10 Reasons to Make Instagram a Must in B2B Marketing Strategy

Instagram marketing


A visually stunning image that speaks a lot about the brand vs. a page full of content describing what the brand stands for which one do you think is more appealing to the mass audience? There is no second thought over the winner, it’s an image. There are around 95 million pictures uploaded to Instagram every day. That is quite an impressive stat.

Instagram is a photo sharing application which comes with features where the user has the benefit of editing the photos, include frames and share it over other online networking channels like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr. Every one of that pops before your eye when you consider Instagram is visuals. The suspicion is obvious that it can work out just for B2C markets.What if I let you know it can work wonders for B2B marketers as well? Suppose it is possible that content-driven B2B business can be picture driven someday.Would you accept? Here are the 10 reasons I keep before you for to justify why Instagram a must in your marketing strategy.

1.It represents the Culture of the company:

Brands ought to be simply known for what they offer, but something past the items and administrations they offer help to survive. It’s equitable means demonstrating the human side of the business. It can run from posting photos of your humanitarian effort to celebrating employee birthdays. Since Instagram is all about visuals companies can promote activities without breaking a sweat.

Happy employees at Google shows the how effective Google culture is

Instagram for B2B business

2.It helps to grow Community:

Making a group is an upright decision of each brand to acquire spotlight to their image.To achieve this go out, meet your clients who utilize your items click pictures and transfer them, also much effective strategy would be to meet people who make a difference to the society and be a part of that conversation and them appreciating your brand for helping them grow their community. A photo is without a doubt worth 1000 words. This says how great your company culture is and how awesome it would be to do a business with a company that has a life.

Hootsuite with mantalks on the power of giving, in turn, helping them grow their community

Instagram for B2B business

3.In-person experience to the users through Demos of Products:

You would never need to pass up a major opportunity forever term acclaim with 15 secs item demo. To help clients effectively adjust to your product record a short feature of demonstration on how the product functions.

GE gives an in-person experience to the users by posting the video of its products

Instagram B2B market

4.Offer organization news:

To announce the update for a product, there is parcel of choices including Blog posts, tweet, FB updates, LinkedIn posts and so on using lots of videos and visuals. What is the case if you’re moving to a new office, you have a new partnership with a company, your company won an award, your team has come with a new design for your website? Take a snap and post it on Instagram. Bodes well. Share your content with other channels.

Intel keeps its users hitched with the employee achievement pictures. This receives a high engagement quotient by users

Instagram B2B marketing

5. Establish connections with the audience:

Establish connections with the audience that lasts long. B2B businesses should provide value alongside offering products and services. It’s a great opportunity to set connections with industry pioneers. with “off work mode” on they should be able to perceive your brand through creative interaction via Instagram Marketing. Never look to sell products rather concentrate on increasing the brand awareness.

Microsoft connects with its users posting the pictures of people who make a difference, they have a more effective Instagram page from this perspective. They solely concentrate on brand awareness and how is it making a difference in the society

Instagram for B2B business

6. Share content from other social media sites:

When you share the content on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc make sure to share the picture related to the update on the respective sites to Instagram. This snatches consideration of Instagram fans as well as transform them into followers on the grounds that the reach of the campaign matters very often.

Hubspot Instagram feed is a great illustration to validate this.

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Instagram for B2B business

7. Tell your story:

The Brand is all about storytelling irrespective of being B2B or B2C business. Storytelling strengthens the brand core value as well keep your brand afloat. This can be achieved on Instagram by posting creative, intense pictures  for every category listed below:

  1. History of your brand
  2. How has your brand helped businesses grow
  3. Brands core values and beliefs
  4. The story of the product

Oracle started a trend with  #lifeatoracle –  10 things you didn’t know about Oracle

Instagram marketing for B2B

8. Talk about the events:

The Instagram profile must comprise of photographs from organization occasions and meetings while giving an understanding of what it’s similar to work for the firm also exclusive look into the event, in case they missed it. Post pictures likewise about how intriguing were other participants in any trade shows, events or conferences. Use hashtags to mention them in the post. This builds the trust among your followers about your brand also about how sensible you are. The group’s devotion and energy are fortified with representatives remarking over every one of the photographs. This level of straightforwardness permits different organizations and prospects add to the energy.

Infusion soft posted a picture of its company meeting celebrating another year of business success with all its employees

Instagram marketing for B2B

9. Create a positive environment by following employee first rule:

Taking a step towards appreciating the employee in the public estimates about how much the company values the employees. Posting pictures of “employee of the week” or the team that has contributed towards taking the company to the following worth or team winning any contest does the needful. Also, post the picture that suggests in the direction of how welcoming the company is for newcomers.

IBM puts across how empowered are its interns are towards making a positive impact on the company’s growth

Instagram for B2B market


10. You can make your Account Noteworthy with a bit of creativity:

With a glance at your account, your followers should understand what the brand is all about. Utilize this Account to assimilate the in the background perspective of brands giving clients a more private ordeal.

MailChimp is an expert in making their account noteworthy with intriguing yet unique pictures

Instagram for B2B market

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In short, people interact more with the visual substance, that incorporates Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. It’s up to the brand to make creative content with the consistent visual substance that their groups of onlookers and adherents would adore and appreciate hence rocking the world of Instagram.

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