How To Increase Your Social Media Presence? – 5 Actionable Strategies


Social media is now the hotspot for businesses and brands. Every social media channel is making their app or site business-friendly. Businesses are leveraging their social media following to improve sales.  There is no other better time than now to venture into social media marketing to boost social media presence of business and also sales.

Social media offers a platform for businesses and brand to get in touch with their customers with ease. It also helps such brands and businesses understand their customers better and helps facilitate better customer service.

With all businesses and brands realizing this advantage & potential, and turning to social media for promotion, reaching out to the right customer through the noise has become a tough task.

So, this article aims to help answer the question “How to Increase Your Social Media Presence?” These are the 5 simple yet effective strategies that help grow social media presence for businesses and brands:

1.Presence On All Top Social Media Networks

Once you get into social media, an important factor to be considered to achieve optimum social media growth is to have an active presence across all major social media channels and this will work to your greatest advantage.

Different people have different favorites when it comes to the preferred social media channel. This correlates with their likes, habits etc as some people prefer short articles over long, images over text and so on.

By having your presence on various social media channels, you can cater to the different needs of the people. You can also reach out to a larger audience that you otherwise could not have by sticking to just Facebook or Twitter.

Having a variety of content across different channels also helps keep the audience’s interest and have a substantial amount of content which you can cross-promote on your social media channels. This also helps increase social media presence for businesses who are just getting into social media by providing them a boost.

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2.Optimize Your Social Media Profile

Your social media profile is the face of your brand on social media. Social media is the first point of contact and remember that the first impression is always the best impression since it is a dominantly visual medium.

Optimizing your social media profile helps you increase your social media presence by helping users in your relevant niche find your business and engage with you. Having an optimized profile helps users identify brands and gives your business or brand its own unique persona.

Having a crisp profile has various benefits. It doesn’t just portray the face of your brand but can also help people find your brand or business through search. The audience is always hungry for something new and interesting and social search is what they turn to. Having a well-curated profile with a proper description, profile picture, cover picture, location etc, helps your profile to be displayed on the search page to the right audience.

Have uniformity over all your social media channels with regards to your profile information. Do not have different logos, descriptions and website links as this tend to mislead your audience. Also, providing a link o your website helps you leverage social media to boost your website traffic and increases the chances of your followers turning into your customers.

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3.Follow To Be Followed

This tip needs to be followed with care. This social media strategy is often misinterpreted and abused by marketers. By blindly implementing this technique, it negatively affects your social media efforts.

You can build an active community around you by following experts in your niche. Many times people automatically follow back and this also helps your follower count. Do not go on a following spree with the wrong notion that everybody is going to follow you back.

Do not use the tools that appear to boost your follower counts. The followers obtained via such processes often unfollow as they too want to have a good follower-following ratio. This often clutters your social media feed and will soon turn out to be redundant.

You need to apply this technique judiciously and follow the profiles that you can engage with, help build your credibility and that are in your relevant to you. By having a resourceful community around you on social media, you can influence their audience as well by engaging with such users with active conversations, mentions etc.



4.Engage Your Audience

This is the most important tip that helps you boost all your social media marketing efforts. This should be your primary objective in order to reap the benefits you seek from social media.

Having an enormous number of followers every social media channel goes to utter waste if you are not active. Being active on social media implies that you regularly post and regularly engage with other users on social media.

There are several social media tools that help you keep an active presence on social media. is one such social media management tool that helps you with posting regularly and engaging your audience. You can manage multiple profiles, schedule posts, and also obtain various analytics regarding your engagement, reach, followers etc.

Engaging your audience becomes important to stay relevant on social media. The algorithms of the various social media channels are coded in such a way that the newsfeed displays the posts of users who are active and who are actively engaged with, higher than the ones who don’t. This helps you obtain better reach and thereby helps you increase your social media presence.



5.Analyze and Apply

Analytics is the most beneficial feature of digital marketing as a whole. In social media marketing, analytics prove to be the most important feature as you can learn more about your audience and how they perceive your brand.

Every social media channel is now becoming more business friendly by providing actionable analytics that helps brands & businesses understand how they are performing. This analytics data also help you in understanding your audience better by which, you will know the best type of content that gets the highest engagement, the interests of your followers, the best time to post on social media etc.

By understanding the various insights and metrics that these social media channels provide, you can curate your posts and engagement for the best results. Such analytics also helps you understand where you stand amongst your competitors with regards your social media presence. You also have various social media monitoring tools that help track and understand the performance of your social media channels.

Social media analytics helps understand customer sentiments which can help in strategizing targeted marketing and customer service activities. You can also use sentiment analysis tools such as Trackur that provide you with automated sentiment analysis and influence scoring, which will help you track your social marketing success.


Social media marketing done right can help you develop your sales as well as establish your presence. Depending on your brand or business, you can choose your dominant social media channel but do not neglect the others.

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