Top 10 Lead Generation Companies to Help Boost Your Sales Rate

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According to a survey, nearly 61% of marketers feel lead-generation as their biggest challenge.

If you are new to the lead generation concept, lead generation refers to searching for your target audience and making them take an interest in your product/service and eventually converting them into your customers.

Theoretically, lead generation may seem easy but it’s very tough and equally challenging during implementation. A smooth flow of leads needs a lot of experience, expertise, well-trained staff, patience, and the ability to predict future market trends.

A lead generation company comes into play when you are unable to generate quality leads, have less staff or skillset to focus on, and when consistent sales growth is your priority.
There are many lead generation companies out there that will help you achieve quality leads along with measurable ROI. We have listed the top 10 lead generation companies based on their features, customer service, flexibility, and customer ratings.

Let’s dive in.


SalesRoads tops the list of best lead generation companies. They are providing local lead generation services for the past 11 years. With SalesRodas, brands receive appointment scheduling, lead generation, and telesales services. According to their website, SalesRoads have set more than 50,000 appointments with 14+ average SDR experience.
Before commencing work, SalesRoads first studies and reviews your existing sales process, products/services, and your target audience. Afterward, they come with a lead generation strategy that ensures a consistent flow of leads. Their sales staff is well-qualified and experienced for more than 14 years. The customer services of SalesRoads have received positive reviews and are known for their friendly and professional attitude.


Vsynergize is one of the best lead generation companies founded in 2001. They have offices at Pune, India and San Francisco, USA. Their team consists of over 500 employees and has more than 20 years of lead generation experience. Vsynergize has collaborated with a telecommunication company to provide quality telemarketing services that enhance customer relations. Vsynergize also provides a call center facility on behalf of brands to interact with customers and understand their needs and concerns. Their strategic content and syndication campaigns guarantee you an increase in average marketing revenue. Vsynergize is known for its stable and great teamwork.

Cience Technologies

Cience technologies are one of the best lead generation companies located in Los Angles. Its branches are located in Ukraine and Manila. Cience offers marketing related services such as lead generation, CRM consulting, conversion optimization, and outbound marketing. Their services are positively reviewed and known for their friendly and professional staff.

Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions

Callbox is one of the positively reviewed lead generation companies by many brands. It is known for designing a clear and strategic plan to find leads and preserve them. Callbox locates matching audience, connects with decision-makers, engages contacts, and then heads towards converting them into customers. The main feature of Callbox services is that it implements a multi-channel approach, i.e. it uses emails, mobile, chat, social, and other internet channels to connect with the audience and educate them about your products/services. Callbox team is specialized in various industries including telecommunications, finance, human resources, software, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution, etc. It’s one of the most recommended lead generation companies for brands.

Strategic Sales & Marketing

Strategic Sales & Marketing is one of the best lead generation companies founded in1989. They assist brands with their lead generation and booking an appointment scheduling services. They have a good study on current market trends and are experts in designing a ‘solution sell process’ that helps you reach your target audience such as company owner, director, HR, Manager, etc. Strategic sales and marketing specializing in generating cold call scrips and effectively handle their client’s tele calling services. It’s one of the highly reviewed lead generation companies by many satisfied customers.


Leadium is one of the efficient and recommended lead generation companies in 2020. Leadium focuses on 3 main areas viz., Data cleansing, outbound automation, and B2B contact data. Leadium commences its work by performing thorough research, identifying your ideal customers, and create a strategic marketing plan to generate leads swiftly. They assist you in outbound marketing by sending tailored and personalized messages to your customers that interest them in your product quickly. Leadium is known for its well-qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced staff. They have a positive customer service review.

SalesPro Leads

SalesPro Leads is one of the reliable lead generation companies having clients worldwide. They provide lead generation and appointment setting services with a focus on niche-specific industries such as healthcare, telecommunication, software, information technology, and marketing. They emphasize knowing your company and target audience. After getting the needful, they offer 2 approaches:

  • A ‘Go to Market’ appr
  • oach
  • An integrated marketing
  •  approach

SalesPro keeps transparency in its work i.e. you are able to listen to call records of their team with your customers. SalesPro has the highest customer satisfaction rate and is one of the recommended lead generation companies to brands.


Leadroot is one of the reputed and popular lead generation companies in the marketing sector. Founded in 2017, Leadroot is based in New York and has a branch office in the Philippines. The company provides various marketing services such as lead generation, voice services, email marketing, BPO, and direct marketing. In a span of 3 years, the company has received many positive reviews mentioning the results with high engagement and conversion rates. Their strategic marketing approach has resulted in 50-60% email open rates and 10% conversion rates from cold email outreach.


WEBITMD is one of the best lead generation companies located in New York and Dallas. Founded in 2008, it offers lead generation, appointment setting, SEO, inbound marketing, and paid media services. They follow an engineered approach by incorporating marketing techniques with sales and automation technology. Former clients of WEBITMD are Vitamin Talent, Josie Maran Cosmetics, Hyatt Hotels, and California State University.


Salsify is one of the most popular lead generation companies that concentrate on digital businesses. Salsify understands the current market trends and customer preferences and changes accordingly. Their customer services are highly reviewed. The company offers a large storage platform where many assets can be stored from images to product videos.

Final Thoughts

In today’s competitive world, lead generation is a very challenging task. Conversion of a visitor into a loyal customer needs a lot of efforts and patience along with domain knowledge and experience. Hiring lead generation companies help you set a stable inflow of quality leads. The above-listed lead generation companies are best in today’s time that not only generate leads but also convert them into a loyal customer base.

Which lead generation companies are you going to hire? Share your thoughts with us via comments now.

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