How to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generating Machine

Lead generation and your website go hand in hand. The number of prospects you can gather over time totally depends on your website. Websites are literally your personal space where you can host information about yourself and the company you’re running. To host and properly execute, display products, services and offers in a way that it makes an effective lead generation magnet is not rocket science. We’re here to help you figure out how best to do this. To turn visitors into leads for your company there are a couple tricks you can use, as mentioned below:

1. Inviting website visitors to click and subscribe to the blog:

Offering consumers a form to fill to subscribe to the company blog is a sure shot way to get people to visit your site regularly. Every time a blog is posted on the site, they will get a notification which helps in attracting people to your website. This method is super effective in an effort for lead generation for your website. Offering a subscription to the newsletter in the form is an added advantage. In this, it is essential to tell what exactly they are signing up for because getting unnecessary emails at a later stage technically counts as spam and that will affect your brand image. This also leads to blacklisting if not careful and being transparent in the subscribe form. Tricking people to sign up only leads to negative impact on your lead generation efforts so it is good to avoid this altogether.

2. Asking visitors if they want a free offer:

Offers or not everyone likes anything they know they can get for free. Offer the visitors free informative stuff like something they could find interesting. This can be implemented where you want your company reviews to be visible to others or where the subscription forms are to entice them for more of it. This makes them want more of the information if they are actually interested enough to sign up in addition to having full transparency of what they’re signing up for.

Turn Your Website into a Lead Generating Machine

3. Offering visitors special savings on filling forms:

Availing offers is something that everyone likes. Give visitors special nominal discounts if they fill out the information required for you to act on or as required. This can be done by giving away coupon codes as this attracts a lot more users to your website looking for discounts even if they are interested in the product or not. If they come for such a reason, it is essential there is enough information for them to look upon. Even if the visitors aren’t buying right now the idea has been seeded into their mind and they will eventually convert or at least spread the word around. By getting information from visitors this way you get to eventually convert them from leads into customers. This is a pretty quick way to get customers as people are very enticed by discounts.

Turn Your Website into a Lead Generating Machine

4. Providing ways of contact:

It is quite frustrating not being able to talk to anyone or get information regarding anything that is mentioned on the site. So offering company contact information for address, phone number, email ID and so on not only create trust in the visitor’s mind but also give them an option to reach out. In the end, this only benefits both sides as the visitor is able to trust more easily and the company is able to give out information and help which make the customer happy, attracting more and building a reliable customer base.

Make contact information easily accessible and visible across all pages on the website. This should be easily visible and not hidden anywhere behind pages and subpages. Live chat increases a lot of trust points in the visitor mind as they know they will get the information or queries resolved in minimal time. Even better, you can even get visitor information through some live chat platforms to contact them later on or use the information responsibly.


Turn Your Website into a Lead Generating Machine

5. Make sure your website has pages especially for conversion:

Do not stick to a web design before testing out all the conversion options on your website properly. Check which options could lead to better conversions and this will go a long way in your lead generation efforts. Test out several designs to get the best numbers of bounce rate, engagements, and conversions. For lead generation, you need to have a proper analysis of the several components of your website and optimize everything accordingly.


6. Publishing testimonials and feedback:

Displaying reviews and quotes from other customers or celebrities makes a solid point as well as serves the purpose of advertising. Having other people to build your credibility is better as self-praise doesn’t exactly put it in the customer’s mind as a positive thing all the time. After designing your website this way and getting proper conversions and engagements, it will act as the single most important lead generation tool in your kit.

Turn Your Website into a Lead Generating Machine

7. Creating CTAs :

Setting up proper Call-to-Actions within proper view are essential as that acts as the first point of contact with your visitor’s eyes. Use something that is easily visible and yet not too flashy. Something that would look simple and elegant. Use your creativity here to design a tool such that you can get a maximum number of sign-ups.

Turn Your Website into a Lead Generating Machine

Lead generation isn’t difficult. There is a simple workflow and very few instructions to keep in mind. Just find the strengths of your website and utilize them to get maximum lead generation numbers. More the engagement, greater the number that will roll into your site and better will be the lead generation. Boost your engagements and see the conversion rate going on with not much special effort. It can be as simple as increasing the quality of your content and it is up to the company how to utilize their website and invest for maximum benefits for reaping when the time comes.

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