11 Lead Generation and Sales Tool Every Startup Should Know

While you are a part of a startup, all you need to work on is how to enhance your goals and how to be the best. Being a part of a startup and learning to manage it are two different things. Most of the times, it becomes really difficult to analyze and work in a surrounding where there is no scope of assurance. Sometimes, it also becomes important to understand what you are doing and how you are doing it. The lead generation and sales tools that are mandatory for every startup to know are coming right up.

1. Growlabs

Growlabs makes sure to join up a lead generation with very powerful and strong automation technologies. This will help in growing up leads with the help of outbound emails. The tool uses machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to look through the qualified and important prospects as well as leads.


The leads are further warmed up using automatic email sequences for further use. The price that one might have to pay while using the service is $1/lead/month.


Prospect works like magic. It works automatically to look for and verify the different information and contact details of the variously available prospects. Later, it can help in automating up the top speed to work with it later.

It makes sure that a lead or prospect never slips out of the crack and stays for the longest possible time. One might have to pay a total of $99 for every month

3.Sales Navigator

There is hardly a soul who wouldn’t know about LinkedIn. Well, there are many who wouldn’t even know about Sales Navigator for the matter of the fact. This is an add-on and an add-on in the premium account helps in going through LinkedIn using the several advanced features.

sales navigator

Saving leads, generating outreach, and extracting the leads serves as some of the immense outgrowing features for the platform. The price that one might have to pay to use it for in a month is $64.99/month.


Builtwith consists of at least a total of 20k web technologies. This is how it helps in building up websites for the purpose and helps the startups.


These million and zillion of websites show all that is available in the current world and that is how to use shopping carts, analytics, and several other boosting techniques. There are also chances that users can filter what they want according to their convenience. It comes free for one and all.


Enhancing the old and cold emails and out bounding them all together is one of the finest things offered by mailshake. Not only that, it also helps in taking care of the traffic and handling them every now and then.


One of the coolest features that it offers includes creating the best outbound mail copy that totally depends on the type of business you hold. It costs $19 for every month of usage.


Vyper is not completely that tool for which a lead generation is hunting for. However, sometimes, the advantages work out completely in the favor. Vyper helps in creating as well as promoting the viral giveaways and several other contests for the time being.


This will directly help in flowing out the leads in the pipeline and extending the growth. The cost for every month is $29.


This is yet another tool that is very powerful and helps out the best in nurturing any startup for quite a long time now. We know that sales funnels are the reason and that is the best way to get access to leads.


CF is one such tool which helps and makes the making of funnels a hell lot easier. All you need to do is just name it and everything is at your service. The price that you will have to pay for a month is $67.


Callpage challenges and claims on the fact that user can get a total of 75% more sales calls from the ones who visit their websites. CallPage is basically a widget for the websites that help in keeping your website engaged.


It also helps in facilitating a very immediate conversation that might be taken care of over a phone call and not over a chat message. It takes over $75 in a month.


Ever wondered what is the bubble that pops up right in the corner of any website? There you go, as that is probably an Intercom. The engaging products allow users to have a vision of what is coming forward.


They can engage different products and help in showing up the different messages that are totally depended on the activities that are based on the activity based on the activities on the website. It takes a total of $49 for every month.


In order to increase the efficiency of the lead generation firm, Growbots makes sure to use machine learning for the process. The tool makes sure to scrape the web’s present within. This provides the best contact data that is present on the internet. This automates the sales process and helps in keeping everything in one place.


So far, the price of the Growbots is a little difficult to find out.


Datanyze helps with putting an eyesight on the prospects we are already dealing with. This tool also gives you lots of privilege to search for leads and prospects depending on the different conditions that can help in getting off the hook and get a hold of the target pins what so ever.


The total amount that one might have to pay in order to make use of the service is $29.

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  1. Zoominfo and Manta also good for lead generation where Linkedin is being strict.

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