Linkedin email finder – Top 6 tools to find emails

LinkedIn boasts of upwards of 600 professional profiles on its platform – a brawny number of working professionals looking to gain connections. Stating that the platform is a true powerhouse with unlimited potential is no exaggeration. While the platform is a largely untapped ripened dais for the B2C industry too, it is especially for those in the B2B industry, that LinkedIn can be a great means of finding professionals and getting in touch with them for business networking. One definitive way of doing so is by tracking down their email addresses – the most loyal and sophisticated means of communication for professionals, with the highest rate of reversion. This is where LinkedIn email finder tools come in handy.

LinkedIn email finder tools are websites or maybe Chrome extensions that allow you to utilize the information that you can easily find on LinkedIn, to match an email address with a profile you’re interested in getting in touch with.

Not sure how to go about it? Below are mentioned some of the top LinkedIn email finder tools with the highest success rates to get you started!

  • AeroLeads
  • SalesQL
  • FindThatLead
  • Skrapp
  • ContactOut


aeroleads email finder

AeoLeads is regarded as one of the best LinkedIn email finder tools on the market and for good reason. With a special target and focus on LinkedIn email finder software, the tool is adept in being able to find not only business emails from LinkedIn but also up to 15 data points that also includes generic company emails.

In order to access the tool, all you need to do is sign up for AeroLeads and install the free Chrome extension plugin. While the site has the provision for a free trial, for further searches, you can subscribe to one of their packs, with prices starting at $49 per month for up to 1000 records.


SalesQL is often titled as the apt choice as a LinkedIn email finder mainly because it readily offers 100 free chances a month for the search of personal emails and email classification.

As a LinkedIn email finder available as a Chrome extension, it allows you to download all your LinkedIn contacts with email addresses and phone numbers with the click of a button while also allowing you to extract bulk results from the LinkedIn search pages. it also consists of a contact manager that comes in handy.



FindThatLead is a LinkedIn email finder tool that allows you to conduct 50 free searches per month. It uses its advanced algorithm to find email addresses. They provide one email address per LinkedIn profile.

They do not offer personal email addresses like some of the other tools on this list and their Contact Manager is simplicity itself. It is more suited towards bulk search by the domain name.

FindThatLead promises to not only find but also verify email addresses from LinkedIn profiles in seconds. You can also view your Recent Searches from the ‘Recent Searches’ tab to keep track of and save the same.


As a Chrome extension, this LinkedIn email finder tool offers as many as 150 free searches per month. This extension integrates itself with your LinkedIn account and allows you to find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles and searches.

In order to use the tool to find emails from LinkedIn, simply download the extension, Search the profile you wish to through LinkedIn’s Search Bar and click on “Export with Email Finder” to begin the email search and save the results, which can be diverted to your directory. You can also save multiple search pages and utilize the bulk email finder feature, that directly saves email addresses from your search to your directory.

One possible downfall could be that the tool is only able to identify one business email address per profile, and does not provide personal email addresses.

This LinkedIn email finder tool also allows 50 free searches per month as part of their free trial. As a tech-savvy tool, it conducts a thorough search on a profile to recognises a profile’s to showcase all business emails they could find connected with the profile, again with the absence of personal email addresses.

To use to find email addresses through LinkedIn, visit your target’s profile, click on the extension on the top right corner of your browser. Click on your target’s list from the drop-down menu and click on Find Emails and Save button.

The Contact Manager is also pretty well organized and a good addition to the tool.



This LinkedIn email finder tool is popularly used by professionals all over the world to find email addresses. In fact, it is the choice of more than 30% of FORTUNE500 companies. This tool, of course, integrates well with LinkedIn as a powerful overlay, and promises 97% accuracy in its results, owing to triple verification that it carries out.

Offering 100 search chances as part of its free plan, this Chrome extension can be used to find individual email addresses as well as as a bulk email finder.

You can find all your searched leads in one place with the tool.

At a Glance

LinkedIn is steadily and surely climbing the ladder to becoming the hub of all professional connections. Acquiring email addresses from a LinkedIn profile is one of the easiest ways to do so, and using LinkedIn email finder tools is the best method for the same.

Of all the Linkedin email finder tools, Skrapp offers the highest free searches per month while ContactOut is the most popularly used.

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