How to Promote Business on LinkedIn and Generate Leads

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional online platform having 303 million active users every month, 40% of which visit LinkedIn daily. 

LinkedIn has been popular among many people from various professional backgrounds including freshers because of its flexibility to find new clients, jobs, latest news, and marketing one’s business. 

With the introduction of the latest trends in marketing and developments in the LinkedIn platform, many companies are prioritizing LinkedIn for business while implementing social media marketing and B2B marketing strategies to generate leads. 

So if you are unaware of this fact that you can promote business on LinkedIn and double your business growth by generating a huge number of business opportunities and leads, you have landed on the right page.

Today, we are going to see how you can use LinkedIn for business promotion and attract your potential clients.

Let’s get started

1. Create a Strong Company Page

If you want to promote business on LinkedIn, the very first thing you should do is creating a strong company profile. You can easily create through your LinkedIn account within a few minutes. Your LinkedIn business page is the first impression on your new clients and hence it should showcase all the necessary details. With the business page, you not only attract new prospects but also able to post the latest company updates and add new information. 

Complete all the details including your company name, size, industry, website URL, and what your business offers. Use your company’s logo for profile pictures and add a cover photo that represents your business. While writing about your company i.e. page description, use keywords relevant to your industry and write precisely what your business offers. Additionally, mention how your business is going to benefit your clients and the number of followers on your Twitter account. Add specialties relevant to your business and don’t just fill it with unwanted keywords. Encourage your employees to connect with your company page. 

Example of Google LinkedIn business page.

2. Join Niche-Specific LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn for business is popular for one more reason, professional groups. If you browse through LinkedIn, you will find many groups related to your business niche i.e. where your prospects and business customers are present. For example, if your company provides digital marketing services, just type digital marketing in the LinkedIn search bar and choose groups section. You will find a list of active groups with more than 10,000 members. Become a participant of such groups and promote business on LinkedIn. 

How to Start Your Own LinkedIn group?

You can also create a new group of your choice. If you create any such group, showcase it at the top of your company page as a featured group. Add all your employees in the group and encourage them to send group requests among their friends and industry-related professionals to maximize members in your group.

By using the following tactics, you can increase views on your LinkedIn for business page and ultimately on your website:

• While creating a group, you have the option of including your website link and your name as the owner of this group (with your professional details). When somebody joins your group, they see your website link and your name.

• Always include your website link in your posts/discussions.

• Keep your group active and updated with the latest news and valuable information. This will help you get more requests from people to join your group.

• To efficiently promote business on LinkedIn groups, use LinkedIn ads. With ads, you can send personalized ad messages to your group members. You can also send personalized messages without any ads, but sponsored messages deliver only when the member is online on LinkedIn.

How to promote business on LinkedIn groups?

• Once you identify and join your LinkedIn for business groups, it’s time to promote your content such as articles, blog posts, how-to guides, etc. 

• Create infographics and short videos to promote business on LinkedIn groups. 

• Establish yourself as a trusted source by participating in group discussions and solving queries of members. According to LinkedIn stats, people who comment on group posts for more than 5 times get more profile views thus increasing your network. 

• Use the 80-20 marketing rule. Despite focusing on your product/service promotion is necessary, it’s important to not overdo it. Hence, share 80% of posts that display industry-related valuable information (latest niche news, research, case studies, infographics, etc.) while 20% posts should be direct promotion (business stories, employee experience, customer reviews, etc.). You can also stretch it to 70-20 or 60-40 proportion but make sure you are not over-promoting your product/service. 

LinkedIn for business

3. Publish Articles on LinkedIn Publishing Platform

You can use LinkedIn for business promotion by publishing industry-relevant articles. LinkedIn offers a feature “Write an Article on LinkedIn”. If blogging is an active part of your business, you can promote business on LinkedIn by publishing LinkedIn articles. Many top LinkedIn articles with interesting headlines and valuable content have ranked in Google SERPs and have garnered more than 30,000 views. The additional benefit is that every time you publish a new article, LinkedIn sends a notification to all your connections about your recent update thus helping your business achieve more traffic. 

4. Implement LinkedIn Ads

You can use LinkedIn for business promotion by incorporating LinkedIn ads in your marketing strategy. LinkedIn members share detailed information about their professional interests, skills, and associations. Since LinkedIn has excellent targeting abilities that can assist you in making strategic decisions, using LinkedIn ads to promote business on LinkedIn and retargeting companies on LinkedIn is a good idea. 

Following are the various types of self-servicing advertising by LinkedIn for business promotions:

Sponsored Content

With sponsored content, you can reach a wider audience and garner a number of views on your business page.

Sponsored InMail

This is equivalent to email marketing but only within the LinkedIn network. With Sponsored InMail facility, you can send personalized message ads to your members which are delivered only when they are online or active on LinkedIn. Thus your message will be at the topmost in their inbox and they can easily view your message. 

Text Ads

Text Ads are PPC (pay-per-click) ads that are visible on the LinkedIn homepage, search result pages, group pages, and profile pages. 

With LinkedIn for business ads, many companies have benefited with a growth in their number of leads. Not only companies but also many educational universities have witnessed a 30% open rate for their admission programs via Sponsored InMail ads. 

5. Understand Your LinkedIn Audience

Your audience on LinkedIn is different from other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. While Facebook and Twitter audience is mostly with the entertainment mindset, people on LinkedIn are professional and serious about their work. Hence make sure your content and tone match your customers’ interest. To learn more about views, followers, and visitors use LinkedIn analytics where they show how the audience interacts with your company page and what type of content interests them. 

How Are You Going to Promote Business on LinkedIn?

So this was all about ways to use LinkedIn for business promotion. LinkedIn is a powerful platform to generate leads, traffic, and money, especially for B2B businesses. Represent your business in a decent way and regularly engage with your audience by creating valuable content/posts for them. If you implement the above strategies correctly, you will definitely see positive results within a few months. 

Linkedin also helps you to find your target niche for business also. Where tools like AEROLEADS can help you find emails of the profile for you.

Which strategies are you using to promote business on LinkedIn? How are you using LinkedIn for business growth? Share your thoughts via the comment box now.

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