Six ways that can help you use LinkedIn Recruiter Tool effectively

LinkedIn, a platform where professionals from all the industry are found that interact with each other. LinkedIn was founded before any other social media platforms existed, back in 2003, when Facebook, Instagram or Twitter were not yet launched, LinkedIn was established.

A platform that has helped businesses and individuals create their social appearance to build a personal brand. Many job seekers find legitimate jobs here and many companies post jobs here. LinkedIn is a place where you start connecting with professionals so they can help you get your next dream opportunity.

If you utilize this platform strategically, it can do wonders in your professional life. Businesses that are looking to expand their team can use the LinkedIn recruiter to find their next ideal candidate.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter?

LinkedIn Recruiter is a tool offered by LinkedIn for businesses or organisations to find, connect, and manage candidates for their company. It helps you in finding the right candidate that contributes to the growth of your organisation.

This LinkedIn tool has helped many entrepreneurs, startups, and organisations in their search for the ideal candidate. You must have a personal account of your company in order to use the Recruiter Tool. This tool allows you to post jobs and send InMail to the candidates that impressed you.
In this article, we will be discussing all the ways that can help you in your search for new candidates by using the LinkedIn Recruiter tool.

Create an account on LinkedIn

This is a basic yet a very important step that you need to follow to use LinkedIn recruiter tool. If you already have an account you can move ahead and hop onto the step 2 of this article.

Creating a LinkedIn profile is very easy, login to the official website, click on the sign-up tab and fill in the required details. The page will prompt you with the necessary information required to sign-up. LinkedIn will ask you to fill in your professional details and some personal details too. Create an appealing profile that attracts people to follow your page.

Build a Business profile

Next step is to create a company page for your business that will help you share information about your company with the candidates. Your LinkedIn profile is ready and now you can click on the work tab at top right of the profile page. Click here to get directed to the setting-up of the company page.

Fill in all the information of your company and URL of your LinkedIn company page. Add the website of the company and all other details of your organisation. Create a compelling description of your company because that is the first thing the applicants would see and get inspired to apply for the job.

Select the ‘Job’ Tab

Once you’ve created the company page, you’re all set to post the job. Select the Job tab at the top of the homepage and click on ‘post a free job’. You will be redirected to a page where you’d require to enter your details.
Insert all the required information about your company and give a brief introduction to your company. There is an option where you can either post a free job or a paid job. Paid job offers multiple features when compared to a free job but both can work well.

Create a compelling Job description

This is a step that is going to attract your potential candidates and you should spend time in creating a compelling description that catches their eyes. A concise yet informative job description will help the applicants to understand better about the role.

A captivating description of the role will give them clarity of the role and your expectation from the candidate. Select the skills you need from the ideal candidate from the list that LinkedIn suggests you or you can search in the list for the skills that you desire from the candidate.

LinkedIn offers 2 options, how would you like the applicants to apply? The options include:

  • Candidates can apply by their LinkedIn profile.
  • Candidates can be directed to an external link to apply for the role.

You can choose from the above options and in the external link you can redirect the candidate to the career page of your website. Applicants generally prefer applying by their LinkedIn profile and even for the company this option can help them understand the candidate better.

Set your budget for Paid Job

If you’ve opted for the paid job then you need to set a budget targeting the number of applicants that would apply. LinkedIn uses a pay per click option for the paid Job ad which means you’d be charged per click when an applicant clicks on the job you posted.

Set a budget for each day. LinkedIn also helps you make the decision by recommending you the daily budget.


Proceed and checkout by entering your card details as LinkedIn will charge you on a monthly basis. You can choose to stop the ad whenever you wish to after you’ve selected the right candidate for the role.

There are several ways that help you in your search for the ideal candidate by using LinkedIn recruiter tool more efficiently. Here are the additional ways that may help you in the process:

Turn your Followers into candidates

There is a 90% chance that the people who follow your company profile over LinkedIn wish to work with you and others that follow your company page would be the current employees or alumni of your company. Among the 90% of your followers 40-50% would be interested in the job profiles that you’re looking for. When you send an InMail to your existing followers about your hiring process there’s a high chance that they’d be interested.
Keep your followers engaged by posting regular updates of your company which would create interest in them. They are the people who’d be first to comment and show interest in all your LinkedIn posts. Of-course not all your followers can turn out to be your ideal candidate but it is ensured that some would definitely turn out to be your ideal candidate.

Post on LinkedIn Groups

In both the cases, paid or a free job, to market the hiring process, you need to share it with your connections and relevant groups where you’d find your ideal candidate. Look for the groups where you’d find applicants from the desired role. Say you’re looking for a graphic designer, search for the groups with that keyword and post the job.

Premium Account for Premium Features

The premium account helps you in your search efficiently and offers features that allow you to send an InMail to the candidates that impressed you and you can even view exactly who viewed your profile.

LinkedIn claims that 75% of the recruiters found their perfect candidate by upgrading to the recruiter package. Well, they do offer additional features which can benefit in your search.

It’s a Wrap!

Before we wrap up with this article, an additional way that helps in LinkedIn recruiting is engaging with the passive candidates. Now, the passive candidate is someone that an employer wishes to consider for his company but the candidate is already employed with another company.
Even if the candidate is happy in the company that he/she is working with, an employer should stay in touch with them. They might be looking for a job change in future so engaging with them over LinkedIn is a good way to stay connected.

LinkedIn recruiter tool helps you search for your ideal candidate in all the ways possible by offering features that allow all the LinkedIn members to apply for the job. LinkedIn Recruiter tools are all you need to search for the next candidate for your company.

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