How To Use Linkedin To Grow Your Business

You have been using social media the wrong way! Chatting, sharing jokes, and posting dinner pictures are some fun activities that divert your attention from tapping social media’s full potential. Are you still confused? Let me explain!

Marketing your business, finding a job, and building connections with people should strike your mind whenever someone talks about Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Flyers and pamphlets have become obsolete ways of marketing as social sites have taken up their role.

If your company offers a great product but is still not being able to attract customers, I will advise you to market your product on a professional website like LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

With over 700 million members and 14 million open jobs, LinkedIn is undoubtedly serving as the most efficient social networking platform since 2003. It is your business’s biggest need, and its importance has become undeniable during Covid-19. Although most people use LinkedIn for finding jobs, you can grow your small business into a multi-national company.

Advantages of Using LinkedIn


A large network of interconnected people can run a business with much greater ease than a loosely linked group of people. LinkedIn helps you grow your business by building connections.
You have the option to search for specific people by applying premium filters like company size, experience level, and function. The marketing manager whom you met five years ago at an exhibition must be using LinkedIn! Go ahead and search him using his company name and position.

Brand Awareness

There are hundreds of professional groups on LinkedIn that are devoted to specific fields. You know your product/service well enough to figure out the suitable group for it. If you have developed a software tool based on artificial intelligence, join a Linkedin group made for software innovation, and start sharing new ideas.

The exchange of ideas and knowledge between professionals will develop a mutual interest in topics that might lead to business partnerships and collaboration.

Employment Opportunities

Do you have an outstanding resume but still not able to find the right company for polishing your skills? Let me guide you! LinkedIn has 30 million active companies and a hiring rate of three employees per minute, which means you have a 33% chances of getting hired any minute.

I would advise you to regularly update your profile, define an accurate level of skills, and avoid including any misleading details to increase your chances of getting hired.

Feedback and Suggestions

Are you thinking about investing $10,000 in a new product? Wait a minute! First, share this idea in your LinkedIn group to get feedback. If you are not sure whether your investment will be profitable, don’t hesitate to take others’ advice.
You can always ask for your customers’ input in your business. Public opinion is crucial to your growth, so take it seriously and take notes if someone points out a mistake.

How to Grow Business on LinkedIn?

Creating a LinkedIn account is easy, but using it the right way is something to learn. I will help you master the art of creating a brand value for your business.

Target Specific Audience

You don’t need to waste time promoting your product to irrelevant companies. I will use an example to teach this trick; a carpet cleaning company should only market their services to hotels, restaurants, and other related businesses.

If you are willing to spend some money on sponsored ads, make sure your ad only reaches your potential clients. Hold on! Targeting specific people doesn’t mean to narrow down to 500 or 1000 users; your goal should be to reach 60,000 people.

Stay Close to the Clients

Introduce your company to your target audience. Regularly update your business page and publish blog posts to keep your audience connected. Your goal should always be to keep the audience engaged with new offers and news about upcoming products.

One of the best ways to stay on the audience’s radar is to send emails and free invitations to webinars. If your customers think that you care for them, they are more likely to buy your product just because of the trust factor.

Get a Custom URL

If you are aware of SEO practices and their benefits, you would know the importance of getting ranked in Google searches. LinkedIn needs no introduction, but you do! Have you ever impressed potential clients at an expo, but they never contacted you again? The reason is that they couldn’t find you anywhere on the internet! Get a custom URL including your name so that your LinkedIn profile becomes the #1 Google search result for your name.

Let Your Customer Discover You

In traditional marketing, the salesman blatantly advertises his products, which might annoy the customers. You will generate more leads and achieve a greater customer conversion rate by creating a brand value for your business. Word of mouth regarding your company will get the rest of the work done.

If the members of your LinkedIn group can vouch for your competency, you don’t have to reach any client on your own.

Do Some Calculations

First, define your targets and then devise a plan to meet them. If your goal is to get 100 new customers in the next 20 days, advertise your business to 5000 potential clients. By doing a rough calculation, you can expect that 300 of them will show interest in your products. Out of those 300 clients, 150 might reach out to you, and 100 clients/companies might even buy your products.

Hire People

Running a business requires a lot of effort and hard work. You can’t manage everything on your own so consider hiring full-time employees using LinkedIn. You will easily be able to filter out the best candidates by analyzing their profile; a professional profile picture, clear career objectives, and relevant work experience will be the deciding factors.
You can also hire freelancers and assign them tasks that play a pivotal role in running your business but are not directly related to it.

Build a Relationship

I have talked a lot about using others for growing your business, but I forgot to state an important point over here; a one-sided relationship never works! Don’t always use your connection to promote your products or get help on a certain issue. You should try to add value to others’ business as well by introducing them to clients and offering help.

Take Away? Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn is not an ordinary social media site that only serves the purpose of entertaining you. You need to take it seriously! If you can tap LinkedIn’s full potential, you will not need to knock on office doors to drop your resume.

I have tried to make things easy for you by compiling all the relevant information regarding LinkedIn. Now it’s your job to make full use of it for growing your business.

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