6 Lead Generation Hacks: Hot Strategies That Will Grow Your Leads By 10X

Lead Generation Tips

Lead generation is surely the backbone of your business. 

And if you believe that if you aren’t generating leads, you can do it later with all that traffic coming your way. That’s where you are going wrong! 

You might think that traffic is everything. But don’t overestimate your “impact” because despite what you believe, visitors often forget you the moment they exit your website. 

Rankling, I know. 

This is why turning your traffic into leads is crucial. Therefore, strive to generate more leads for your business to hear sales bell ringing. 

So, without further fuss, let’s talk about these cunning hacks that will help you grow your leads by ten times.

1. A/B Testing

Do you know whether your visitors prefer clicking on your blog posts or your visual content?

I bet you don’t know. 

How about whether more visitors are filling out your “Contact Us” form or your “Subscribe to our newsletter” one? 

Still not sure? 

Don’t worry, you are not the only one. A lot of businesses are surprisingly unaware of their visitors’ trend. But the behaviour of your visitors on your website matters more than you actually think. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could presciently discern whether removing one section or adding another might result in more leads? Well, it actually can happen. But there’s no magic trick for this. You have to do some groundwork in the form of “A/B Testing”. 

Say, for example, your form has a CTA that says “submit”, now all you have to do is to test the response this CTA is getting. Now, again test for another CTA that goes something like “Contact Us” or “Click Here”. 

After testing, it’s highly likely that the response rate of both the CTAs witnessed huge disparities. While people are more receptive to “Contact Us” and “Click Here” buttons, they generally are averse to seemingly in-your-face buttons like “Submit”. 

But you didn’t know it before the A/B testing, did you?  

Therefore, A/B testing is imperative to convert your existing traffic into leads. It tells you exactly where you are going wrong and what elements of your website are scoring more.

2. Indulge Your Customers With Live Chat 

Website Live Chat

Live Chat can be wielded as a powerful tool if you want to persuade your visitors into becoming your permanent customer. 

Don’t believe me? Then here’s a fact for you. 

A study found that as many as 77% of customers won’t make a purchase on a website if there’s no live chat option available.

Not satisfied yet? Here’s another jaw-dropping statistic. 

Another study discovered that 63% of customers were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat. 

And the impact of Live Chat is not so hard to imagine. Think of it this way – suppose, you are immersed in a website and suddenly you want some imperative answers. However, you don’t want to go to special lengths like giving out your contact information as of yet. As is hearing your internal musings, a chat window opens up willing to disseminate important information? Without any hassles or no contact information? 

I know, even the thought is impressive. 

So, why don’t you utilise this steadfast hack to revolutionise your lead generation process today? 

3. Write Guest Posts For A Better Lead Generation Experience

guest posting

With this hack you can kill two birds with one stone – you can get some SEO love as well as generate targeted leads. Come to think of it, you can actually kill three birds if you count getting massive traffic in the list. 

The basic idea is to contribute SEO friendly articles to sites with a high domain authority rank. You might think that, why to go through so much hassle just to write for someone else ’s blog. But suppose you post something on someone else’s sites, you are redirecting their target audience to your website. 

And it’s actually very simple. After all, I don’t believe that writing an informative, SEO friendly is much of a hassle if you look at the benefits. Moreover, this doesn’t require any complex technology or going through an app. 

Apart from writing an enthralling content, don’t forget to include attractive CTAs and adding links redirecting back to your own blog or website.

4. Optimize Your Landing Page

“My website has no shortage of traffic, but my conversion rate is still not going up.”

Heard this before? 

This means that your website is not generating enough leads. And the problem probably lies with your landing page. 

Have you ever thought that maybe your website is performing well, hence the traffic but due to some reason they are not taking action? What reason(s) it might be? 

Here are two common landing page mistakes that might impinge on your lead generation process: 

  • Is Your Landing Page Form Asking For Too Much Information? 

The problem with a majority of landing page forms is that they ask for too much information. Actually, more than is actually needed. 

Look at this Landing Page below, 

lead generation landing page

Would you fill out this form just to watch a video? I know, I won’t. I will simply exit the website and look for another video. 

Now, take a look at this landing page. All the lead has to do is to fill out basic and imperative information to get something that is “free”.

Landing Page Form

There are no two ways about which form offers a better deal without extracting too much information. Thus, asking for too much data right off the bat is not the way go about your lead generation process. 

  • Is Your Landing Page Too Much Of A Distraction?

The chances are that you have already heard about a bunch of things to include on your landing page. Like a CTA, testimonials and a lot more. But have you ever thought about what you should leave out? Or how this whole package will look after final integration? 

At one point, it might become tempting to link all your web pages, but don’t fall prey to this temptation. What might seem like a sure way to generate leads is likely to backfire. Because this mistake leads to visitors becoming distracted. Too distracted to fill out the landing page form. 

This is what I am talking about: Distracting Landing Page

Too chaotic, right? Thus, get rid of unnecessary links and distractions and optimise your landing page to offer easier navigation. And see the difference in your lead generation. 

5. Grab Attention Using Case Studies 

You know what’s more persuading than your blog posts, webinars, infographics put together? Case studies!

You don’t realise their potency yet, do you? 

Here, check this out: 

A B2B Marketing’s survey revealed that 66 per cent of the 112 B2B marketers surveyed said case studies were ‘very effective’, while 32 per cent said they were ‘quite effective’.

You can showcase your wit and creativity in your Case Studies as well. However, the main feature of case studies is that they actually resonate with your work culture, give a better insight to the audience about how the things work out for you. 

Pro Tip: Try to build your case studies around topics like “Success Stories” where you can talk about how you acquired a behemoth company as your customer. Or how you acquired your first 100 customers. It can be anything that talks about your success. Such case studies are the best way to garner your viewers’ interest, clicks and massive leads. 

6. Build Automatic Email Campaigns

Emails marketing

What would you do if you filled out a website’s landing page form in hopes of getting an immediate reply? However, it’s been 12 hours now and the sales rep of the company haven’t replied yet. Pretty disheartening, I tell you. 

Nowadays, when the waiting span is mitigating day by day, you can’t expect your prospect to wait for your reply. The prospect will simply contact another company. 

So, how can you eliminate such changes? 

It’s quite simple. It is actually one of the oldest tricks in the book, however, this time it comes with a twist. 

As soon as someone fills your form or leave out any contact information of sort, your first task is to immediately send an email in response. Many marketers these days are using marketing automation software to engage with customers using email marketing sequences. 

The automated emails will send out a responsive message to the prospect, be it as an appreciation message or giving out more relevant information. In fact, a promise of contacting soon will relay a nice message so that the prospect can be sure of your dependability.

Ready To Boost Your Lead Generation Process? 

Hopefully, you have given the above research-driven Lead Generation hacks a close read. They will help you out in turning casual visitors into leads and then eventually into loyal customers. And the best part is, these hacks do not need some ultra spendings on your part. So, start implementing these hacks now and give your lead generation process a boost. That too, without worrying about outspending your audience. 

Want to unlock 10 more Lead Generation hacks? Check out ten more proven lead generation ideas here. 

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