Six B2B Lead Generation Tactics That Get Results

Business to Business Marketing is currently one among biggest marketing strategies. B2B-Marketing is the task of developing customer relationships for the advantage of both Customer and Supplier with regard to their respective skills and technologies.

Roughly, B2B is the technique, used by the companies to sell their products and services to other businesses. Two-Thirds of the Global Marketing involves B2B with the remaining one-third being the B2C approach. B2B lead generation is mostly done by conducting Seminars and Trade Shows. However, with the use of mutating technology, it is possible to market the product online by getting it sponsored after paying a lump sum.

But, we still have a million dollar question. Which among the B2B lead generation tactics are better and which generates most of the leads? Research and Surveys helped to tackle this problem. Here is quick round-up of six B2B tactics that generate better results.

1. Email Marketing or Campaign

On a scale of 1-10, how hard is it to send an email? Undoubtedly it is a solid 0 for everyone. I mean, there is nothing complicated in writing an email and send the message through. That pretty much says everything about Email Marketing. Also, we can count it explicitly in one of the strategies.

Email Marketing is easy, quick and efficient. What’s hard is to have a contact database. But with the advancement of technologies, one can buy thousands if not millions of contact databases online for a lump sum. Email Marketing is nothing but sending Electronic Newsletters to the contacts, encouraging them to purchase the product. For the very first campaign, it is necessary to create a crisp content that captures the main point of the service. Relevant details should be provided along with Clear Call to Action.

Six B2B Lead Generation Tactics That Get Results

Once initial emails are sent, it is required to track the current status of the consumer, whether or not they sent mail captured to his/her interest or not? It is important to not spam the customer until you hear back from them. Once they have purchased a product you can send updates and Information about newer products so as to generate new business from them.

2. Designing and Maintaining a Company Website.

The first and basic step for starting an Online Marketing Campaign is to create a company portal where the products and services should be shown with catchy titles. This increases the chances of finding random people online to purchase the product. For converting the consumer interest to purchase, the website should be designed ideally and user-friendly. The website should have a proper software with ideal Contact forms. This contact form enables Automatic B2B lead generation.

Six B2B Lead Generation Tactics That Get Results

Automatic B2B Lead Generation starts with the creation of a Contact form on the website in which the consumer is required to input all the relevant information so that the seller could retrieve the input to contact the buyer through mail id. Such forms are called Lead Generation forms. Once the information is retrieved, the newsletter is sent to all the contact databases. The said contact base is obtained from a Scraping tool. This scraping tool saves the forms submitted and retrieves the mail id so as to contact the viewer in future.

3. Social Media Advertising

Studies suggest that the Social Media Advertising has improved its statistics over the years and thereby contributing better lead generation as of now. At first Social Media Advertising was sharing a post and spamming the same on many public groups, However, the algorithm for such advertising methodology has improved a lot since 2013. Currently, social media advertising is carried out by linking the mail id and company website so as to get more viewers online to purchase the product.

Six B2B Lead Generation Tactics That Get Results

Upon linking the site, it is necessary to have a proper landing page. A Landing Page is a site where a viewer lands upon clicking the displayed Advertisement. It is important to create an ideal landing page which exposes the features of the product perfectly. The vast majority of companies opt for a reputed site to create an ideal landing page.

4. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is nothing but writing and publishing blogs and other crisp write-ups showing the worth of the product to be sold. The written blogs should be of proper flair and should be crisp.

Six B2B Lead Generation Tactics That Get Results

Here is a quick example of how effective Content Marketing is, the public accounting firm Crowe Howarth generated $250,000 by creating a total of 48 infographics, videos, and Q&A blog posts targeting C-level prospects of large market cap financial institutions. The content marketing includes writing microsites, blogging, research reports, and infographics. Henceforth it is important for the company to deliver better content.

5. Telemarketing

Telemarketing provides a major share of the B2B lead generation as it involves direct contact with the customer. It can also be called as Inside Sales is a method of direct marketing in which a company calls the customer and solicits potential customer to purchase the product. Telemarketing is done either by Phone Calls or by hosting Web Conferences. Telemarketing involves a number of calls through which the company generates consumer interest. The first call made, will determine the customer’s need. Then all the calls preceding it will encourage them to purchase the product.

Six B2B Lead Generation Tactics That Get Results

6. Search Marketing

Six B2B Lead Generation Tactics That Get Results

Search Marketing and Social Media Marketing are the Goldmines for effective Leads. It is the most valuable longtime strategies for B2B lead generation. Once the keywords related to a company’s product reach #1 on Google Search Engine, it is guaranteed that the Lead growth will be huge and unreal. Therefore an ideal SEO or SEM is necessary to conquer the Internet Marketing with ease.


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