Leveraging Social Media to Maximize Your B2B Visibility

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In the contemporary tech-centric world, social media has become the dominant channel for promotion of businesses. There is not any doubt in the fact that social media holds great potential to share and spread a word about diverse businesses. In reality, social media serves as a platform for marketers, businesses, and customers spread around different regions of the world. This allows the small, medium to enterprise level businesses to reach the target audience effectively.

In this article, we are going to reveal how your business can thrive through leveraging the power of social media. Also, we will tell you how to leverage the power of social media to expand your business in the fastest manner.

Have a Word with Social Media Influencers

social media Influencer

Social media influencers have rather become the heroes in the modern day world. Considering the widespread engagement on social networks, these influencers can fuel your business’s relationship with the millions of potential customers. Although there are other ways to create brand presence such as SEO, content marketing, paid and email marketing, but social media influencers take trust building to next level. They tend to endorse your product or service, making the customers choose you over others.

But, for this, you need to take initiative and talk to the social media influencers related to your industry. With having your B2B platform promoted through social media influencers, you can build a relationship with potential customers, and achieve target hassle freely. Also, you can learn about how to shorten B2B sales cycle. On top, you must remember that you might have a large number of people in your followers’ list.

However, it is not necessary that they all bring in engagement and action. According to research, about 91% of mentions are due to people who have less than 500 followers. Moreover, you should focus on quality content over quantity. Brands tend to like value rather than empty views. Moreover, we must not fall into the impression that a number of followers matter more. Instead, we should focus on abilities of influencer i.e. if he can spread word of mouth in a valuable way.

Having said, you can allocate a budget for reaching influencer in this year. Also, this will be beneficial for the reputation of a brand, traffic, and sales. In addition, it can offer higher organic ranking and lasting visibility on search engines.

Try Out New Content Formats


There are multiple ways to attract followers on social media on the basis of business goals and audience. You need to stay ahead in the race of trendy content ideas. According to research, about 58% of marketers have confirmed that genuine content is a most essential consideration for social media. In addition, about 19% have a similar opinion about the visual content such as infographics. Moreover, about 10% say that content curation is highly essential.

In reality, followers love to see visuals, videos, images, and customer reviews from brands that are popular on social media. They give the least importance to eBooks and white papers. Interestingly, media with videos are thrice appealing than simple textual media. There are various ways to promote content for different industries and buyer personas. The best solution for you is to analyze the competitors first, try different approaches, and see what works best for you.

Identify the Target Market

Find your target Market and audience

In reality, you do not need to be prominent on every social media channel. For instance, if you have about 2 hours in a day for social media marketing of your B2B platform, then instead of promoting content on 4-6 social media channels, you can choose 1 or 3 social media channels and put all the efforts effectively. Below are some of the best social media channels to choose for B2B marketing:

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the leading business-oriented social networks that is utilized widely by B2B platforms worldwide. The platform provides businesses with an opportunity to connect with industry professionals to develop effectively. With handy features such as content sharing, audience engagement, and talent recruitment, LinkedIn is a remarkable platform for B2B platforms.

  • Twitter

With having more than three hundred million monthly active users, Twitter is a remarkable platform to promote your brand. According to a report, about 87% of B2B marketers choose Twitter for effective content marketing. Thus, Twitter has become one of the leading B2B social networks for implementation of content marketing strategies.

The prime obstacle when using Twitter is being noticed by the relevant audience and businesses. You can achieve it by utilizing the most relevant hashtags. This issue can be tackled and brand awareness can be improved. In addition, the more a business tweets, more are the chances for improving brand awareness and visibility.

  • Facebook

Since its launch, Facebook has emerged rapidly. Be it the availability in multiple languages to the introduction of cutting-edge features, apps and games, Facebook has been improving drastically. Above all, Facebook offers a superior experience to the end-users, providing great opportunities to marketers for promoting their businesses effectively.

According to the recent stats, there are more than 2 billion active monthly users on Facebook. The massive audience base has made Facebook a preferred platform for B2B companies for promotion.

  • Instagram

Since its release, Instagram was considered as a photo sharing a social network. However, the platform has emerged at blazing fast pace, becoming a platform suitable for personal use and B2B promotion. Currently, Instagram has about 800 million monthly active users. Moreover, about 48 percent of brands utilize Instagram for results-oriented marketing. It is expected that in the upcoming days, brands will allocate more budget for Instagram marketing.

Leverage the Power of Owned Distribution Channels

Are you confused about the term distribution channels? Similar to owned media, various businesses have owned distribution channels within the reach. These owned distribution channels are the existing followers and clients, content marketing team, and even employees. As we have mentioned employees, they can be your worthy influencers.

According to research, there are about 120 million full-time employees in the United States alone, meaning that about 60 million employees talk about their employers online. As a matter of fact, employees talk about their company on social media and different platforms. In case, employees talk negatively about a company, it could damage its reputation greatly.

You can think about empowering employees so they become an active character in the company-wide marketing strategy. It works like a miracle for various companies including Hubspot, Google, and Moz. The growing number of motivated employees provide a company with requires social reach, providing a business with effective network and growth opportunities.

Social Publishing Bandwagon

Content marketing has pushed various social media networks to create distinct publishing platforms. With success of LinkedIn Pulse, different social media platforms have chosen the publishing approach. Apart from LinkedIn Pulse, the Twitter Moments and Facebook Instant Articles have come into the bigger picture. The Medium on another hand has emerged as the leading content distribution platform for bloggers and businesses, attracting an extended audience.

On top, the social networks have enabled users to publish comprehensive articles on various social media platforms, instead of sharing links only. Having said, you should include publishing articles on social media in your marketing strategy. In this way, you will have better chances to promote your B2B platform through leveraging social media channels.

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