershoregroup.comGreater New York City Area
Ambina Partners LLCambina.comGreater New York City Area
AMDG Venturesignitefounders.comGreater New York City Area
American Capital Financial Servicesamcapfinance.comGreater New York City
American Film Institute (AFI)afi.comGreater New York City Area["323.856.7600" "323.856.7600"]
American Working Capital LLCawcfund.comGreater New York City Area["312-244-6960"]
Amino Capitalaminocapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Amplify Partnersamplifypartners.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+1 650-445-0800]
Amplify.LAamplify.laGreater Los Angeles Area
Amulet Capital Partnersamuletcapital.comGreater New York City Area["646-561-6655" "646-561-6655"]
Anacapa Partnersanacapapartners.comSan Francisco Bay
Andreessen Horowitza16z.comSan Francisco Bay Area["+1 650-798-5800"]
Angel Capital Management LLCangelcapitalmanagement.comGreater New York City Area
Angeles Equity Partners LLCangelesequity.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Ankona Capital Partnersankonacap.comGreater Los Angeles
Annapurna Capital Management LLCannapurnafunds.comGreater New York City Area
Anthem Venture Partnersanthemvp.comGreater Los Angeles
Anthos Venturesanthoscapital.comGreater Los Angeles
Apax Partnersapax.comGreater New York City Area["(212) 753-6300"]
Aperture Venture Partnersaperturevp.comGreater New York City Area212-758-7325
AppleTree Investmentsappletreepartners.comGreater New York City Area["212.468.5800" "212.468.5800"]
Archer Venture Capitalarchervc.comGreater Los Angeles
Arcis Capital Partnersarciscap.comGreater New York City Area212-634-7173
Arena Growth Holdingsarenagrowthpartners.comGreater New York City Area
Arena Venturesarenavc.comGreater Los Angeles Area
argentum enterprises incargentumgroup.comGreater New York City Area["212.949.6262"]
Array Venturesarray.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
Arrowroot Capitalarrowrootcapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area["+1 310-566-5966"]
Ascend Venture Groupascendventures.comGreater New York City Area[]
Asia Alpha Private Equityasiaalpha.comGreater New York City Area
Aspect Venturesaspectventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area[""]
Athletic Propulsion Labs LLCathleticpropulsionlabs.comGreater Los Angeles
ATL Partnersatlpartners.comGreater New York City Area
Atlas Peak Capitalatlaspeakcap.comSan Francisco Bay Area(415) 967-0485
ATMA Capitalatmacorp.comGreater Los Angeles Area
ATP Fundatpfund.comGreater New York City Area1136602100
Atrium Capital Corporationatriumcapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area650.233.7878
AUA Private Equity Partnersauaequity.comGreater New York City Area["(212) 231-8600" "(212) 231-8600" "(212) 231-8600"] New York City Area
Aura Equity Partners LLCauracapitalpartners.comGreater New York City Area
Avante Mezzanine Partnersavantemezzanine.comGreater Los Angeles
Aventur Capital LLCaventuravc.comGreater Los Angeles Area[]
Aventures Capitalaventurescapital.comSan Francisco Bay
Azure Capital Partnersazurecap.comSan Francisco Bay Area(415) 276-5500
BABEL.Venturesbabel.venturesGreater Los Angeles Area
Backstage Capitalbackstagecapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Badwater Capitalbadwater.capitalGreater Los Angeles Area
Bailador Technology New York City Area
Bain Capital Venturesbaincapitalventures.comGreater New York City
Bankers Trust Co (acquired by Deutsche Bank in midmarketwatch.comGreater New York City
Banneker Partnersbannekerpartners.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+1 415-992-9017
Baruch Future Venturesbaruch.vcSan Francisco Bay Area415-742-8133
Base Venturesbase.venturesSan Francisco Bay Area[ +1535694389]
Bay Hills Capitalbayhillscapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area415.391.4240
BayView Capitalbviewcap.comGreater Los Angeles Area
BCG Digital Venturesbcgdv.comGreater Los Angeles Area["(310) 698-1200"]
BDMIbdmifund.comGreater New York City Area
Beachside Capital
Bee Partners.beepartners.vcSan Francisco Bay Area415-519-4707
Benhamou Global Venturesbenhamouglobalventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Bessemer Securities LLCbessemertrust.comGreater New York City Area
Bessemer Venture Partnersbvp.comGreater New York City Area["+91 80 3082 9000"]
Better Food Venturesbetterfoodventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area[]
Better Venturesbetter.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
Big Basin Capitalbigbasincapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Bionic Eye Techologytechnologyreview.comGreater New York City Area["800-877-5230 "]
Birchmere Venturesbirchmerevc.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+1 412-322-3300]
Black Canyon
Black Diamond Venturesbdventures.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Black Jays Investmentsblackjays.vcGreater New York City
Blackhorn Venturesblackhornvc.comSan Francisco Bay Area
BLD Capitalbldcapitalgroup.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Bleu Capital LLCbleucap.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Blockchain Capital LLCblockchain.capitalSan Francisco Bay Area(415) 677-5340
BLUE HAT Partnersconcretepumpers.comGreater Los Angeles Area(614) 431-5618
Blue Marble Microinsurancebluemarblemicro.comGreater Los Angeles Area[]
Blue Pine Capitalcookpinecapital.comGreater Los Angeles
BlueRun Venturesbrv.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+1 650-462-7250]
Blumberg Capitalblumbergcapital.comSan Francisco Bay
BootstrapLabsbootstraplabs.comSan Francisco Bay Area["+1 415-935-1469"]
Boulder Food Groupbfgpartners.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Bowery Capitalbowerycap.comGreater New York City Area
BoxGroupboxgroup.comGreater New York City Area[""]
Braemar Energy Venturesbraemarenergy.comGreater New York City Area(212) 697-0900
Brands etc LLPdowneybrand.comGreater Los Angeles
Breakout Venturesbreakout.vcSan Francisco Bay
Breakwater Management LLCbreakwaterfunds.comGreater Los Angeles Area(424)
Bregal Energybregalenergy.comGreater New York City Area+1 212 704 3001
Brera Capital Partnersbrera.comGreater New York City Area212 230 5495
Brick & Mortar Venturesbrickmortar.vcSan Francisco Bay
Bridges Venturesbridgesventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area["(212) 784-6030"]
Brilliant Venturesbrilliant.venturesGreater Los Angeles Area
Brooklyn Bridge Venturesbrooklynbridge.vcGreater New York City Area
Brooklyn Equitybrooklyn-equity.comGreater New York City
Brown & Company Jewelersbrownjewelers.comGreater Los Angeles
Bruin Women in Businessdailybruin.comGreater Los Angeles Area310-825-9898
BSR (Business for Social Responsibility)bsr.orgGreater Los Angeles Area["(415) 984-3200"]
Building Industry Partnersbuildingip.comGreater New York City Area
Bullpen Capitalbullpencap.comGreater Los Angeles
Byers Property Los Angeles
Caerus Investment Partnerscaerusip.comGreater New York City
Calibrate Venturescalibratevc.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Camber Creekcambercreek.comGreater New York City Area
Canaan Partnerscanaan.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+1 650-854-8092]
Canepa Healthcare LLCcanepahealthcare.comGreater New York City
Cantos Venturescantos.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
Canvassed Galleryliveauctioneers.comGreater Los Angeles
Capital A Partnerscapitalapartners.comGreater New York City Area
CarMaxcarmax.comGreater New York City Area["(800) 519-1511" "+81 942-65-5216" "+1 800-519-1511"]
Casa Verde Capitalcasaverdecapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Causeway Media Partnerscausewaymp.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Caymus Equity Partners LLCcaymusequity.comGreater New York City Area(404)
Cayuga Venture Fundcayugaventures.comIthaca New York
Celerity Partnersceleritypartners.comGreater Los Angeles Area310.268.1710
Centana Growth Partnerscentanagrowth.comGreater New York City Area["+1 (650) 276-7710" "+1 (650) 276-7710 " "+1 (650) 276-7710"]
Center for Public Integritypublicintegrity.orgGreater Los Angeles Area["(202) 466-1300"]
Century Park Capital Partnerscenturyparkcapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area["(310) 867-2210" "(310) 867-2210"]
Chaac Ventureschaacventures.comGreater Los Angeles Area
ChangePathchangepath.comGreater New York City Area888.798.2360
Charter Life Sciences L.P.clsvc.comSan Francisco Bay Area650-318-5411
Chartwell Investmentschartwellinvestments.com212.521.5500
CIP Capitalcip-capital.comGreater New York City Area212-257-5000
City Light Capitalcitylightcap.comGreater New York City
Civilization Venturescivilizationventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Claremont Creek Venturesclaremontcreek.comSan Francisco Bay Area["+1 510-740-5001"]
Classic Fine Foods GM Chinaeqtpartners.comGreater New York City Area["6849418001"]
Clavis Capital Ltdclaviscp.comGreater New York City Area["0117944727 "]
ClearPoint Investment Partnersclearpointinvest.comSan Francisco Bay
Clipper Ventures plc - Clipper Round the World Yacht Raceclipperroundtheworld.comGreater New York City Area
CloudScale Capital Partners LLCcloudscalecapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area["(408) 398-1635"]
Cody Lassen & Associatescodylassen.comGreater Los Angeles
Collaborative Fundcollaborativefund.comGreater New York City Area[""]
Compass Partnerscompasspartners.comGreater New York City
Compound VCcompound.vcGreater New York City Area
Congruent Venturescongruentvc.comSan Francisco Bay
Consciousness Hackingcohack.lifeSan Francisco Bay Area
Consumer Growth Partnersconsumergrowth.comGreater New York City
Continuum Holdingscontinuum.holdingsGreater New York City Area["248) 4610780"]
Contra Managementcontravisory.comGreater Los Angeles Area(781)
Contrary Capitalcontrarycap.comSan Francisco Bay Area[]
Cooper Investment Partnerscooperinvest.netGreater New York City Area212.275.2800
Coral Reef Capitalcoralreefcapital.comGreater New York City
Corigin Venturescoriginventures.comGreater New York City Area[]
Cornerstone Venture Partnerscornerstonevp.comGreater Los Angeles Area[]
Correlation Venturescorrelationvc.comGreater New York City Area858-412-8500
Corsair Pacific Capitalcorsairpacific.comGreater New York City
Cota Capitalcotacapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area
County of San Mateosmcgov.orgGreater New York City
CPG industryinvestopedia.comGreater Los Angeles Area["2122194687 " "2122194687 " "2122194687 "]
Crescendo Capital Partners LLCcrescendocp.comGreater Los Angeles
Crescendo Venturescrescendoventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area
CRI Eventscancerresearch.orgGreater Los Angeles Area["(212) 688-7515"]
Crimson Leafcrimsonleaf.netGreater Los Angeles Area(905)
Criptextcriptext.comGreater Los Angeles Area
CriticalPoint Partnerscriticalpointpartners.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Crosscut Venturescrosscutventures.comGreater Los Angeles Area[" (650) 843-5000. "]
CSW Private Equity LLCcswprivateequity.comGreater New York City
Currency Worldwide Inc.currency.creditGreater Los Angeles New York City Area
Cventcvent.comSan Francisco Bay Area["866.318.4358" "866.318.4358" "(866) 318-4358"]
Dallas Innovatesdallasinnovates.comGreater New York City Area214-939-3636
Danhua Capitaldanhuacap.comSan Francisco Bay Area[650-260-8626]
Darwin Venturesdarwinvc.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+1 415-362-0274]
Data Collectivedcvc.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Davenport Resources (203) 276
David Lam Groupdavidlam.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+1 408-868-9901]
Day2 Venturesday2ventures.comGreater New York City Area
Decheng Capitaldecheng.comSan Francisco Bay Area[ (86-21) 5383 1999]
Deep Fork LLCdeepforkcapital.comGreater New York City Area[]
DEFTA PARTNERSdeftapartners.comSan Francisco Bay Area(415)
Delos Capitaldeloscap.comGreater New York City Area["(212) 257-4447"]
Denali Asset Managementdenaliadvisors.comGreater Los Angeles Area["858-558-3600"]
DFJdfj.comSan Francisco Bay Area["(650) 233-9000" "(650) 233-9000" "(650) 233-9000"]
DFJ Frontierdfjfrontier.comGreater Los Angeles Area
DFW Capital Partnersdfwcapital.comGreater New York City Area201-836-6000
Digitalis Venturesdigitalisventures.comGreater New York City Area
DinerIQgenius.comGreater New York City Area[""]
Dirigo Advisorsdirigoadvisors.comGreater New York City Area
Disruptive Technology Advisers LLCdtadvisers.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Distributed Globaldistributedglobal.comGreater Los Angeles
Diversis Capital LLCdiversiscapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Diztinct Inc.diztinct.comGreater New York City Area973-910-1123
DLC Startup Advisorystartupadvisorygroup.coGreater New York City Area(848) 628-4157
Dolik Venturesdolikventures.comGreater New York City Area
Dominus Capital L.P.dominuscap.comGreater New York City Area["(212)784-5440" "(212)784-5440" "(212)784-5440"]
DoubleRockdoublerock.comSan Francisco Bay Area4159100943
Draper Nexus Venture Partnersdrapernexus.comSan Francisco Bay Area
E14 Funde14fund.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Early Bird Capitalearlybirdcapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area212-661-0200
Eastlink Capitaleastlinkcap.comSan Francisco Bay Area["650.294.4139"]
Easton Capital Investment Groupeastoncapital.comGreater New York City Area["0459656195 "]
eBay Enterprisetechcrunch.comGreater Los Angeles Area["610-491-7000 "]
Eclipse Ventures LLCeclipse.vcSan Francisco Bay Area["650-720-4667"]
Edgeline Capital Partnersedgelinecapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area310-442-0595
EES Ventureseesventures.comGreater Los Angeles Area
EIKON Consulting Group LLCeikoncg.comGreater New York City Area[""]
eLab Ventureselabvc.comSan Francisco Bay Area["+1 (650) 551-5000 " "+1 (650) 551-5000"]
Elementum Ventureselementum.vcSan Francisco Bay Area[650-275-3170]
Elephant Insuranceelephant.comGreater New York City Area["855-353-7426 " "855-353-7426 " "855-353-7426 "]
ELEVEN:ZULU CAPITAL11zulucapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Elm Equity Partnerselmcapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area207 901 8940
Elm Street Ventureselmvc.comGreater New York City Area
Emerald Development Managers LPemeraldmanagers.comGreater New York City
Emil Capital Partners LLCemilcapitalpartners.comGreater New York City Area
Endeavor Energy Holdings LLCendeavor-energy.comGreater New York City
Endure Capitalendurecap.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Energy Infrastructure Partnersagereinfra.comGreater New York City Area
Enhanced Capital Partnersenhancedcapital.comGreater New York City Area["212-207-3385" "(212) 207-3385"]
Ensemble Labsensemblelabs.comSan Francisco Bay
Entrepreneurs Roundtable Acceleratoreranyc.comGreater New York City Area
Epic Partnersepicpartnersllc.comGreater New York City Area
ePlanet Capitaleplanetcapital.comGreater New York City Area+1 408 236 6500
Equilibre Capitalthegoodhub.comGreater New York City Area["(514) 355-3333 "]
Equipo Venturesequipoventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Equis Capital Partnersequiscapitalpartners.comGreater New York City
Ethos Investmentsethosinvestments.comGreater New York City
Eventbriteeventbrite.comGreater Los Angeles Area["(800) 350-8850" "870 218 5276 "]
EVENTPRO PRODUCTIONSeventproprod.comGreater Los Angeles Area818 926
Everest Private Equityeverestusa.netGreater Los Angeles Area402.218.4423
Everstrong Capitaleverstrongcapital.comGreater New York City Area+1 (203) 989 9900
Evolution Equity Partnersevolutionequity.comGreater New York City Area[]
EXALTARE Capital Partners LLCexaltarecapital.comGreater New York City
Experiencethesaurus.comGreater Los Angeles Area
ExSight Capitalexsightventures.comGreater New York City Area
ExxonMobil and Real Estate Investorbizjournals.comGreater Los Angeles Area["(972) 444-1156 "]
Factor(E) Venturesfactore.comGreater New York City
Farid Capital Partnerstariqfarid.comGreater New York City Area
Female Founders Fundfemalefoundersfund.comGreater New York City
Ferrer Freeman & Companyffandco.comGreater New York City Area203.532.8011
Fifth Wall Venturesfifthwall.vcGreater Los Angeles Area[]
Fika Venturesfika.vcGreater Los Angeles Area[+1 405-759-0034]
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)finra.orgGreater New York City Area["844-574-3577 " "(301) 590-6500"]
Finaventuresfinaventures.comSan Francisco Bay
FinIndustrial LLCautoradradiators.comGreater New York City
First Analysis Private Equityfirstanalysis.comGreater New York City Area
First Cut Venture Capitalfirstcut.vcGreater Los Angeles
First Impact New York Ltd.impact1st.comGreater New York City Area["201-970-6166"]
FirstMark Capitalfirstmarkcap.comGreater Los Angeles Area[+1 212-792-2200]
Firstrock Capitalfirstrock.vcGreater New York City Area
Fitlabfitlabclub.comGreater Los Angeles Area[]
Five Prime Advisors LLCprimeadvisors.comGreater New York City Area425-202-2040
FlexBorrowflexborrow.comGreater New York City Area855.353.3539
Flux Capitalflux.capitalGreater Los Angeles Area["213.330.2613"]
Follow[the]Seedfollowtheseed.vcSan Francisco Bay Area415862700
Forerunner Venturesforerunnerventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area[]
Foresite Capital Managementforesitecapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area415 877 4887
Formation Groupformationgroup.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Fortus Management 625-4211
Forward Capital Partnersforwardpartners.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Founder Collectivefoundercollective.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Founders Circle Capitalfounderscircle.comSan Francisco Bay Area["(415) 299-8311"]
Foundups® Open Incubator™joel.isGreater Los Angeles Area
FreeInternshipsfreeinternships.comGreater New York City Area
Freemark Partnersfreemarkpartners.comGreater New York City Area212-441-4900
Fresco Capitalfresco.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
Fuel Capital.fuelcapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area
FundWorks LLC.thefundworks.comGreater New York City Area
G2VPg2vp.comSan Francisco Bay Area[]
Gardner Webster Capital Partnersgwcpartners.comGreater New York City Area212-801-0191
Gatehouse Partnersgatehousepartners.comGreater Los Angeles
Gatewood Capital Partnersgatewoodcapital.comGreater New York City Area
Genacast Venturesgenacast.comGreater New York City Area
Genealogical Search Inc.heirsearch.comGreater New York City Area
Generation Partnersgeneration.comGreater Los Angeles Area["203.422.8215"]
Genero Capital Partnersgenerocp.comGreater Los Angeles Area(310)
Genova Property Group LLC (A Global Property Resources Inc Company)dept.coGreater Los Angeles Area
Geonih.gov301-443-1124 (240-221-4007 e español)
George K. Baum Capital Advisors Inc.gkbcapitaladvisors.comGreater New York City Area
Gigafundgigafund.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Global Catalyst Partnersgc-partners.comSan Francisco Bay Area(650) 486 2420
Global Founders Capitalglobalfounders.vcGreater New York City Area
Global Health Investment Fundghif.comGreater New York City Area
Global Tech Venture Advisorsfundingpost.comGreater New York City Area["860-261-2322" "860-261-2322" "860-261-2322"]
Global Technology Investmentsgticapitalgroup.comGreater Los Angeles Area+1 (212)
Golden Pacific Capital LLCgoldenpacificcapital.comGreater New York City Area+1 917 688
Golden Seedsgoldenseeds.comGreater New York City Area["(888) 629-6774"]
GoldenSet Capital Partners LLCgoldensetcapital.comGreater New York City Area
GOODStart ECI by W.wheeler.companyGreater Los Angeles
Goodwater Capitalgoodwatercap.comSan Francisco Bay
Gotham Venturesgothamvc.com212-279-3980
Govtech Fundgovtechfund.comSan Francisco Bay
Greenbriar Equity Groupgreenbriarequity.comGreater New York City Area914-925-9600
GreenSky Creditgreenskycredit.comGreater Los Angeles Area["866-936-0602 " "866-936-0602 " "(866) 936-0602 "]
Greycroft Partnersgreycroft.comGreater New York City Area
Greylock Partnersgreylock.comSan Francisco Bay Area["+1 781-622-2200"]
Grishin Roboticsgrishinrobotics.comSan Francisco Bay
Group Gurubecomeagroupguru.comGreater Los Angeles
Grove Venturesgrovevc.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Growth Catalyst Partnersgrowthcatalystpartners.comGreater New York City Area
Growth Factor Ventures Inc.growthfactorbioventures.comGreater Los Angeles Area
GrowthCap LLCgrowthcap.coGreater New York City
GSF Globalgsfaccelerator.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Guardian News & Mediatheguardian.comGreater Los Angeles
H.I.G. Capitalhigcapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Hale Capital Partnershalecapital.comGreater New York City
Halmos Capital Partnersvalueconferences.comGreater New York City Area
Hamilton Robinson Capital Partnershrco.comGreater New York City Area["(203) 602-0011" "(203) 602-0011"]
Hammockhammock.comGreater New York City Area
Hancock Park Associateshpcap.comGreater Los Angeles
Harlem Capitalharlem.capitalGreater New York City Area
Harlow Incharlowtech.comGreater Los Angeles
Harmony Partnersharmonyvp.comGreater New York City Area[""]
Harvest Financialharvest-financial.comGreater Los Angeles
Hashtagonehashtagone.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Hatzimemos / Libbyhatzimemoslibby.comGreater New York City Area
Hauser Private Equityhauserprivateequity.comGreater Los Angeles Area513-936-7372
Health Catalyst Capital Management LLChealthcatalystcapital.comGreater New York City Area
Health Enterprise Partners L.Phepfund.comGreater New York City Area
Healthy Ventureshealthy.vcSan Francisco Bay Area[]
Heartland Venturesheartlandvc.comSan Francisco Bay
HEDA VENTUREShedaventures.comSan Francisco Bay
Helix Ventureshelixventure.comSan Francisco Bay Area(650)
Hemi Ventureshemi.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
HGGChggc.comSan Francisco Bay Area(650)
Hickory VCireland-ventures.comGreater Los Angeles Area310.443.8329
HighCape Partnershighcape.comGreater New York City Area
Higher Ground Labshighergroundlabs.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Hill Capital Partners Inccastlehillcap.comGreater Los Angeles Area["(212) 904-0280" "(212) 904-0280"]
HOF Capitalhof.capitalGreater New York City Area
Holco Groupjabholco.comGreater New York City Area[""]
Holding Capital Groupholdingcapital.comGreater New York City
Holston Medical Groupholstonmedicalgroup.comGreater Los Angeles Area(423) 857-2000
Honey R Capitallagrandeglobal.comGreater New York City Area
HQ Air National Guardaf.milGreater New York City Area1
Hudson Hill Capital Managementriabiz.comGreater New York City Area
Hudson Ventureshudsonventures.comGreater New York City Area(212)
Hunt Equityhuntequitygroup.comGreater Los Angeles Area(213) 545-6975
Hustle Fundhustlefund.vcSan Francisco Bay Area[(650)394-6630]
Hypatia Capital Grouphypatiacapital.comGreater New York City Area
IA Capital Groupiacapgroup.comGreater New York City Area
IA Venturesiaventures.comGreater New York City Area
ICONYC labsiconyclabs.comGreater New York City Area646-884-3442
ideaTree - .Incubate .mentor .investideatree.comGreater Los Angeles Area[+1 310-844-7447]
Illumina Venturesilluminaventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area[858-210-1824]
IMO Venturesimo.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
Impact America Fundimpactamericafund.comIthaca New York
Industry Venturesindustryventures.comGreater New York City Area
Influencer Seriesinfluencerseries.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Initial Capitalinitialcapital.comSan Francisco Bay
InnovatetheNext Foundationinnovatethenext.orgGreater Los Angeles
Innovation Endeavorsinnovationendeavors.comSan Francisco Bay
Insight Venture Partnersinsightpartners.comGreater New York City Area["808 234 0202" "(212) 265-7745"]
Inspiration Venturesinspirationvc.comSan Francisco Bay
InTAGraichen Consulting LLCedgeconsultancyllc.comGreater New York City Area["866-499-6430t"]
Integrated Financial Group | The Brain Trustintegrated-financial-group.comGreater Los Angeles Area770-353-6400
Inteladeskinteladesk.comGreater New York City Area(845) 367-9646
Interlock Partnersinterlock.vcGreater New York City Area
Internet Visions Definedinternetvisionsdefined.comGreater New York City
Interplay Venturesinterplay.vcGreater New York City
Intuitive Venture Partnersintuitivevp.comGreater New York City Area
InvestCOMinvestcom.comGreater New York City
Invictus Corporate Solutions LLPinvictusgrp.comGreater Los Angeles Area["+1 212-661-1999"]
JADE Enterprises LLCjadeenterprises.comGreater Los Angeles Area
JAG Capital Holdingsjagcapm.comGreater New York City Area800.966.4596
JANVEST Capital Partners LLCjanvest.comGreater New York City
Javelin Venture Partnersjavelinvp.comSan Francisco Bay Area(415) 471-1300
JAZZ Venture Partnersjazzvp.comSan Francisco Bay Area
JF Capital Advisorsjfcapitaladvisors.comGreater New York City Area
JG["(888) 765-3731" "(888) 765-3731" "(888) 765-3731"]
Jimuboxcrunchbase.comGreater New York City
Jump Capitaljumpcap.comGreater New York City Area
JUMP Investorsjumpinvestors.comGreater Los Angeles Area["(310) 472-7600"]
Juna Equity Partnersjunaequitypartners.comGreater New York City Area
Just Businessjustbusiness.isSan Francisco Bay Area[+371 666-31773]
Kachina Peaks Capitalkachinapeaks.comSan Francisco Bay Area650.308.9224
Kairos Societykairoshq.comGreater New York City
Kairos VCkairosventures.comGreater Los Angeles Area(310)
Kairos.comkairos.comGreater New York City
Kapor Capitalkaporcapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area[]
KAR Consultingkarconsultinginc.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Karma Internationalkarmainternational.comGreater Los Angeles Area[]
KCB Management LLCkcbm.comGreater Los Angeles Area626-356-0944
KCS Investments LLCkcswealth.comGreater Los Angeles
KEC Ventureskecventures.comGreater New York City Area[]
Keiretsu Forumkeiretsuforum.comSan Francisco Bay Area["(610) 971-4067"]
Keravalonlaroutedesaveurs.comGreater New York City Area
Kerwood Capital Partnerskerwoodcp.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Kevyn Aucoin Beautykevynaucoin.comGreater New York City
Khosla Ventureskhoslaventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area["+91 80 4666 1029"]
Kidd & Companykiddcompany.comGreater New York City Area(203) 661-0070
King Diamondkingdiamondcoven.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Kline Hill Partners LPklinehill.comGreater New York City Area
Laconia Capital Grouplaconiacapitalgroup.comGreater New York City Area[]
LADENBURG THALMANN FINANCIAL SERVICESladenburg.comGreater New York City Area["305.572.4199"]
Lakewood Capital LLClakewoodcap.comGreater New York City Area
Las Vegas Reviewreviewjournal.comGreater Los Angeles
LaunchCapital LLClaunchcapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Leerink Revelation Partnersrevelation-partners.comSan Francisco Bay Area(415)-905-7226
Lemnoslemnos.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
Leonard Green & Partnersleonardgreen.comGreater Los Angeles Area["310.954.0444 "]
Liberty City Ventureslibertycityventures.comGreater New York City Area
linz & chandler pccourtstuff.comGreater New York City Area
Lobato Advisory Group LLCcognovilabs.comGreater New York City Area(646) 450-2165
Long Journey Technology Limitedhnagroup.comGreater New York City Area
Long Ridge Equity Partnerslongridgecap.comGreater New York City
Longstreet Worldwide
Lowercase Capitallowercasecapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area
LUMA Capital Partnerslumacapitalpartners.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Lumis Partnerslumispartners.comGreater New York City Area124 4824888
LunaCap Ventureslunacapventures.comGreater New York City Area
LWPartnerslwpartners.comGreater Los Angeles
M13 Companym13.coGreater Los Angeles Area[+1 424-279-4361]
M2O Private Fund Advisorsm2ollc.comGreater New York City
Machine Shopthemachineshop.infoGreater Los Angeles Area810-715-2650
Main Post Partnersmainpostpartners.comSan Francisco Bay Area(415) 398-0770
Making Waves Foundationmaking-waves.orgSan Francisco Bay
Manhattan Venture Partnersmvp.vcGreater Los Angeles
Manifest Investment Partners LLCmanifestgrowth.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Marist Collegemarist.eduGreater Los Angeles Area["(845) 575-3000"]
Marlborough Street Partnersmarlboroughst.comGreater New York City
Marlin Equity Partnersmarlinequity.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Marshall Junction Partnersmarshalljunction.comGreater New York City Area214755889
Mattel Los Angeles Area["1 (888) 892-6123"]
Maven Ventures | VC & Incubatormavenventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+44 (0) 203 170 6116]
Maxfield Capitalmaxfield.vcSan Francisco Bay
MC Square Capital LLCmcsquarecapital.comGreater New York City Area
Mckessonmckesson.comSan Francisco Bay Area["415-983-8300"]
Messiah Collegemessiah.eduGreater New York City Area["717-766-2511" "717-766-2511" "+1 717-766-2511"]
MetaProp NYCmetaprop.orgGreater New York City Area
MFG Partnersmfgpartners.comGreater New York City Area["212.651.4615 " "212.651.4615"]
MI Ventures LLCmiventuresllc.comGreater New York City Area["(646) 257-2650" "(646) 257-2650"]
Mighty Capitalmighty.capitalSan Francisco Bay Area
Mind Fund Group Ltdmindfund.comSan Francisco Bay Area[852 2489 0318]
Mint Capitalmintcap.ruGreater New York City
Mission Bay Capitalmissionbaycapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+1 415-240-4970]
Mistral Venture Partnersmistralvp.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Mogility Capitalmogilitycapital.comGreater New York City Area
Moment Venturesmomentventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area[""]
Momenta Pharmaceuticalsmomentapharma.comGreater New York City Area["+1 617-491-9700"]
Monogram Capital Partnersmonogramcapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area["310.492.5515t" "310.492.5515t" "310.492.5515t"]
Montage Venturesmontageventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area["650.285.2382 " "650.285.2382 "]
Moonrise Capital LPdyalcapital.comGreater New York City Area
Moonshots Capitalmoonshotscapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Morpheus Venturesmorpheus.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Morrigan Capital Partnersmorriganpartners.comGreater Los Angeles Area+1 646 233
Mosaik Partners LLCmosaikpartners.comSan Francisco Bay
Mucker Capitalmuckercapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Muse Capitalmusecapitallabs.comGreater Los Angeles Area
N-Sea Groupn-sea.comGreater New York City Area["+31 111 456 000"]
N3 Capital LLCn3cap.comGreater Los Angeles Area
NAB Shownabshow.comGreater Los Angeles Area
naissnaiss.ioSan Francisco Bay Area[]
NanoDimensionnanodimension.comSan Francisco Bay Area+1 650 241
Narrative.vcnarrative.vcGreater Los Angeles Area310 985
Native Merchant Servicesnativemerchantservices.comGreater Los Angeles
Nav Talentnavtalent.comSan Francisco Bay
Navigation Pointenavigationpointeapts.comGreater Los Angeles Area(361) 289-5575
Navios Ship Agencies Incnavios.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Navitas Capitalnavitascap.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Navo Orbico Sp. z o.o.navoorbico.plGreater New York City Area[]
Naya Venturesnayaventures.comGreater Los Angeles
Nebari Holdingsnebari.usGreater New York City
Neogen Venturesneogen.ieGreater Los Angeles
Nesting Partnersakt.fundGreater New York City Area
New 2ND Capitalbzweekly.comGreater New York City Area+1 203-334-2757
New Amsterdam Growth Capitalnagrowth.comGreater New York City
New MainStream Capitalnms-capital.comGreater New York City Area
New Media Ventures (NMV)newmediaventures.orgSan Francisco Bay Area[]
New Science Venturesnewscienceventures.comGreater New York City
Newbury Partnersnewbury-partners.comGreater New York City Area
Newton North High New York City Area["617-559-6000"]
Nex Cubednex3.comSan Francisco Bay
Next Level Fire & Safetynextlevelapparel.comGreater New York City Area["(310) 631-4955"]
Next Play Capitalnextplaycapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area
NextGen Venture Partnersnextgenvp.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Nextview Groupnextviewventures.comGreater New York City Area
Nexus Venture Partnersnexusvp.comSan Francisco Bay Area(650) 233-0700
Nolan Capital Inc.nolancap.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Noname Venturesnoname.venturesGreater Los Angeles Area
Nord chez Opportunités NB / Regional Directorgnb.caGreater New York City Area["855-444-6554 "]
Northern Gulf Partnersnortherngp.comGreater New York City Area
Northwestern Mutualnorthwesternmutual.comGreater Los Angeles
Norwest Venture Partnersnvp.comSan Francisco Bay Area["(650) 321-8000"]
Novidam Capital Partners (NCP)novidam.comGreater New York City Area
Novirian Capitalnovirian.comSan Francisco Bay Area(415)
NSW Los Angeles Area
Nyca Partnersnyca.comGreater New York City Area(212)
Oakhouse Partnersoakhousepartners.comSan Francisco Bay Area415-851-1625
Oberland Capitaloberlandcapital.comGreater New York City Area
OCA Venturesocaventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area(312) 327 – 8400
Ocean Avenue Investmentsoceanavenuecapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Oceanos Capital Partnersaxial.netGreater New York City Area
Oceanview Capital Partnersglendaletechweek.comGreater Los Angeles Area
OCVPocvp.orgGreater Los Angeles Area
Off the Grid Venturesotgventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Okapi Capitalokapivc.comGreater Los Angeles Area
OldSlip Groupoldslip.comGreater New York City
Olive Tree Venturesolivetree.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
Oncologistalphamedpress.orgGreater New York City Area
OneTractiononetraction.vcGreater Los Angeles Area
Onion Inc.theonion.comGreater New York City
Opatan Capitalopatan.comSan Francisco Bay
Oriza Venturesorizaventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area[ 650-450-0108]
Oval Partnersovalpartners.comSan Francisco Bay
PAC Partnerspac-partners.comGreater New York City Area["860-261-2787"]
Pacific Realty Venturesprvrealty.comGreater Los Angeles Area[]
Pacific Rim Financial Corp.prfc.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Palisades Growth Capitalpalisadesgrowth.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Park Madison Partnersparkmadisonpartners.comGreater New York City Area
Parker Hannifinparker.comGreater Los Angeles Area["" "+1 216-896-3000"]
Parthenon Capitalparthenoncapitalpartners.comGreater New York City
PeakEquity Partnerspeakequity.comGreater New York City
PeakSpan Capitalpeakspancapital.comGreater New York City Area
Peakview Capitalpeakview.capitalSan Francisco Bay Area+1 650 321
Pear VCpear.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
Pecunia Capitalpecuniacapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Peepal Tree Capitalpeepaltreecapital.comGreater New York City Area
Pegasus Capital Grouppegasusmgmt.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Peloton Equitypelotonequity.comGreater New York City Area["203 532 8011"]
Peppertree Partnerspeppertreecapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area440.528.0328
Pereg Venturesperegventures.comGreater New York City
Peterson Venturespetersonpartners.comGreater Los Angeles Area[]
Phoenix&Powellphoenixpowell.orgGreater Los Angeles
PICO Venture Partnerspico.partnersGreater New York City Area
Pilot Mountain Venturespilotmtventures.comGreater New York City Area
Pine Street Capital Partnerspinecap.comAlbany New York Area
Pivot Investment Partners LLCpivotinvestment.comGreater New York City Area
Pivoton Capitalpivotoncapital.usGreater New York City Area(909)
Platform Venturesplatformventure.comGreater New York City Area["(312)543-3062" "(312)543-3062" "(312)543-3062"]
Plug and Play Tech Centerplugandplaytechcenter.comGreater Los Angeles Area[+1 408-524-1400]
Podtek Inc.marketwired.comGreater New York City Area["800-774-9473"]
Point72 Asset Managementpoint72.comGreater New York City Area["" "(646) 569-8600"]
Point72 Venturesp72.vcGreater New York City
Pontifax Global Food and Agriculture Technology Fundpontifaxagtech.comGreater Los Angeles Area[424-313-7010]
Pool Global Partnerspoolglobalpartners.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Porterporter.idGreater New York City Area["+1 888-619-8622"]
Post Road Grouppostroadgroup.comGreater New York City Area203-518-8480
Precursor Venturesprecursorvc.comSan Francisco Bay Area[]
Prelude Growth Partnerspreludegrowth.comGreater New York City Area[]
Presidio Investorspresidioinvestors.comSan Francisco Bay Area["415-689-7799" "415-689-7799"]
Priam Capitalpriamcap.comGreater New York City Area
Primary Venture Partnersprimary.vcGreater New York City Area
Primera Capitalprimeracapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Princeton Management Associatespremiermanagement.netGreater New York City Area201-947-1001
Princeton Venturesprincetonventures.comGreater New York City Area(609)
Princeville Globalprincevilleglobal.comSan Francisco Bay Area415 432 8880
Pritzker Grouppritzkergroup.comGreater Los Angeles Area["+1 312-447-6000"]
Prolog Venturesprologventures.comGreater New York City Area
Propel Equity Partnerspropelequity.comGreater New York City
Propel Venture Partnerspropel.vcSan Francisco Bay Area[+1 415-754-9344]
Prospect Capital Corporationprospectstreet.comGreater New York City Area["888-338-7333" "(212) 448-0702"]
Proton Enterprisesprotonenterprises.comGreater New York City Area
Prototype Capitalprototype.capitalGreater Los Angeles Area[]
Quad Partnersquadpartners.comGreater New York City Area212.724.2200
Quantum Growth Venturesqgv.vcSan Francisco Bay
Racecourse Capitalnenaghguardian.ieGreater New York City
Radian Capitalradiantvc.comGreater New York City Area
Radicle Impact Partnersradicleimpact.comSan Francisco Bay
Raine Consulting Incraine.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Raven Hound Ventures LLCsevenhoundventures.comGreater Los Angeles Area
RBC Wealth Managementrbcwealthmanagement.comGreater Los Angeles
RCC Ventures LLCrcc-ventures.comGreater New York City Area
RCV Partners LLCrcvpartners.comGreater New York City Area["+1 631 692 7009"]
Reach Capitalreachcap.comSan Francisco Bay Area
REAL Infrastructure Capital Partners LLCrealinf.comGreater New York City
Red Bear Angelsrbangels.comGreater New York City Area
Red Giraffe Advisorsredgiraffeadvisors.comGreater New York City Area
Regent Equity Partnersregentequity.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Reitler Kailas & Rosenblatt LLCreitlerlaw.comGreater New York City Area212.209.3050
Relay Venturesrelayventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Rethink Educationrteducation.comGreater New York City Area["914-683-8474" "914-683-8474"]
Rethink Education Fundrethink.vcGreater New York City Area(914)
Reverence Capital Partnersreverencecapital.comGreater New York City Area
Ribbit Capitalribbitcap.comSan Francisco Bay Area["+1 650-485-3758"]
River Birch Partnersriverbirchcap.comGreater New York City
Riverford Partners LLCspegcs.orgGreater Los Angeles Area713.779.9595
Rivers Investments LLCriverassociatesllc.com423-755-0888
RJ Consultingrjconsultingonline.comGreater New York City Area
Robin Hood Venturesrobinhoodventures.comGreater New York City Area
Root Venturesroot.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
Rose Tech Venturesrose.vcGreater New York City
Rosewood Capitalrosewoodpi.comGreater New York City Area["(214) 849-9000 " "(214) 849-9000"]
Rothenberg Venturesrothenbergventures.comSan Francisco Bay
Rubicon Talentrubicontalent.comGreater New York City Area
Rubicon Venture Capitalrubicon.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
Rudy Project North Americarudyprojectusa.comGreater Los Angeles Area(888) 860-7597
RunTide Capitalruntidecapital.comGreater New York City Area(212) 572-4857
Sage Capital Growthsagecapitalllc.comGreater New York City Area(314)
Sales & Marketing chez Distribution Sélect / Quebecordiscogs.comGreater Los Angeles Area2550100250
Saugatuck Capital Companysaugatuckcapital.comGreater New York City Area203-348-6669
Science Blockchaintokenhub.comGreater Los Angeles Area
ScienceSeed LLCthescienceseed.comGreater New York City Area
SciFi VCscifi.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
SCOPE Capital Partnersscope.seGreater Los Angeles
Scoplex LLCdancingastronaut.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Scopus Venturesscopusventures.comGreater Los Angeles Area[]
Scout Venturesscoutventures.comGreater New York City Area
Scrum Venturesscrum.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
SEAkersseakerscc.comGreater Los Angeles
Second Alpha Partnerssecondalpha.comGreater New York City Area
Section Partnerssectionpartners.comSan Francisco Bay Area(650) 761-6852
SeedInvestseedinvest.comGreater New York City Area[""]
Selmaimdb.comGreater New York City Area["0048281389" "559-898-6500 "]
Seraph Groupseraphgroup.netSan Francisco Bay Area
SGG World LLCsggworld.comGreater Los Angeles Area393828605
SGVCsg-vc.comGreater Los Angeles
Shamrock Capitalshamrockcap.comGreater Los Angeles Area(310)
ShangBay Capital (Venture Capital Investmentshangbaycapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Shasta Venturesshastaventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area415.644.0140
Shore Points Capitalshorepointscapital.comGreater New York City Area646-233-0158
Silas Capitalsilascapital.comGreater New York City Area
Singularity Investmentssingularityinvest.comGreater Los Angeles Area809 146 6964
Sinovation Ventures (创新工场)sinovationventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+86 010-57525200]
SJ Groupsjinvestments.netGreater Los Angeles Area(423) 989-7200
Skadden Arpsskadden.comGreater New York City Area["212.735.3000"]
SkyChee Venturesskychee.venturesSan Francisco Bay Area
Slatorslator.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Smarter-Companiessmarter-companies.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Snapchat Inc.snapchat.comGreater Los Angeles Area["(310) 399-3339"]
Social Impact Capitalsocial-impact-capital.comGreater New York City Area
Social Startssocialstarts.comSan Francisco Bay Area
SoGal Venturessogalventures.comGreater New York City
Soma Capitalsomacapital.ioSan Francisco Bay Area
Sopris Capital Associatessopriscapital.comGreater New York City Area
SOSVenturessosv.comGreater New York City Area
Sound Venturessound-ventures.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Soundcore Capital Partners LLCsoundcorecap.comGreater New York City Area
Southboxsouthbox.ioGreater New York City Area["+1 (215) 282-5174"]
Sovereigns Capitalsovereignscapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area62 21 2985
Sozo Venturessozo.venturesSan Francisco Bay Area
Space Angels Venture Fundspaceangels.comGreater New York City
SparkChain Capitalsparkchaincapital.comSan Francisco Bay
SparkLabs Global Venturessparklabsglobal.comSan Francisco Bay
Spring Lane Capitalspringlanecapital.comGreater New York City
Srilo Venturessharran.comGreater Los Angeles
Sriracha Partnerssriracha2go.comGreater New York City
Stacked Capitalstackedvb.comGreater New York City Area
Stage Venture Partnersstagevp.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Star Avenue Capitalstaravenuecapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area(212) 551-4500
Starboard Capital["+1 203-259-8855"]
Starta Venturesstartacapital.comGreater New York City Area929.251.5142
Startup Capital Venturesstartupcv.comSan Francisco Bay Area(650) 461-8100
Startupbootcampstartupbootcamp.orgSan Francisco Bay Area[""]
StarVest Partnersstarvestpartners.comGreater New York City Area["(212) 863-2500" "(212) 863-2500"]
Statista Globalstatista.comGreater New York City Area[""]
Stealth Venture Labsstealthventurelabs.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Stella Point Capitalstellapoint.comGreater New York City Area["(212) 235-0200"]
Sterling.VCsterling.vcGreater New York City Area
Storm Venturesstormventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area650.926.8800
Story Venturesstoryventures.vcGreater New York City Area
Strandview Capitalstrandview.comGreater Los Angeles Area[ (310) 995-8062]
Strategic Acquisitions Unitedstrategicla.comGreater Los Angeles Area818-769-7880
Strategic Investment Groupstrategicgroup.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Stratim Capitalstratimcapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area(415) 674-5800
Struck Capitalstruckcapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Structure Capitalstructure.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
Studio VCstudio.vcGreater New York City Area
Subtraction Capitalsubtractioncapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area[(435) 200-3252]
Sun Peak Capitalpeakcapitalpartners.comGreater New York City Area["801.341.0300" "801.341.0300"]
Sunrise Capital Partnerssunrisecapital.comGreater New York City Area
Super Venturessuperventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area
SurgRxctventures.comGreater Los Angeles Area(626) 351-3700
Sway Venturesswayvc.comSan Francisco Bay Area+1 (415) 964-5102
Sweetwater Capital Holdingssweetwatercg.comGreater New York City
Sweetwater Capital
Swell Venturesgotoswell.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Swing Venturesswing.venturesGreater New York City
Switch Venturesswitch.vcSan Francisco Bay Area[+44 28 9022 9022;]
Sycamore Partnerssycamorepartners.comGreater New York City Area["(212) 796-8500" "(212) 796-8500"]
Taglich Private Equitytaglichpe.comGreater New York City Area(212)
TAMID Grouptamidgroup.orgGreater New York City Area["(202) 449-6500"]
Tandem Capitaltandemcap.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+1 866-325-0800]
Tartavull Klein Capital LLCkleinpartners.comGreater Los Angeles Area(310)
TDF Venturestdfventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area240.483.4286
Team in Residence (TIR)teaminresidence.comSan Francisco Bay Area408-805-4108
Teamworthy Ventures (formerly Haystack Partners)haystackpartners.comGreater New York City Area
Techstarstechstars.comGreater New York City Area[""]
Tectonic Capitaltectonic.vcGreater New York City Area
Telegraph Hill Partnersthpartners.netGreater Los Angeles Area["415.765.6980 "]
TenacityIP LLCfintechgosf.comGreater Los Angeles
Tengram Capital Partnerstengramcapital.comGreater New York City Area
TenOneTen Venturestenoneten.netGreater Los Angeles Area[ 510-421-1887]
Tera Venturestera.vcGreater Los Angeles Area372 632
TerraNova Partners LPterranovapartners.comGreater New York City Area
Texas Military Departmenttexas.govGreater New York City Area["(877) 995-5247" "(512) 782-6084" "(281) 422-9964 "]
The African Technology Foundationthea25n.comSan Francisco Bay
The Alta Fundthealtafund.comGreater New York City
The Atlantictheatlantic.comGreater New York City
The Carpenters' Companyushistory.orgGreater New York City
The Elloratheellora.comGreater New York City Area
The Flying Objecttheflyingobject.comSan Francisco Bay Area(301) 279 0002
The House Fundthehouse.buildSan Francisco Bay Area
The J.M. Smucker Company (formerly Big Heart Pet Brands)prnewswire.comGreater New York City Area["888-776-0942" "888-776-0942" "888-776-0942 "]
The Mentor Group Inc.mentorgroup.comGreater Los Angeles Area
The Second Gear A practical approach to growth.slideshare.netGreater Los Angeles Area["+91 90362 92123"]
The Shatter Fundshatterfund.comSan Francisco Bay
The Valley Fundthevalleyfund.comGreater Los Angeles Area
The Venture Reality Fund/The VR Fundthevrfund.comSan Francisco Bay Area
The Vertical Groupvertical-group.comSan Francisco Bay Area[ 908-277-3737. ]
The Westly Groupwestlygroup.comGreater New York City Area
Tiger Peak Capitaltigerpeakcapital.comGreater New York City Area
Tiller Partnerstillerpartnersllc.comGreater Los Angeles Area
TLV Partnerstlv.partnersSan Francisco Bay Area[ +972-3-979-9400.]
Toluca Gourmettolucagourmet.comGreater Los Angeles Area(310) 954-0791
Tomorrow Venturestomorrowvc.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Topspin Partnerstopspinpartners.comGreater New York City Area
Torque Capital Group LLCtorquecap.comGreater New York City Area(212)
Totus Tuuscatholicdioceseofwichita.orgGreater New York City Area316.269.3900
Toyota AI Venturestoyota-ai.venturesSan Francisco Bay
Transom Capital Grouptransomcap.comGreater Los Angeles Area+1 (424)
Trend Discoverytrenddiscovery.comGreater New York City Area(518) 290-3124
TriArtisan Capital Partnerstriartisan.comGreater New York City Area
Tribeca Venture Partnerstribecavp.comGreater New York City Area
Trilantic Capital Partnerstrilantic.comGreater New York City Area["212.607.8450"]
Trillion Technology Solutions Incttsiglobal.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Triton Pacific Capital Partners LLCtritonpacific.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Troy Capital Partnerstroycapitalpartners.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Troy Labstroylabs.vcGreater Los Angeles Area
TSEFtsef.comGreater New York City Area
TSG Consumer Partnerstsgconsumer.comSan Francisco Bay Area["+1 415-217-2300"]
Turnspire Capital Partnersturnspirecap.comGreater New York City Area212.605.0271
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissionsec.govGreater Los Angeles Area["" "+1 303-844-1000"]
Ulu Venturesuluventures.comSan Francisco Bay
Unified Growth (585)
Union Capital Investment Managementunioncapitalcorp.comGreater New York City Area203-580-5740
Union Square Venturesusv.comGreater New York City Area(212) 994-7880
Unshackled Venturesunshackledvc.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+1 408-386-4030]
Upside Partnershipupsidevc.comSan Francisco Bay Area[1-415-509-8057]
UpWest Labsupwestlabs.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Upwordz Consultingupwords.caIthaca New York Area
Urban Anglerurbanangler.comGreater Los Angeles Area(212)
Urban Developmentsudplp.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Urban Innovation Fundurbaninnovationfund.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Urban Us Venturesurban.usGreater New York City Area
US Renewables Groupusregroup.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Utah Investor Networkgrowutah.comGreater Los Angeles Area[]
ValueStream Labsvaluestreamventures.comGreater New York City Area
Vanedge Capitalvanedgecapital.comSan Francisco Bay
Vanguardvanguard.comGreater Los Angeles Area["877-662-7447"]
Vantari LLCvantarigenetics.comGreater Los Angeles
Varsity Healthcare Partnersvarsityhealthcarepartners.comGreater Los Angeles Area["310-564-2690"]
Vector Group Ltd / Douglas Elliman / Morgans Hotel Group Co./ Nathans Famous Inc.therealdeal.comGreater Los Angeles Area["212-260-1332" "212-260-1332"]
Velocity Venture Capitalimpactvc.comSan Francisco Bay Area(888) 292-4748
Venture Inboundstartupsventurecapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area
VentureHealthventurehealth.comSan Francisco Bay Area(408) 457-3700
ventureLab Growth Partnersgoventurelab.comGreater Los Angeles
Vesey Street Capital Partnersvscpllc.comGreater New York City Area["(646) 847-2562 " "(646) 847-2562 " "(646) 847-2562 "]
Village Globalvillageglobal.vcGreater Los Angeles Area[]
Vision Ridge Partners LLCvision-ridge.comGreater New York City Area720 616 6506
Vivaris Capitalvivariscapital.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Voce Capital Managementvocecapital.comSan Francisco Bay Area(415) 489-2602
Vopne Capitalvopne.comSan Francisco Bay Area415.562.8468
Vox Francisco Bay Area[+55 11 3034-4555]
VSL Partnersvslp.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+44 1865 848488]
VTF Capitalvtfcapital.comGreater New York City
Wafra Partners LLCwafrapartners.comGreater New York City
Wall Street Sharewallstreetshare.comGreater New York City Area
Warren Equity Partnerswarrenequity.comGreater New York City Area904.746.3361
Watermark Venture Capitalwatermarkvc.comGreater Los Angeles Area
Watertower Groupwatertowergroup.comGreater Los Angeles
Watertower Ventureswatertowerventures.comGreater Los Angeles
Wavemaker Partnerswavemaker.vcGreater Los Angeles Area(310) 861-2103
WayPoint Capital Partnerswaypointcapitalpartners.comGreater New York City Area(914)
Weld North LLCweldnorth.comGreater New York City
Werwaiss & Co. Incwerwaissandco.comGreater New York City Area212 983-0044
West Avenue Capitalwacmp.comGreater New York City Area
Westvale Partnersproliteracy.orgGreater New York City
Whiteboard Venture Partnerswhiteboard.vcSan Francisco Bay Area
Will Bermender Equity Partners LLCwillbermender.comGreater New York City Area
Willowridge Partnerswillowridge.comGreater New York City Area
Wingpactwingpact.comSan Francisco Bay Area
Winklevoss Capitalwinklevosscapital.comGreater New York City Area
Wood Stripping and Refinishing Servicesfurniturerefinishingma.comGreater Los Angeles
World Innovation Lab (WiL)wilab.comSan Francisco Bay Area
XG Venturesxg-ventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area[650-494-4990. ]
XL Innovatexlinnovate.comGreater Los Angeles Area["+1 650 817 7434 "]
Xome Services India Private Limitednaukri.comGreater New York City Area["800-103-4702 " "120-4021100" "+91 84440 09663"]
XRC Labsxrclabs.comGreater New York City
XSeed Capitalxseedcap.comSan Francisco Bay Area[+1 650-331-1230]
YL Venturesylventures.comSan Francisco Bay Area415 692 1000
Zetta Venture Partnerszettavp.comSan Francisco Bay Area
ZhenFundzhenfund.comSan Francisco Bay
Zuma Ventureszumavc.comGreater Los Angeles Area

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