How to Integrate/transfer data from aeroleads to Hubspot

This ‘Howto’ article is one of the many articles that we will be publishing to help our users get the best out of AeroLeads.

HubSpot is one of the major inbound marketing software with CRM and as many of our users are HubSpot users too, we offer 1 click data transfer feature to HubSpot.

Method 1 – Direct data transfer

To transfer your prospects to HubSpot you need to –

1. Connect to Hubspot from Aeroleads Integration page

2. OAuth token will automatically get generated and will inserted into Hubspot integration.

2. Go to your or your list. Select the prospects which you want to transfer to HubSpot.


3. From the Transfer drop-down menu, select “HubSpot” and then click Transfer.

4. If this is your first time of transferring prospects data, you will get redirected to an Integration page where you can connect to HubSpot by clicking on the “Connect to HubSpot”. It will open a popup which will ask for permission to allow AeroLeads to send data to HubSpot CRM.

Once you complete this step, you should be able to send any prospect data.

If you ever face any problem of data not getting sent and you just getting redirected to Integration page even when you have connected to HubSpot, you can disconnect it through the integration page and again reconnect it.

Method 2 – Using Zapier

AeroLeads is available on zapier too. If you are not aware of it, it is a platform which is used to connect various web apps and is useful to transfer data from one app to another.

To transfer data from AeroLeads to HubSpot,

1. Go to your zapier dashboard
2. Click on “Make a new zap”
3. Give your zap a name and from “Choose a trigger app”, select “AeroLeads” (you have to use the search to find it as there are over 500 apps)
4. After selecting it, click on “Save and Continue”
5. Click on “Connect New Account” which will open a popup. In this popup, you have to fill your AeroLeads API key which you can find at
6. You do want to click on “Test Account” button to see if everything is working fine or not. To test it, do make sure you have a new prospect added as that will be “read” by zapier.

Once the test is successful, you will see following screen


7. After this, you will get redirected to “Action App” where you can choose HubSpot CRM.
8. On “Select HubSpot CRM Action”, you will be seeing “Create or Update Contact” selected. Click on Continue.
9. For first time users, you will have to connect to HubSpot.
10. After this, you will be asked to map fields.

Edit Step Zapier

For each text field, you can map first name, last name, title, email, phone number etc.

Once saved, it will ask you to “test and continue”.

11. Once successfully done, you can click on Finish. Make sure your zap is enabled. Once it is, you can now transfer data from AeroLeads to HubSpot CRM.

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