Top 10 Lead Generation Websites to Follow in 2022

When it comes to lead generation, it’s very important to stay updated with the latest trends and events happening in the marketing world.

A lot happens in the marketing world, from product manufacturing to customer preferences and as a responsible lead generation marketer, you need to be altered will all types of changes.

There are many lead generation websites where you can read current news, tips, strategies, and stories related to lead generation.

Many lead generation experts are happy to share their experiences with newcomers and assist them to achieve their goals. Along with expert advice, you also get the opportunity to attend some webinars and ask your queries directly.

We have compiled some popular lead generation websites that give great insights into the efforts you put to generate leads.

Here is the list of top 10 lead generation websites:


Hubspot is one of the popular and informative lead generation websites in 2022. Along with providing video training, the lead generation blogs published on HubSpot resonates with current market trends. The writers perform in-depth research while writing on any marketing topic and support their ideas with real-life examples. A lead generation blog published by Lindsay Kolowich explains how beginners can generate business leads using inbound marketing strategy. The writer’s claims are supported by statistics, graphs, charts, trends, and benchmarks. HubSpot publishes more than 10 well-researched articles per week to keep readers engaged with current lead generation trends.


AeroLeads ranks second in the list of best lead generation websites to follow in 2022. AeroLeads blog is focused on lead generation topic and the readers get insights on various lead generation techniques, tips, and strategies. Their blogs are have ranked well in Google SERPs. From email marketing to SaaS, the blog covers everything a potential marketer would like to know. You also get to know about various software tools for email marketing, lead generation, email finding, B2B Database software, etc. Apart from sharing lead generation tips and techniques, AeroLeads also offers an email finder tool to find emails of high-profile professionals from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Xing.

B2B Lead Blog

B2B Lead Blog is one of the popular lead generation websites visited by many marketers. The blog focuses on the B2B domain and covers various marketing, sales, and lead generation topics. The blog has touched many aspects of lead generation through its articles such as lead management, lead qualification, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and lead closing. B2B Lead Blog has 15 contributors, each of them is experienced and specialized in lead generation, marketing, and advertising, sales, promotions, etc. The blogs are relevant to the time and offer a wealth of marketing information to readers.


DeskMoz offers 24×7 professional live chat outsourcing support & sales leads generation service. What differentiates DeskMoz from the rest of the sales leads generation websites & methods is the high convertibility of the sales leads they generate for you.

They train & deploy their highly experienced live chat agents on your website as your customer support team. These agents engage in live chat conversations with your website visitors 24×7 & while answering their sales closing & support-oriented questions, capture their contact details & intent.

These chat transcripts are notified to you in real-time via SMS & email so that you could follow up with them & close the deal.

Traffic Generation Café

Traffic Generation Café is one of the informative lead generation websites in 2022. The blogs are well-researched and written by Ana Hoffman, a marketing expert. It is best suited for all types of online businesses and one gets great tips and strategies for how to generate online traffic and proceed for generating leads. Apart from this, Ana also researches and publishes current marketing news happening worldwide. Ana has used her own experience in her blogs with an aim to help all new, small, and medium online businesses to attract relevant traffic. Overall, Traffic Generation Café blogs are worth reading. There are lot of websites available on the internet for online business advices.

Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert is one of the best and useful lead generation websites in 2022 founded by author and speaker Jay Baer. As the name suggests, the blog teaches you hacks and tips on how to convince your visitors to take interest in your product/service and convert them into loyal customers. The website covers all marketing topics including content marketing. social media, digital marketing, customer experience, and the latest news in the B2B industry. In addition to Jay, many marketing experts contribute this blog on a daily basis and the article is worth reading.


Marketo is one of the interesting and informative lead generation websites read by many B2B marketing professionals. The blog provides a diverse set of marketing and lead generation subjects written by many experts. The blog covers social media, marketing automation, lead generation, content marketing, and a variety of other relevant news. Marketo has been honored by many industry accolades. Marketo publishes 5 to 6 blogs per week.

Point Clear

Point Clear offers an extensive range of B2B lead generation and marketing topics. It’s one of the popular lead generation websites among many marketing professionals. In addition to publishing their own lead generation articles, Point Clear also promotes other lead generation websites that they think the readers will find worth. They have an in-house set of marketing writers who have expertise in related topics and also offer guest posts for various B2B platforms.

Direct Marketing Partners Blog

This is one of the most visited B2B lead generation websites. Debra DaCosta is its CEO and President who also contributes her experience via several blog posts. This blog offers meaningful insights and helpful resources on a wide range of lead generation sub-topics. The blog aims to assist you in achieving quality leads using their hacks and tricks. Along with Debra, the other contributors are Tom Judge, John Dandin, Jose DaCosta, and many more. The blog has published many articles, white papers, case studies, marketing stories, industry data sheets and much more related to lead generation.

ClickBack Blog

ClickBack is one of the best B2B lead generation websites having 16 years of experience in the marketing industry. The blog offers well-researched articles lead generation topics and is authored by the ClickBack team. The articles are covered with several tips, tricks, and strategies for all types to businesses to achieve quality leads. ClickBack blog focuses mainly on generating leads via emails and websites. Along with providing tips, it touches the pain points and difficulties marketers face while acquiring leads. Along with lead generation, it also covers SEO, growth hacking, email campaigns, etc.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the noteworthy lead generation websites that will keep you updated with current lead generation trends. The articles are written by industry experts and you should try to get most out of them to generate quality leads.
Which lead generation websites are your following? Share your valuable thoughts with us via comments now.

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